Witchtips & Horoscopes ~9/4-9/10


Astrology by: Lisa Stardust 


This week kicks off with a melancholic energy from Venus, who’s in analytical Virgo, and Neptune, who’s retrograde in illusive Pisces. Both planets will come to oppose each other on September 4th, which will expose deceptions around love and money. Or, force us to believe lies others tell us regarding those subjects. The following day, on September 5th, Mercury, who’s strong in Virgo, and Saturn, who’s retrograde in reliable Capricorn, shed light on issues from the 4th.September 6th brings a ton of drama, as concise Mercury squares off  expansive Jupiter, who’s in fiery Sagittarius, exposing truths from the past two days. Please note: all our findings are fated today, as the North Node of Destiny is active and forcing us to see situations clearly. Later in the day, the Virgo Sun and Saturn retrograde add structure and implement boundaries. But, obstacles surface in the evening when Venus and Pluto, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, stir the celestial pot and cause problems. September 7th will make us all feel like a fish out of water, due to Mercury’s opposition with Neptune retrograde. We are experiencing the intellectual piece of the frustrating puzzle from September 4th on the 7th. The Sun squares off with Jupiter on the 8th, making our energy feel larger than life. We will make important connections in the evening, when the Sun softly galvanizes the North Node of Destiny. Mercury and Pluto retrograde give us the desire to go for the gold later in the day, regardless of our personal insecurities. The 9th gives routine back into our daily grind, when Mars, who’s in Virgo, and Saturn retrograde align in the cosmos. We end the week right where we began it, with an ego hit and confusion due to the Sun’s fraught aspect with Neptune retrograde. 

Be kind to yourself and to others this week. The Neptunian energy can unmask deceptions and make us feel lost at sea. Please reach out to those in need and stay connected. It’s important that we all support and give love to each other. 


March 21-April 19

You’re simply at a loss for words this week, as you are seeing that the actions of others in your inner circle are indefensible. It’s time to cut the cord on those who are holding you back from evolving into the ram of your dreams. It may be hard to let go of some of your close friends and you may not be ready to cut the cord on the relationship. Instead of making drastic changes, try to emotionally distance yourself from those who cause you pain and frustration. Then, you will be able to move forward on your own terms. 


April 20-May 20

Over the past few weeks, you’ve doubted yourself. Now, you are seeing situations and people clearly—even understanding the motives behind such actions. While you may want to discuss matters openly, you will get some resistance along the way. Others will choose to gaslight you, rather than being honest, causing your bullish spirit to silently dig your hooves into the ground. The resolution to this matter is simple: you don’t have to discuss your sentiments to those who won’t acknowledge your feelings. Use your intuition to navigate you through your emotions this week. It’ll help you make clear decisions about others.


May 21-June 20

This week will be a bumpy and emotional rollercoaster ride; however, with the right amount of TLC and self-care you can overcome any obstacles thrown your way. Take an amethyst charged crystal bath for energetic protection. This will alleviate stresses and insecurities you may feel, especially over the weekend when you long for a personal balance between your home and professional life. Also, try to add a momentary reprieve into your daily vibe to refresh your mindset through meditation. Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated. All of these tips will boost your energy and aid in spiritually allotting yourself emotional support from within. 


June 21-July 22

You’re feeling chattier than ever, running your mouth every chance you get (all of which of course will karmically affect you by week’s end). Although you may not realize it, you are sharing personal stories about others which are better left unsaid. Don’t over worry and send yourself into a tizzy, just beware of the information your are repeating. Ask yourself if it’s worth the drama. Before you experience the fallback, choose your words wisely. If there’s a secret you must share, then write it down on paper (before throwing it away) to get those feelings out of your system. 


July 23-August 22

Learning boundaries is a hard life long lesson for you, as you tend to test limits with your fiery energy. Although you may not want to stay in your lane this week, you are slowly learning that pushing the envelope within relationships will only backfire on you. Also, do the opposite of what was initially intended. You crave a strong reaction from others, especially from your one and only love. But, is getting your way in relationships really worth all the pain and drama? Implementing healthy boundaries for yourself will help to elevate relationships, if you live by your words.


August 23-September 22 

This week may increase your stress levels, due to the uncertainty and unclarity around the direction of your career. For a while, you’ve been focused on matters of the heart. Now, you’re gearing up to make major professional moves and changes. Fear not, Virgo! Although you hate change (but, who enjoys it?) you’re coming to terms with your chameleon-like versatility which will serve as a great asset for the future. You know that you are capable of personal growth and evolution—all of which will lead you towards your truest professional calling. This week starts off bleak, but it will improve.


September 23-October 22

Life has been a tad chaotic for you, as it’s been a challenge balancing all the different aspects of your life. While you may want to work harder to complete all of your impending tasks, you’re finally understanding that you need to take a day off from the stresses of life. Splurge and indulge yourself by having a much needed “you” day in which you can relax and unwind. Connecting your spirituality with your daily routine will also serve to recharge your energy this week. Try an aerial yoga class or a signing class to relax your body and mind while cleansing your chakras.


October 23-November 21

A new creative project has fallen into your lap. The only caveat to getting on board with this artistic vision is that it does not support your goals or dreams. Rather, it just exists without any of your personal passion and drive attached. You may feel like you need to jump on board right away and commit to the endeavor. Before you dive in, ask yourself if it’s really worth giving up your artistic integrity just to fill time. Don’t join in on the bandwagon out of boredom. Work comes and goes—a better gig and opportunity will come along in no time.


November 22-December 21

This week, you’re noticing people for their truest nature, which may shake you to the core. Deceptions are being revealed and intentions are being made clear this week. You’re seeing that you’ve been living with a false sense of security, which may cause you extreme heartache and pain. The celestial lesson is to live on solid ground and to not get wrapped up in the darkness of others. Psychic vampirism is real and can affect us all greatly. You need to protect your energy by carrying black obsidian and smokey quartz crystals with you at all times to ward off evil. 


December 22-January 19

We all know you have strong opinions, but sometimes it’s best not to broach certain matters. This is a sentiment you’re learning first hand, when a misconstrued comment is seen as pot stirring. Yes, you certainly want to voice your opinion; however, you won’t realize how extreme your words are until it’s too late. Word of advice: don’t get involved in triangular situations this week because you will be the one who receives the brunt of matter (even if you aren’t directly involved) by a comment you made on the topic. Avoid the cosmic drama by avoiding it all together.


January 20-February 18

Your self-esteem will be a bit shaky this week, due to a friendship gone wrong. Although you may feel that the relationship took a nose dive due to your actions, you must snap out of negative self-criticisms and blame. It takes two to tango and you’re not entirely at fault. If you wish to make amends with your friend, then take half of the responsibility in the matter and apologize. Be careful with your wording and don’t expect them to extend similar sentiments. They may not be ready to share their loving cup and take the high road like you. 


February 19-March 20

You’re slowly seeing who you can rely on. After a long and confusing season, you’re coming to terms with what you are looking for in partnerships and friendships. Make a list of what you are willing and not willing to put up with and keep it as a mindful reminder of the types of relationships you want to commit and give your energy to. No more settling! From now on, you are only give your time and energy to those who are deserving. You’ll feel better about yourself and more confident knowing that you are a part of a circle of trust.