Recharging Our Energy Under The Super Black Virgo New Moon 


Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

Super Black Virgo New Moon occurs August 30th and will bring a ton of good vibes our way! This luminary connects with Mercury, Venus, Mars (creating a Virgo stellium), and Uranus (who’s retrograde in Taurus). We are addressing issues in our lives that need change and “cleaning up.” We are making room for new ideas and views, while liberating outdated beliefs. This earthy luminary will give us the chance to rebuild and restructure our lives—if we are willing to release the past. 

Several asteroids will be in plat during this luminary: Maternal Ceres, warrior Pallas Athena, assertive Juno, and abusive Nessus. A Grand Cross between the asteroids Ceres, Juno, and Nessus will force us to fight against those who aim to bring us down or be subservient to them. In mythology, Ceres was the mother of Persephone who would not rest until she found her abducted daughter. Juno was Zeus’s wife who got tired of his adulterous affairs and sought revenge on him. Nessus was a centaur who tried to rape Deianira after promising he would protect her. The Grand Cross between these asteroids is forcing us to take a stand against patriarchal society and honor the divine feminine in us all. Pallas Athena is gently motivating us to rebel against the forgotten days of glory and create a new inspiring vision of hope. The lesson from this luminary is that we are not idly sitting by anymore. We are leveling up by breaking the glass ceiling and fighting for personal freedom. 

Breaking through the chains that hold us will prove challenging, as the Sabian image for the New Moon is “a merry-go-round.” We will believe  that the emotions or frustrations we feel may last forever (which they won’t) and try to rush sentiments or healing. We may even want to rush relationships that are forming to blossom faster or end them before their expiration date to avoid the inevitable. 

One thing is certain, we must take control of our lives during this luminary. We can control our fate. Get mad, angry, forgive, and heal. Do whatever it takes to mend heartache and mend wounds.

Recharging our energies will invigorate us to evolve and be at peace, after we assert ourselves to others. Take a bowl of warm water, charged by the New Moon. Add a few drops of peppermint and lavender oil (as much as desired) or fresh lavender and peppermint sprigs. Place an amethyst crystal and a rose quartz crystal in the bowl to invigorate the water. Splash the water on your face and root chakra (which is the chakra ruled by Virgo) to help alleviate anger and anxiety within. Meditate on your personal strength and power. Heal.

*The Super Black New Moon occurs on August 30th at 3:37AM PST and 6:37AM EST.