Written by Amelia Quint

Moon Void of Course Times

Saturday, December 3, 5:16 am, Moon void in Capricorn

Saturday, December 3, 2:44 pm, Moon enters Aquarius

Monday, December 5, 6:23 am, Moon void in Aquarius

Monday, December 5, 11:31 pm, Moon enters Pisces

Wednesday, December 7, 9:05 am, Moon void in Pisces

Thursday, December 8, 5:16 am, Moon enters Aries

An illustration of lightening from planet Venus

An illustration of lightening from planet Venus

Moon Phase: Waxing

Under the waxing moon, work magick that grows and increases. Venusian magick, like glamour and money drawing, is especially potent now.

During these signs, the following Venus-inspired spells work most effectively:

Capricorn- money drawing, Attraction

Aquarius- healing, Clarity

Pisces- glamour, Come to Me

Aries- lodestone (magnet), Fire of Love

Photo by Bri Luna//The Haitian Tarot Deck featuring: The Empress, The Star, The 5 of Swords

Photo by Bri Luna//The Haitian Tarot Deck featuring: The Empress, The Star, The 5 of Swords

Venus in Aquarius in the Tarot

Venus in Aquarius corresponds to the Five of Swords. Most representations of this card show three figures, one of which is leaving the scene of a battle with an armful of swords and a smug look, the other two dejected and walking away towards uncertain weather. I like to call this the “tainted love” card. This card appears to alert you to dishonesty: In the pursuit of victory, either someone has been dishonest with you, or you haven’t told the whole truth to someone else.

When you look at Venus and Aquarius separately in the tarot, a path to healing begins to form. Venus is symbolized by The Empress, and Aquarius by the Star. Both represent nourishment: The Empress provides physical and emotional sustenance, while The Star pours out intellectual and spiritual refreshment.

All together, Venus in Aquarius represents a difficult experience that can open you up to healing you didn’t even know you needed. Details for how your sign can integrate that trauma are in the horoscopes below.


You’re not self-centered, you’re just clear on what you need out of life. That philosophy serves you well, especially on Wednesday, when the love goddess, Venus, slides into your eleventh house of groups. Venus in Aquarius is a double-edged sword: On one hand, you don’t want to become so emotionally detached that you can’t relate to people you want to get to know. On the other, keeping a level head comes in handy when you’re the darling of your social circle. Make sure people are who they say they are before letting them into your inner sanctum.


When it comes to guarding your territory, you dig in your heels, but could you benefit from a more aloof approach to securing your reputation? On Wednesday, the love goddess (and your ruling planet), Venus, slips into Aquarius, your tenth house of fame, giving your no-chill sign an air of cool as it relates to your career and public persona. Don’t loosen your grip too much and lose sight of the business practices that got you to where you are, but know that projecting less avaricious looks good on you. Transmit like the starseed you are, and you’ll be good to go.


You feel most alive when you’re chasing down your fantasies, but is there such a thing as too much adventure? You’ll know on Wednesday, when Venus dances into your ninth house of personal exploration. It’s exhilarating to have the love goddess lavishing you with attention in places you never knew existed, but Aquarius excels at the art of playing hard to get, or at the very least, being the observer. Survey the situation from an aerial viewpoint before you move forward, and once all the information is in place, stay curious.


Your sign feels things more strongly than most people do, but eventually, it gets exhausting. On Wednesday, Venus makes herself at home in Aquarius, your eighth house of boundaries, helping you restore any depleted energy reserves you’ve lost to drama, emotional entanglements, and complicated business arrangements. In the meantime, channel Aquarius and adopt a nonchalant attitude towards people who would attempt to rile you up. As winter approaches, picture yourself as a bear going into hibernation. Be slow and steady, warm and relaxed.


Leo gets a bad reputation for vanity, but it’s only because you want your performance to be top-notch. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your seventh house of partnerships, shifting the focus onto your life’s supporting cast. There’s two ways this can play out: First, you detach from your own wants and needs to be closer to the people around you. Second, you stay neutral as your lovers, colleagues, and rivals finally show their hand. Don’t give into fits of passion in the name of artistic inspiration. The icier you can be, the better this will go.


Your service-oriented sign will go to the ends of the earth for others, but this week, you show yourself the same devotion. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your sixth house of health and habits, reminding you that in order to achieve your full potential for intellectual athleticism, you must take care of yourself. Balance your base chakra with red food, stones, and clothing, while drawing on the Aquarian ability to plan ahead for months, years, even decades at a time. If there was to be a problem here, it would be hypochondria. Don’t use Doctor Google!


As a cerebral air sign ruled by Venus, your romantic options are limited only by your ability to imagine them. On Wednesday, when Venus enters Aquarius, your fifth house of pleasure, a little fantasy could be exactly what you need to lift your spirits. On the other hand, don’t let your ideal situation get so lofty that it’ll never be fulfilled. Your sign embodies the elevated, unavailable cool that admirers can’t resist, but what’s the point in having admirers if you can’t make a connection? For best results, visualize what you want, and let the cosmos do the rest.


