Seasonal Tarot


Tarot can be a valuable ally as we celebrate important moments in our planet's yearly cycle. Becoming aware of the existence of special days and honoring them with tarot images as well as meditation we can strengthen our bond with our Great Mother. 

We can connect to the Earth's seasons using tarot in a simple but powerful activity at the beginning of each new season by first selecting a suit card that corresponds to the season you are in (widely debated) but the way I learned was: pentacles= winter cups= autumn wands= summer and swords = spring 

You may also select a card that visually connects you to the season you wish to honor. By placing the card on your altar we are creating a visual connection that also works in our inner selves, entertaining us with the energies and the Earth's mood at this time of year. 

The Ace of swords for me is a time to shake off the winter blues, and to wake up! There might still be chill in the air here, but I'm re-energizing mentally, fulfilling new ideas and creative projects to see me through the spring! Really riding the lightening of the ace of swords. The ace of swords is the start of unstoppable movement, with courage and intellect nothing can stand in your way. •You may also try this activity using the court cards for the corresponding season. Ask yourself who you would like to be this season? What tarot quality would you like to embody? Place on your altar and make lists of ways you can manifest this card at this particular time of year.