Manifesting Your Dreams: Solar Return Magic


Written by Kesaine Walker

Every year, the Sun returns to the exact position and degree it was on the day you were born. In

astrology, this is what’s called your Solar Return ( also known as...your birthday).! The Sun is

the planet of your outer awareness, the part of the self that shines, and your life force and

vitality. Essentially the spotlight is being placed on you and cosmic forces are coming together

to revitalize your energy, and program the next twelve months ahead. This is what makes your

Solar Return a very potent time of year filled with energy that, if used wisely, will help propel you

forward. This is your personal new year and one of the best days to celebrate, set intentions

and make wishes as your new cycle begins.

Because the sun is conjoining with your natal Sun, there’s a ton of life force energy available to

you making your birthday quite a magical and creative time. Your vibrations really increase and

place you in manifesting state. Your thoughts, intentions, and ideas are ten times more

powerful. So what better way to harness this energy than with some solar return magic? Here

are a few rituals to help set the tone and manifest your dreams for the upcoming year.

Observe. It is very important to be mindful and observant on the day preceding your birthday,

the day of, and the day after. Take note of how you’re feeling, your thoughts, and what’s

happening around you as the universe will send messages and signs regarding what’s to come

during your new year. Make sure you write everything including signs and omens so you can

see what themes come up for you.

Make a birthday wishlist to give some direction to the universe. On the day before your

birthday make a list of the things, people, circumstances and situations you’d like to leave

behind. On the day of your birthday make a list of all the things you’d like to manifest in the next

twelve months. Create an altar to place a list of intentions on. Leave it there and revisit the list

on your next birthday to see how things have played out for you.

Create a Solar Return candle. You’ll need a yellow seven-day pull-out candle or a small tea

light candle, seals of choice (the sun, a heart, your astrology sign, etc), carving tools, plastic

gloves, anointing oil, glitter, and lose incense. The yellow candle represents the big Sun energy

and will to help boost confidence, bring in more success, joy, and happiness into your life. WIth

your intention in mind, carve the seals along with your name on the sides of the candle and seal

with a pentagram at the top. Put on your plastic gloves and rub the oil on the candle before

sprinkling a bit of glitter all the candle, focusing mostly on the carved seals. Light the incense,

place it in the glass, and cover to keep the smoke inside. Before burning your candle it’s best to

take a cleansing shower or bath. Do a quick meditation, set your intentions, light the candle and

wait for the magic to unfold.

Include these rituals in your solar return celebration and it will bring all your wishes to you.

Happy Birthday!