Love Sex Magic: Paying Tribute to the Scorpio Blue Flower Moon


Astrology By: Lisa Stardust

May 18th brings an intense and rare Blue Moon our way (the last Blue Moon of the decade), a luminary that will surely be remembered in the weeks ahead. While many will use the energy to breakdown relationships, we will do the opposite by expanding the sexual horizons of ourselves and others under this scintillating luminary. After all, Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, taxes, and transformation.

Venus, who is the planetary ruler of the Taurus Sun, and Mars, the planetary ruler of the Scorpio Moon, are harmoniously drifting in the cosmos together, causing our sensual energies to be perked. Tender Venus and radical Uranus link up the day of the Blue Moon, adding edge to love making and emotions.

The Moon opposes Mercury, who is conjunct with  the Sun and the malefic fixed star Algol, while softly gracing Pluto retrograde’s intense transformative energy. We may experience misunderstandings and confusion, which will force us to look inwards to evolve our hearts and minds. We are finally breaking down barriers and moving towards growth.

Shakeups within relationships (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) may result from the aspects between passionate asteroid Eris (who forms a quincunx or inconjunct) with the Moon and magical asteroid Ixion (who forms a quincunx or inconjunct) with the Sun. Vengeful asteroid Sedna also is in play, connecting with the Sun, Mercury, and fixed star Capolt. With our passions at a high, our sexual desires will be heightened. All three of these asteroids give us an opportunity to gain strength from within our inner magic to move past the societal norms that aim to hold us back and invigorate us with progressive thinking.

Use this luminary to indulge in passionate, indulgent, and hedonistic sexual bath time acts alone or with a partner. Sex under the Scorpio Flower Blue Moon will be orgasmic and intense, and even cleansing—as our minds and bodies will be rocked and illuminated.

Under the lusty Blue Moon, it’s essential that we honor our inner magic through our divine earthly exteriors and release our impurities  through a mystical bath aimed to heighten our orgasms. Use the sexual Scorpio energy to manifest greatness while meditating on desires as we indulge in sex magic, which will give us the opportunity to take back our power (the aim of this Blue Moon). Just be mindful of manifestations during orgasm—and your wishes will come to fruition.

*The Full Moon occurs May 18th at 2:11PM PST and 5:11PM EST.


- 1 Teaspoon of Honey

- A few sprinkles of Cinnamon

- 1 Cup Pink Flower Petals (dried or fresh)

- 1 Teaspoon Rose Water or Rose Oil

- Pink Candles (to set the mood)


- Fill the tub with water.

- Add a teaspoon of honey to the water.

- Add a few dashes of cinnamon to the water.

- Add 1 cup of fresh or dried pink flowers.

- Add a teaspoon of rose water.

- Light the candles for soft decor.

- Put on smooth music, close your eyes, and mediate on what you wish to manifest.

- Let your body relax and soak up the spices in the bath.

- Breathe in and out.

- Let your orgasms bring your wishes to you, as you honor the Moon and yourself.