Kiss from a Rose: Manifesting with the Taurus New Moon


Written by Lisa Stardust

It’s been an emotionally intense Spring. Our minds and hearts may still be feeling fuzzy from the cosmic magical mystery ride of late. But, the Taurus New Moon, which occurs May 4th, offers good vibes and happiness. This fertile luminary will only aspect lovely Neptune in the sky, allowing us to connect to the next vision.  Neptune is the planet of illusions. However, it also represents creativity, inspiration, rapturous emotions, and unconditional love. We can avoid the deceptive notions of Neptune, as long as we keep our heads above water and don’t dive in the deep end of the ocean. Combined with earthy Taurus, watery Neptune will help us bring our next big dream to life (most importantly, the vision we love and hold dear to our hearts). Also, the ability to love without restrictions.

Fixed star, Almach, connects with the Taurus Sun and Moon, adding sensuality and brilliance to all Venusian endeavors (Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus). The Sabian symbol of this beautiful luminary is “muffled against the cold, we brave the storm,” which speaks to Venus’s current cosmic position in Aries. Learning to take a step back from working our hearts and minds overtime will be the core focus of the Taurus New Moon. Connecting and blossoming our innermost desires will  

elevate our lives to align with the stars. Embracing and healing the past—and learning to love our imperfections will bring us back home to ourselves. The greatest relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Honoring ourselves on the inside and out is essential for our well-being.


The only caveat to the New Moon, is that change is hard. Letting go of fear and being emotionally free  will be the only hard sentiment of the New Moon. (There’s comfort in inertia.) Once we let go of the past, by living in the now, we can cut the cord on toxic energies that hold us back.

Under this luminary, try to connect with the dream within. Honoring the parts of ourselves will elevate our bodies, minds, and spirits—all things Venus and Neptune aim to do. Revamping or creating a Venus altar will be beneficial, as well as paying tribute to sensual Venus. Placing the altar bedside, will serve to boost our confidence—within ourselves and in the boudoir. Bring Venus an offering of flowers, gold, money, champagne, and sweets—all of her favorite delectables.

After, take a soothing bath with a dash of coconut milk, slithers of orange peel, a few drops of honey, rose petals (or oil), rose quartz crystals, and a pinch of Himalayan salt to cleanse ourselves of negativity, will let the positive flow of Venus in our bodies. Activating the other senses with soft music, pink candles, fine wine or hot chocolate, and rose incense will stimulate our Venusian and creative desires. Thank Venus for the harmony, love, and wealth she has brought to our lives under this delicious New Moon.

Springtime flowers and our spirits are now in bloom. Opening our hearts and minds will lead us to the beautiful new dream. The question is, are you ready?

As above, so below…

* The Taurus New Moon occurs May 4th at 3:45PM PST and 6:45PM EST.