The thing about being a Scorpio is that you’re never not digging. This Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your fourth house of origins, tempting you to put the shovel down and live above ground for a while. You’d do well to accept her invitation. There’s only so much psyche excavation you can do before the sediment and debris starts to cloud your vision. Let the dust settle and allow your vision to clear. That’s where Venus in Aquarius really excels. After your short sabbatical, you’ll know more about the roots of your problems than you did when you left.


Sagittarius people are true citizens of the world and want to believe that every person they meet is a kindred spirit. It’s a pleasant notion, but the truth of the matter is that you won’t like everyone you meet, and not all people have your best interest at heart. On Wednesday, the love goddess, Venus enters Aquarius, your third house of community, to show you places where you can truly belong. The third house is also communication, and with Aquarius in play, don’t take anything too personally. The more logical you can be, the better this goes.


For a sign as supposedly traditional as yours, you thrive when you’re pursuing entrepreneurial ideas with a rebellious spirit. This is especially so on Wednesday, when the love goddess, Venus enters Aquarius, your wealth-building house. Lucrative ideas strike like lightning, and you’ll want to act on them as soon as you can, before Mercury retrograde begins in a couple weeks. Apply your sign’s sensible approach to your plan, you’ll be good to go. If there was to be a problem, it would be people trying to get in on your ventures without offering anything in return. Shut them down.


When the love goddess, Venus, enters your sign on Wednesday, she exposes your best and worst qualities for what they really are. Your natural insouciance, your distant sex appeal, your hyper-intelligent ideas, and cosmic soul are all magnified by a rose-colored lens, causing existing fans and followers to swoon even more than usual. Still, your biting sarcasm and ability to detach emotionally (and not in a good way) come out as defense mechanisms when things don’t go your way. If you feel yourself falling into one of those patterns, see if you can flip it into something more positive.


When the love goddess, Venus, enters Aquarius on Wednesday, she’ll take up residence in your twelfth house of secrets. The twelfth house corresponds to your sign, so this is familiar territory! With Venus here, two things always come to mind. The first is a clandestine romance, perhaps not an affair, but one that must be hidden away for some reason. Yes, it’s mentally stimulating, but Venus in Aquarius asks, “Is it worth it?” The second is sex magick, which can be done alone or with a partner. Again, you must choose your intention wisely.

In Rainbows: The Lisa Frank Tarot!

Visual artist Ariel Hart has made all of our childhood dreams come true this week with the official (unofficial) Lisa Frank Tarot deck. Ariel designed 22 vibrant cards featuring Lisa Frank's most popular magical friends as the major archetypes of the tarot.  Our favorites include: Hollywood Bear decked out in his infamous top hat &  stunna shades! Rainbow Cheetah, and of course Art school Panda!


Lisa Frank's visual imagery has always been the epitome of modern mysticism, which is why we feel this deck has been long overdue. If you've never had the pleasure of zoning out in a math class to her majestic dreamscapes where rainbow cheetahs applied your lipstick, or that you could take a ballet class with three beautiful bunnies now is your chance. The best part about this project? The cards are 100% DIY & FREE! Check HERE for link.  Enjoy!

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Break Blaze Burn: 40 Days of Fearless, Out of Bounds Writing

Our lovely Goddess Of The week Rachel White has teamed with expert astrologer Sherene Schostak to offer a magical 40 day creative writing work shop that will surely get your creative juices flowing. This project incorporates guided Jungian journaling and active imagination techniques, along with tarot-inspired writing prompts and meditations.

"This is a time to change our stories and thus change our lives. You don’t have to be an aspiring writer in the literary sense to benefit from this Project 40. We all have a story inside of us that needs to be told."- Sherene S.

CONCEPT: Use the 40 Days and 40 nights to take those old ideas, manuscripts and other forgotten gems off the back burner and get writing! This project is designed to keep you inspired and on fire: For 40 Days and 40 nights Writing does not have to be isolating and tedious! This Project 40 is designed to bring depth, desire and sexy back to the art of pen to paper or (fingers to keypad)! This P40 will break all the rules….. without apology!


Cost is $160

This workshop begins June 2, 2015

For more information  regarding this workshop and how to sign up, head on over to Rachel's site HERE

The Vajra- Seattle's hidden jewel.

The Vajra  is a lovely hidden jewel located in the colorful neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle Washington. Clouds of Raj laxmi incense can be smelled burning from about a street away. Once inside you are taken into what feels like a life sized altar. From the Goddess statutes, crystals,  tarot decks, and a bountiful supply of high quality essential oils. The Vajra is just so much more than a metaphysical store, it is a local beacon of light with some of the kindest, and most genuine women I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Tarot readers, astrologers, and practitioners from all walks of life are what make this place so special.  Each Monday, The Vajra  offers workshops ranging from  healing with the tarot to dream circles, astrology, guided meditation, and crystal healing.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Townsend the owner of The Vajra, as well as artist and one of my personal favorite readers, Michelle Bloom. For more information on the Vajra be sure to check out their website  Michelle offers Crystal & Tarot insights at