Artwork by Ayham Jabr

Artwork by Ayham Jabr

Astrology by Lisa Stardust


We start off this week with a lovely connection between the Taurus Sun and delicate Neptune, who is tenderly surfing the mystical Piscean waves on May 8th. Our hearts will blossom on the 8th, which will bring us closer to our inner visions. Mercury and Uranus align on the 8th in Taurus, opening our minds to new and inventive ways of thinking. May 9th brings two cosmic connections to Venus, who is currently blazing through passionate Aries. First, Venus will connect with Jupiter, who is gliding backwards in Sagittarius. Venus and Jupiter retrograde tenderly kiss in the sky, creating a Grand Fire Trine with the First Quarter Moon in Leo (a Grand Trine is when three planets in the same element share a harmonious cosmic interlude). The Grand Fire Trine from these three benefic planets will bring joy and artistic visions our way, making it high time to manifest future goals with sex magic. Later in the day, on May 9th, sensual Venus and transformative Pluto, who is moonwalking in earthy Capricorn, square off. When these two planets clash on May 9th, sparks will fly. Our innermost desires will be set off, as we embark on a new journey towards self discovery around love, money, and self-awareness. Our senses will be awakened, as well as our lust for power pleasure, and pain. Pluto retrograde battles against those who do not surrender to change. Only resist situations, mentalities, and people you have outgrown. The galactic incentive on the 9th is to move towards transformation and to remove ourselves from the constraints that hold us back. May 10th brings karmic decisions to play, when the Sun and the Nodes of Destiny make fated choices around our evolutionary journey. The Sun and Saturn retrograde, which is backpedaling in Capricorn, softly link up and implement resourcefulness and practicality to our visions on the 11th. May 13th brings the Sun and  Pluto retrograde together to add decisiveness and progress the dream into reality. We end the week with a sweet celestial hug between Venus and Mars, who is chatting up a storm in Gemini on May 14.


This week calls for energetic healing. Working with the element of fire and cleansing our energetic fields and spaces during the First Quarter Moon in Leo, particularly the Blue Sage and Sweet Peas blend , will help purge the negativity from our auric field, while centering ourselves to be at peace with the universe. Also carrying Labradorite with us at all times

will help aid and protect us during our personal metamorphosis (serving to protect us during our spiritual awakening). Only then can we enjoy and marvel at our growth within.


March 21-April 19


You’re now motivated to find new ways to sustain your wealth—even contemplating expanding your personal views. The humdrum life never suited your sentiments, and this week both your personal and monetary portfolio is transforming in major ways. There may be some bumps along the way, which are common for the risk takers and innovators such as yourself. While your views on the material world are shifting, you are also growing your confidence and your ability to achieve success . Your cup may overflow with ideas and impending partnerships related to your finances, but it’s essential to only commit to endeavors that peak your interests—even if they are off the beaten path. Just remember to to find balance between work and play in order to stay grounded.




April 20-May 20


This week is high time for you to shed your skin and move towards personal evolution. You’ve recently  been toying with the notion of growth, but you haven’t been ready to fully let go (which is understandable because change is hard), but now you are finally ready to throw caution to the wind and transform. Whether you gamble on love or yourself, the only thing which is certain is that you will start to embrace and create the life you always wanted. Stepping out of your  “norm” will bring up anxieties and past traumas—prepare yourself to be emotionally challenged. As long as you are prepared to do the work in squashing the demons and fears in your past, you will breeze through this week with flying colors. 




May 21-June 20


Inquisitive by nature, your mind will certainly be overworked this week due to your desire for answers. You may find yourself searching for meaning in situations and relationships that have lost their luster. Instead of using your Mercurial mindset to fester and obsess, try using magic to get the answers you crave. Taking a trip to the astral plane during the First Quarter Moon will reveal the truths you are looking for (when you go to the astral plane remember to make a circle of protection with your finger to ensure your safety). Also, meditating and reflecting with friends will be beneficial, as their feedback and support will help you navigate through your issues, as well as offering insights and advice that will help you. 




June 21-July 22


A sensitive being by nature, you often give your time to others freely (at the cost of your sanity). These days, you’re not the shrinking violet you used to be. In fact, you are learning that being selfish and putting your needs first is a priority. You will be emotionally torn this week, as you are at a crossroads within many of your personal relationships. Deciding who you should lend your empathetic ear to may be hard because of your nurturing spirit. It’s important to set boundaries with others (even yourself). Knowing when to let go and take a step back isn’t something you normally do, but you are learning that it’s adequate to be selfish and care from the distance, especially if the relationship isn’t functioning properly. 




