Tarot Everyday: The Horoscope Spread

This circular spread is called the Horoscope Spread. Where each card corresponds to the houses of an astrological chart. Shuffle your deck well and intuitively select 12 cards, place them in a circular pattern, but remember which card is which.

The Spread

CARD #1: The Self You are projecting to others, your appearance.

CARD #2: Money: your money and possessions; your skills and talents, your values and self-worth. your earning power

CARD#3: Your mental/ Intellectual activities: you community or neighborhood involvement, short trips siblings, school.

CARD #4:Emotions: Your emotional security, or sense of belongingness. this relates to your activities at home, or your mother.

CARD#5:Creativity: your creativity and artistic ability, your children, love affairs, and romance, gambling, leisure

CARD #6: Routine: your daily routine, health, your job or work/coworkers/tenants/pets/ or service activities

CARD #7: Business- your business partner (s), your partner, your primary relationships, or “significant others”.

CARD #8: Money or Possessions belonging to the partnership;loans, grants, inheritances, taxes, transformative experiences.

CARD #9: Your higher education, training opportunities, long distance travels, religion and philosophy, advertising.

CARD# 10: Your public reputation, your contribution to society, your career activities, your father.

CARD#11: Goals, dreams, and wishes, futuristic visions, friends, groups, clubs, organizations, politics.

CARD#12: Your spiritual situation, your psychic ability, your need for “retreats” from the world, escape and other fantasies.

TIPS: larger spreads can take some time to practice and interpret, especially for a beginner. Don't be afraid to take a photo of the cards  to come back to at a later time.