Happy New Moon In Taurus!

Happy New Moon in earthy, sensual Taurus! Tonight's new moon will be another Super moonThe energy flow of the Taurus New Moon is even and a time where we most experience the sensual aspects of nature and ourselves. The forceful forward movement of last month's Aries energy becomes solid, calm, and patient during the Taurus New Moon. Earthing/Grounding is essential to staying balanced and firmly rooted in our bodies. Self-care rituals can also take the ease off the tensions that may present themselves during these some-what challenging RX's times.  Our contributing writer, High Priest and Reiki master Michael Cardenas shared a beautiful and sensual Goddess focused Taurus New Moon self-care ritual, enjoy!


 by Michael Cardenas

The New Moon in Taurus is upon us and brings with it the energies of love, prosperity, luxury, creativity, stability, and a strong connection to the Goddesses that rule over these areas of life. These energies are available to us on many levels and all we have to do to receive them is tune in and align ourselves with them through ritual practice. Making offerings, working with crystals, meditation, and taking ritual baths can bring you into alignment and magnetize your aura to the moon's energy. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and be intentional with these practices. Tap into your inner divinity and trust yourself. Blessed Be. 


Goddesses like Venus, Freya, Oshun, Aphrodite, and Bast rule over love, prosperity, joy, luxury, and having your needs met. Making offerings to these divine beings gives you the opportunity to speak to them on a spiritual level about your needs and experience their energies firsthand.

Universal offerings to Goddesses who rule over the sweetness of life include: honey, wine, flowers, candles, incense, and fresh fruit. Offerings also open us up to the reciprocal nature of the Universe. Give and receive. Make your offerings from a place of gratitude. Speak to the Goddess from your heart. Know that your experience is valid and very real.


Rose Quartz available @ TheHoodwitch.com

Rose Quartz available @ TheHoodwitch.com

Rose Quartz is a powerful yet gentle stone. Working with it can assist you in attracting love, romance, emotional healing, and to activate your channels of receiving. It's excellent at soothing the emotions, healing the heart after break ups, healing abandonment issues, and dealing with loneliness. Once we clear and heal our issues we can make space for the blessings to live within us and manifest in our outer reality. Keep rose quartz next to your bed to attract a lover or meditate with it on your chest for spiritual and emotional healing. 


The Empress card in the Tarot symbolizes love, beauty, art, imagination, fertility, sensuality, prosperity, growth and manifestation. She represents Mother Earth, and the womb of creation where all of our desires are made manifest. She is the doorway in which our manifestations come through. Meditation on the Empress card can help you to better understand the secrets of manifestation on an intuitive level, and also to program your subconscious and conscious mind with her prosperous, loving, and creative symbolism. Our outer reality is a mirror image of our minds. It is very beneficial for us to intentionally focus on images that are in alignment with our desires. 

  • Get into a comfortable position. Take the Empress Card from a tarot deck and hold it in your hand. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Gaze at the card and study all of the details. Meditate on it. Let your intuition guide you and inform you. What is she showing you? Where is she taking you? Let yourself be lost in it. Write down any impression you receive.


This bath is used to sweeten your energy and magnetize your aura to your desires.

You will need:

  • Fresh flowers petals
  • A splash rose water
  • A teaspoon of cinnamon
  • A teaspoon of honey 
  • Your favorite perfume or oil

Burn some Palo Santo to make the space sacred. Light candles, put on music, create an ambiance. Fill the tub and add the honey, rose water, cinnamon, perfume or oil, and lastly the flower petals. Hold your hands above the water and state your intention. Speak from your heart. Soak in this mixture for 25 minutes or longer. Absorb all of it's beautiful energy. Relax and visualize your desires. See yourself with them now. Do not rinse off after. Air dry if possible. 


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