July 23-August 22


“A wish is a dream your heart makes,” Leo. This week, you are manifesting your passions and professional desires. The First Quarter Moon is giving you the push you need to bravely and courageously implement your dreams into reality. Challenges may arise from fear, but as long as you stay on the righteous path you will be able to move past these setbacks. Embrace the elements of earth and fire, by writing a letter of intention then burning it in a bowl and planting the ashes in soil under the First Quarter Moon. This will allow you to conjure and bring forth such goals into your life. As long as you manifest your dreams using your innermost heartfelt aspirations, the universe will make your wishes come true. 




August 23-Sept. 22


You’re currently in flux within all interpersonal relationships, as you are undecided about where things are headed. In the recent past, you have let situations and partnerships stay put, due to your optimism and hope. This week, you are changing your views—even questioning whether or not you want to continue the never ending merry-go-round with your heart. As your emotions start to unfold, you will see that right now you crave independence within partnerships. Instead of choosing someone else—you opt to choose yourself. While you may feel extra emotional under the First Quarter Moon, allow yourself a momentary reprieve away from the work and others. Use this luminary to set yourself free. Put all the energy you’ve spent focusing on others onto yourself for maximum splendorous results. 




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


This week starts off with a big bang in the personal and relationship sector of your chart. While you may be over the drama, the universe is giving you one more issue to sort out. A lover of love and a constant giver of kindness, you tend to put others needs first. Unfortunately, others to take advantage of your generosity and compassion. Over time, you’ve felt neglected, unseen, and unheard. Giving your all to those who don’t deserve it will motivate you to take back your power—which may ruffle their feathers. Cutting out the energetic vampires will free yourself from the endless chaos, raise your self-esteem, and restore balance in your life. Remember, relationships are a two way street. Give your time to those who appreciate you. 




Oct. 23-Nov. 21


You’re on an endless quest for truth this week. You may feel as though others are gaslighting you, and not owning up to their part in a bad situation (or a recent argument between you both). The curveball you are given, in this cosmically charged week, is that you don’t have to accept what others say as the truth. Learn to lean into your intuition more and quench your thirst for justice and to gain a deeper understanding of the situation at hand. You don’t have to make yourself anxious by looking outwards for answers. Look within. Trust yourself. Trust your judgement. Evoke the bridge  between your subconscious and conscious mind by simply meditating with Obsidian to awaken your third-eye chakra and to free your subconscious under the First Quarter Moon. 




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Often lustful of the finer things in life (eating, drinking, and being merry), this week your values are shifting. You are learning that materialism and earthly delights are not as important as inner happiness—prosperity is not found outward, but inside. Your newfound relationship with the world and yourself will allow you to open yourself up to others in ways you never thought imaginable. Learning that self-worth and love is solely based on the immaterial will rock your spiritual core and shakeup your fundamental beliefs—for the better. If self-evolution is what you are searching for, the First Quarter Moon will allow you to connect to a new philosophical perspective on a soulful level. Expanding your mind will lead towards exponential growth in all areas of your life. 




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Always at the top of your game, you’re taking a step back and away from the public glare. Giving yourself time to disconnect from the outside world will allow you to nourish yourself. The heart is like a garden, it needs to be tended to. Taking time for yourself will help you gain your confidence back and strategize your next steps. Giving yourself extra TLC and self-care will take the edge of inner stresses, as well as burn off the negative vibes from others. You can create your own tranquil oasis within, as long as you actually disengage from the noises and frenzy of the outside world. Positive affirmations and a calming bath under the First Quarter Moon will get you moving in the right direction. Let your mind unwind with White Sage and Lavender smudge sticks to relax this week.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


You’re currently stuck between two worlds, Aquarius. Your recent spiritual journey has helped you clear up quandaries that have recently percolated within. However, it has also left you confused about how to move forward with others. You may feel as though the past has come to haunt you, as old issues surface and others are dragging their feet in opening themselves up to you again. It may be quite possible that you have handled matters unfairly in the past, and are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. The first step to remedying such matters is to forgive yourself and others. Free and vindicate yourself under the First Quarter Moon by clearing out stagnant energy with Hummingbird Sage . Most importantly, tend to others how you would like to be treated to avoid future conflicts. 




Feb. 19-March 20


A free thinker at heart, this week you are swimming upstream with enthusiasm with your unique mindset. Learning that you do not confirm to any societal expectation is your weekly cosmic lesson, as you are now being pushed to be more assertive and independent in expressing your desires. The world (or in your case the ocean) may seem big and overwhelming with many options and people. However, there’s only one you. And, no one else’s creative mind can surpass yours this week. Believing in yourself will bring maritime bliss, as long as you let go of the phobias associated with success. Using the power of visualization, you can alter your mindset and allow yourself to break down the roadblocks and swim towards victory.