Manifesting with the Pink Full Moon


Written by Lisa Stardust

April 19th brings the second Libra Full Moon of the season. What makes this luminary different from the last Full Moon, which occurred March 20th, is that we will be asked to make impetuous decisions regarding the direction of partnerships, money, and creative projects. By accessing our truest intentions and acting with fortitude, we can manifest our deepest desires—as long as we are coming from a place of light and love.

The Pink Full Moon falls at 29 degrees Libra, which is a critical (anaretic) degree. We will all feel a sense of urgency surrounding commitments and healing within partnerships. Before breaking up or making up, it’s important for us all to make sure we are being treated as an equal, or with the respect we deserve. The scales of justice are at work, allowing us to restore balance in partnerships in which both partners work cohesively together.

The Moon is making no major aspects to any other planets. However, it is traveling through the Via Combusta degrees of Libra, which makes the cosmic energy extremely unpredictable. Via Combusta, also known as “the burning path” is a malefic influence, often denoting degrees which are considered “too hot to judge.” The degrees of 15 Libra to 9 Scorpio (with the exception of 22 Libra, due to the fortunate fixed star Spica falling at 22 Libra), are considered to be cursed, mostly due to it’s relationship with magic and sorcery. While we may not yield a negative outcome from the Via Combusta degrees, it certainly makes this luminary erratic by nature.

The Moon will link up with the fixed star Izar, which will bring prosperity from alliances if we commit ourselves to the straight and narrow path of righteousness. The planetary ruler of the Moon, Venus, is at the last degrees of Pisces, creating a minor frustration with the Libra Moon. Also, Venus will connect with the fixed star Scheat, who is known to cause unforeseen catastrophes. When aligned with Venus, we can certainly expect the unexpected to happen in love and money matters. This means we may have passive aggressive emotions that come out in the open, due our repressed sentiments. Conversely, the fixed star Scheat can bring success around romance, creativity, and fiscal growth—only if we are ready to do the work needed to evolve. The following day, Venus enters Aries, making us work hard for such desires.

Three asteroids (Juno, Lilith, and Ixion) will softly connect with this luminary, adding spice and drama to our actions. The Grand Air Trine between the Moon, Juno, and Lilith will ignite our passions and vigor surrounding partnerships. The Moon is the perpetual nurturer, Juno is the jealous spouse, and Lilith is the ultimate wild and independent energy. Compacted with the asteroid Ixion, who is the mad celestial  sorcerer, and opposes Juno, we can expect relationships to get tense and tough. However, the Libra Moon will act as the anchor to keep partnerships afloat.

Sabian symbol for this luminary is described as “Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher’s Head.” Ironically, there are three asteroids, with juxtaposing energies stirring the cosmos. We will be asked to contemplate our own relationship status (all interpersonal relationships—not just romantic partnerships. Who and what do we want to partner with? Who do we love? What do we value? Are we being valued by others?

*The Pink Full Moon occurs April 19th at 4:12AM PST and 7:12AM EST.



RECONCILIATION: Under this Full Moon, reconciliation magic will allow us to harness all the extraterrestrial energy. By working hard to create the life and partnerships we want, we can heal past emotional upsets and move towards the future.



-Red Pen

-1/2 Cup of Florida Water

-1 Teaspoon of Sugar

-1/4 Cup of Fresh or Dried Lemongrass

-1 Nub of Ginger

-1/4 Cup of Fresh or Dried Cilantro

-1/4 Cup of Fresh or Dried Citronella  

-Add Purified Water (as desired for consistency)


-Mixing Bowl


-Write the name of the person you wish to reconcile with on paper using a pen with red ink.

-Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and grind using the pestle.

-Add Florida Water and Purified Water, as desired for consistency.

-Place the paper in the mixture.

-Let the paper soak overnight, under the Moon.

-Place bowl by bed to ignite the lusty and loving energy of Venus to reconcile with others.