Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week kicks off with a positive earthy aspect between action planet Mars, who’s currently in Virgo, and rebellious Uranus, who’s retrograde in Taurus, on the 28th. We are veering off the beaten path and manifesting our unique visions. This sentiment is further echoed by the harmonious connection between the Virgo Sun and Uranus retrograde on the 29th. Mercury enters Virgo on August 29th, giving us analytical insight and mindfulness into our desires for the next few weeks. The following day, on the 30th, the cosmos grant us a scrumptious New Moon in Virgo, which will serve as a catalyst for growth and transformation. September 1st allows us to discuss our radical new visions when Mercury and Uranus retrograde link up. But, we may hold back on implementing our dreams into reality on the 1st, as Venus, who’s in rigid Virgo, and Saturn, who’s retrograde in practical Capricorn, connect. September 2nd is the best time to move forward with our desires, as the Sun and Mars touch in the sky, motivating us to take action. Venus and Jupiter, who’s in lucky Sagittarius, square off on the 2nd, creating expansion to our hopes. We may meet people who will help propel our intentions forward on the 3rd, when the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in alignment in the cosmos. Venus and the Nodes of Destiny also link up on the 3rd, offering us an investment opportunity that may prove faulty later on. Be careful in matters of the heart and financial investments. Don’t believe everything you hear—process the information with a grain of salt. Remember, all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. 


March 21-April 19

This week, you’re aiming to calm energies within to create a harmonious vibe. Inner worries and apprehensions are consuming your mind, making you feel more anxious than ever. Instead of holding all your emotions in, let them out. This doesn’t mean yelling and having arguments with others. Rather, take on a physical activity like a sport or get a massage to alleviate stresses. Yoga will help melt away tensions by detoxing your muscles. Don’t huff and puff yourself into a frantic tizzy this week. Release the negativity through self-care and R & R.


April 20-May 20

Relationships are more confusing than ever this week. You’re been pulled and pushed in too many different directions recently, making you uncertain of who you can trust. You’re feeling lost in your emotions, without a safety net in sight. The remedy for your seasonal blues is mediation. Zoom in on your emotions to gain clarity on your deepest feelings. Focus your energy on healing your heart chakra in order to move forward (in any direction). Only then will you be able to make clear decisions and manifest your romantic visions. Open your heart to create and connect with your dreams.


May 21-June 20

Fear has been holding you back from creating your vision quests in reality. In order to put your goals into motion, it’s essential for you to change your mindset. Stop all of the negative thinking and doubt within by changing your attitude. Try adding positivity to your life throughout the day, by incorporating mindful thoughts into pessimistic views. Replace “I can’t” with “I can.” This little hack will act as a catalyst for you to set sail with your desires and elevate your spirit. Encourage and motivate yourself to reach for the stars. You’ll succeed and prosper as a result.


June 21-July 22

After a few weeks out of the social scene, you’re longing to reconnect with your coven. You’re also in the mood to propose a community oriented project to your coven, in which you give back to those in your neighborhood. This can mean starting a charity in which you raise money for the local schools or protest for others in need. You want to revolutionize and shakeup the system, with the hope for a brighter tomorrow and future. By helping another person and standing up for your beliefs, you’re changing the world for the better, one step at a time. 


July 23-August 22

Success has proven to be a long and winding road for you. Meaning, it’s been an intense journey to the top. While your professional and personal life may be at a high, you’re feeling a little insecure. Your confidence high is dwindling, causing you to feel self-doubt and uncertainty in your choices. Instead of wallowing in self-pity this week, try to insert affirmations into your daily regimen to help squash the critic within. Stand in front of a mirror and state all of your wonderful attributes. This technique will squash all the qualms in your head and calm your anxieties. 


August 23-September 22

You’re not one to censor your thoughts. This week, you are addressing issues with others—but, in a peaceful and kind way. Instead of arguing about your feelings, take a different approach. Write a handwritten letter or send an email to those who you wish to mend fences with or express your feelings to. Before you start writing, make an outline stating all the issues and topics you wish to address. Be concise and straightforward with others. Don’t play the blame game. Most importantly, be kind. You can make up in no time if you approach the matter with warmth and tenderness.


September 23-October 22

For a while, your anxieties and frustrations have been kept at bay. This week, your sentiments are coming to a head, as mundane annoyances are causing issues in your daily vibe. All of the above is a great excuse to take time away from others for yourself to heal. Bust out the CBD oil and add a warm bath with roses, along with Himalayan salt. Put on relaxing music and light white candles. Let your body rest and relax in the healing warmth of water. Wash away your irritations this week and you will feel back to your old self. 


October 23-November 21

All of your interpersonal relationships feel like they’re taking a ride on a cosmic roller coaster, leaving you longing for stability within partnerships. The only caveat is that you’re feeling the after effects of the highs, the lows, and sideways turns—all of which has left you with dizzying motion sickness. While you may feel the urgency to repair all your relationships this week, it’s best to take a moment away from others to reflect to figure out what you want. Mend your heart, then worry about others. This will allow you to navigate through your emotions before making any major decisions. 


November 22-December 21

You’ve worked very hard to reach the top of your profession—sacrificing relationships and social events on your road to success. Now, you’re feeling a bit lonely and cut off from others and longing for more concrete relationships (with your friends and family). Although you may find work is going swimmingly well, you long for connections with others and a thriving social life. You may even question if you want to continue down this path. The answer to your existential quandary is simple: create balance between your work and personal life. Then, you can have the best of both worlds.


December 22-January 19

This week, you’re seeing first hand that you don’t need to be the “best” to win. You’re a star no matter what! Opportunities will come and go. You are learning that what really matters is how you treat others. You’ve desired fame and glory in your youth. Now, you know that it’s all meaningless if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues to rejoice in love. Celebrate life this week. Don’t dwell on the past. Use your good vibes to enjoy the sweet and tender feelings this week has to offer.


January 20-February 18

Setting boundaries with others isn’t hard for you when others try to implant themselves into your orb. But, when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s a bit different. Meaning, you’re unable to accept and understand those who set limits with you in their life. Although you may feel ostracized from the social scene in the beginning of the week, things do change over the weekend. You’re coming to realize that you can let others have their space and still maintain a healthy relationship. You don’t have to sell yourself—everyone adores you as you are. Have faith in others.


February 19-March 20

Partnerships are changing this week—for the better. You’re beginning to express your emotions to others, which is a major step for you. While you may clash sentiments with some of your brood, don’t let that one setback hold you back. The truth is, you’re evolving and transforming. You’re becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of being. You’re unabashedly and unapologetically wearing your heart on your sleeve. You’re telling people how you feel—on your terms. They can either love it or hate it. But, they’ll have to accept your sentiments. It’s taken you a lifetime to get here, revel in it.