WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 5/22-5/28- 2019


Written By: Lisa Stardust


This week starts off with a harmonious aspect between action planet Mars, who is crawling through the sign of sensitive Cancer, and rebellious Uranus, which is bringing us unique Bullish insights in the sign of Taurus, on May 22nd. When these two planets rub celestial elbows, they shake things up—which is not necessarily bad. We will all be driven to step away from the “norm” and accept different perspectives and methods of thinking. The same day, dreamy Neptune crashes its waves against the Nodes of Destiny, adding indecision and confusion to our new unconventional ideas. May 23rd allows us to reconcile the loftiness of the 22nd, when Mars and healing asteroid Chiron, who heated up in Aries, square off, forcing us to take a hard look at matters before we swim to change. The 26th gives us the strength to embrace and evolve, when the Gemini Sun and the asteroid Chiron motivate us to set forth in pursuit of a radical new beginning. The Last Quarter Moon in tender Pisces on May 26th lends its energy to help us manifest our dreams, as long as we are open and honest with the universe. Letting go of the past will prove to be tough, but essential as we are now motivated to grow and mend ourselves.


March 21-April 19

Known to love the thrill of the hunt, this week calls for you to disengage yourself from situations and others who do not serve your highest purpose. If not, you may find yourself caught in a web of confusion, lies, and deceit. Looking at past patterns and releasing unhealthy circumstances will help you evolve into the ram of your dreams—but, only if you choose your battles carefully. Your power and fierceness comes from within, and you do not have to cause emotional upsets within yourself or with others to prove your toughness. You can get the respect you crave by speaking your truth (right or wrong), which will allow your spirit and heart to heal swiftly this week. 


April 20-May 20

You’re so used to others discouraging and putting your beliefs down, that you believe you are wrong—even though you are right. Although it’s cliche to say, you must believe in yourself more. You have to stand firmly in your credence and trust your judgement. Trust the empirical facts. Trust the process of uncovering truths. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or gaslighted into beliefs that go against your own grain. Keep the faith in your intuition. Most importantly, don’t let others manipulate your emotions. Call into your higher self by untying yourself from the ties that bind you to toxic situations and people. Once you stop doubting your actions and choices, you will sore to exciting and great new heights. 


May 21-June 20

This week calls for you create serious boundaries with others, as well as using psychic protection to ward off the energetic vampires. While you may feel at the top of your game, your sensibilities and emotions are weakened due to unruly energetic forces latching onto your aura causing you to feel drained. In order to detach yourself from these energetic drainages, it’s important for you to cleanse yourself of such vampires and boost your inner vibration. Take a Himalayan salt bath with Amethyst and Moonstone to cleanse your auric field. Carry Black Tourmaline around everyday to allow the negative vibes to bounce off of you. Also, disengaging and disconnecting from other people’s issues will serve to elevate and liberate your energy. 


June 21-July 22

You’re finally at a point where you feel in control of the direction of your life. While you may be riddled with anxiety planning the next phase of conquering hearts and the world—allow yourself to relish the calmness this week brings to you. This week calls for you to take a momentary step back, reflect, and implement much needed self-care. You have cosmic permission to unwind, get a massage, and spend time relaxing at home (after all, the past few months have been extremely hard and complicated for you, Cancer). Instead of setting intentions and manifesting your goals, let your mind rest. Give yourself a break this week and rest your energy. Try to conserve your power for the weeks ahead. 


July 23-August 22

While life is currently at a high, you may feel as though you are carrying around emotional debt you think you owe to others. The lesson to be learned this week, is that you do not owe anyone anything—particularly your time and energy. Friends and family will persist in involving you, which may cause you more heartache than expected. Or, you may feel indebted to helping another who has helped you gain personal and professional success. Focus your energies on transforming your life, not the circumstances of your friends or family. Staying out of the drama will go against all of your natural instincts, but benefit you in the end. Remember, you’re only responsible for your happiness—no one else’s. 


August 23-Sept. 22

Fair-minded by nature, this week you are taking the high road within relationships (yet again), even though it may be hard. The underlying issue is that you feel as though you are being a pushover by maintaining a positive and tender approach to partnerships. The way to work around your feelings is to write down all of the confusion and setbacks you are feeling on a piece of paper. If you feel as though you cannot discuss your sentiments with others, write them out. Release all the emotions you are feeling into the world (on a piece of paper) and then bury it in the dirt to let go of your frustrations. This will allow you to be free from the energetic weight of your unexpressed frustrations. 


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s been a long journey to salvation and peace these past few months. The result of being pulled in different directions in all areas of your life has begun to take an emotional and physical toll on your body. This week, it’s imperative that you take time away from the daily grind and focus on yourself. Instead of scrolling through social media, download a meditation app to allow yourself to unwind (if only for a minute) to release stresses. Meditating will connect your body and mind, while controlling emotions. Rather than having a meltdown (which is understandable due to the amount of pressure and baggage you’ve been carrying), melt away your troubles by dedicating your energies into strengthening your mind, heart, and spirit. 


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The most important thing in the world is your divine connection to your inner magic. This week, you are leaning into embrace not only your mystical desires, but also all sides of your personality. Upon your spiritual journey, you may face off with the shadow side of the self, which will be scary and intense. However, in order to become a true and powerful witch, you must accept and honor the darker and edgier side of your personality. Loving both your weaknesses and vigors equally will elevate your transcendental supremacy and understanding of the self, as you are able to see both sides and all aspects of the world around you—which will boost and grow your magical potential. 


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Being dependent on others isn’t necessarily your jam, but this week you are feeling like you need to connect and be a part of the team. Mending fences, reconciling, and biting your pride (and tongue in order to avoid future arguments) will take a lot of work on your part as you always need to be right—but the reward and relationship is fulfilling. Try to be aware of the flip side of this aspect, which can bring on codependency. Finding a medium in which you are able to set boundaries (both upon yourself and others) and be reliant on others for emotional support is key in order to avoid feeling trapped down the road, which goes against your free spirited nature. 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lately you’ve felt a sense of invisibility amongst others. You may even feel as though people do not respect or see you clearly (a sentiment which unfortunately is a recent chronic condition for you, Capricorn). Rather than act out, it’s time to invest your energy in yourself. Have faith in yourself. Be bold and daring this week, in order to feel visible. Repeat positive affirmations in the mirror every morning in order to love yourself. In order to heal, you must start mending the relationship with the self, which will allow you to see yourself. The moment you are love your flaws and strengths, you will feel recognized and distinguished. Master the relationship you have with yourself and the rest will follow.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It certainly has been a long time since you’ve taken a break from the stresses of daily life. While this week doesn’t necessary end your anxieties, it gives you a moment to see the world through your own personal lens. Your creative juices are flowing more than ever, giving you the motivation to create art (music, literature, painting etc...) from past upsets. This will serve as a great outlet for you to express yourself through the free-flow of nonverbal (and sometimes verbal) activities that will boost your mental and emotional well being. Not only will you feel better, but you will have mastered the ability to healthily show others your inner self through a wonderful endeavor and boost your confidence. 


Feb. 19-March 20

Ignoring red flags in all areas of life has led you to suffer through situations and relationships that aim to bring you down. This week, you are focusing on healing yourself and moving away from the past. It will be hard unwrapping your emotions and letting yourself feel all of your sentiments, but essential to mend your heart. Understanding that you are not at fault is the most important step in your recovery process. Going forward, you will be rational and not emotional in your decision making. Learn to surround yourself with mindful people, and to trust your intuition. All of this will allow you to believe in yourself and make better choices which will be fruitful and beneficial to your future.