Gabriela Lorraine Herstik

Gabriela Herstik is a Mexican/ Israeli fashion writer from the cosmos. She loves goats, lipstick, coffee, wearing all black, and she especially adores mother Moon.


Michael Cardenas

Michael Cardenas  is an initiated Witch, Reiki Master, Trained Clairvoyant/Medium, and High Priest, with 15 years of experience. He currently resides in Southern, CA



Amelia Quint is a writer and occultist based in South Carolina. She is the creator of The Midheaven, an astrology and lifestyle blog for spiritual seekers. Her Sun is in Scorpio, and she has Sagittarius rising.



Omi Kongo is a Juju Queen, Espiritista, Reiki Master, Artist + Mama. She is also creator of Kalunga Avenue a lifestyle blog devoted to ancestor elevation + spiritual motivation.



Alicia Bello was raised on philosophical and mystical concepts. She is a practitioner of magick, an astrologer, tarot reader, yoga instructor, and 2nd degree Usui Reiki. Alicia is a devour-er of books and takes her coffee with Led Zeppelin.


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