WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 4/17~4/23/2019

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Astrology by Lisa Stardust


Congratulations! We survived Mercury retrograde! As of April 16th Mercury has left its post-retrograde zone, thus concluding its long journey backwards. On April 17th, Mercury enters passionate Aries, lending assertiveness to all communications. Two days later, Mercury and healing asteroid Chiron link up in Aries on April 19th, allowing us to talk about our deepest wounds—even offering advice to others. The 19th also brings the second Libra Full Moon of the season, the first one occurred March 20th during the first day of Aries Season. This luminary dubbed the Pink Full Moon occurs the day before the Sun changes signs. We will all be forced to contemplate the future of relationships and monetary investments, deciding where and who we feel valued by. Tender hearted Venus moves into impulsive Aries on the 20th, making prideful decisions around love and money. We will all be cosmically tasked to work hard for others affections. When the Sun enters beautiful Taurus on the 20th, we will all take on the Aries vibe, as the ruler of the Sun is Venus, who is in lustful Aries. The Sun and Uranus connect in Taurus on the 22nd, forcing our rebel hearts to evolve. Lastly, Venus and the asteroid Chiron mend old wounds on the 23rd, inspiring us to love and trust again.


This week is a transformative week, filled with positive healing energy. Our emotions may rise, and we may feel triggered due to past upsets. Remember, our hearts can hurt when healing. Be kind to yourself and others—we are all going to need all the support we can get.




March 21-April 19


While you may be extra focused on partnerships and friendships during the Pink Full Moon, this week actually calls for you to shift the energy on yourself. Helping others is wonderful, but you will need to ask yourself if people are reciprocating this sentiment. Reflecting on past hurts will help boost your confidence and allow you to move towards a place of self-love. Rather than being extra focused on others, you will put such energies back on yourself, which will allow your heart to heal after the weekend. The biggest cosmic lesson of this week, Aries, is to set boundaries with others and protect yourself from vampiric energies. Only give your time to interpersonal relationships that are 50/50. Do not give more than you take. Make sure you are being treated like an equal and not taken for granted.




April 20-May 20


It’s time to revolutionize your life, Taurus. Changing your views will prove challenging, as residual fears are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. The shakeups that occur this week are actually a blessing in disguise, as they will motivate you to evolve and blossom. Letting go of anger and phobias will require you to take baby steps towards transforming your tender heart. However, your dedication to growth will help you abdicate from past drama and upsets. While this would normally make you run for the hills, your spirits are high, creating a personal metamorphosis. Although this week may bring some emotional setbacks, mostly due to inner anxieties, the weekend promises to alleviate such terrors, allowing you to dedicate yourself to those worth the investment. Your payback is big, as well as the lovely possibilities and opportunities surrounding your tender heart.




May 21-June 20


As the most relationship oriented sign of the zodiac (due to your perpetual cosmic twin always by your side), you tend to focus mostly on others. Connecting and relating to others is how you understand the world that you live in. This week allots   you time to manifest your desires. You are cosmically allowed to be selfish and put your needs first, especially when it comes to love and friendships. While concept of “twin flames” may always appeal to you, this week you are learning that you have the potential to satisfy all your needs alone. Relationships come and go, friends may let you down—but, your best bud of all time is YOU. Ignoring the desire to join reckless partnerships that do not serve your highest and truest will elevate your confidence. If others do not treat you well, cut them loose.




June 21-July 22


Recent issues within interpersonal relationships have made you rethink your desires. Known for your sentimental heart, you’ve been going through a “Dark Knight of the Soul” within partnerships. This week aims to help spruce up your mindset, adding cheer to your melancholy feelings. The Pink Full Moon allows you to awaken a new dream within and evoke transformation in your core beliefs. Letting go of past hang ups will force you to see situations from a different perspective—even encouraging you to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Allowing past desires, which you have outgrown, to dissipate will be challenging (as you tend to cling on to your visions and people with your pinchers). However, it will create a space for new passion projects and friendships to evolve. All of which will prove beneficial for your future.




July 23-August 22


Known for your bravado and confidence, you are learning to take a step back from bragging about your wins. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to achieve your goals. Rather, your innermost ideals and motivations are changing—possibly for the better. Being honest about your professional endgame will change the way you perceive work and acclaim. You may rethink a project, or even being extra picky about the work you take on. One thing is certain, you are willing to throw convention out of the window in order to achieve professional success and happiness. As long as you don’t lead with your ego, you will be able to attain higher levels of success in both the personal and professional sphere of your chart. Making a vision board under the Pink Full Moon will help you implement your desires into the world.




August 23-September 22


A rule-maker by nature, this week you are rebelling against the norm and the constraints that have held you back. The old version of yourself is melting away, in place of a new heightened sense of self. The Pink Full Moon brings your inner dynamism back full force, allowing you to exude confidence. Breakdowns and breakups of old mindsets will consume your energy over the weekend and during the backend of the week, as your lust for growth loosens this shackles within. Your new sense of freedom will elevate you to a place of inner wisdom and peace, encouraging past traumas to be healed. Your exploration is just beginning, Virgo. This is the first step in your soul’s metamorphosis. Embracing new and radical philosophies will reshape and improve your body, mind, and heart. Move towards change this week.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Balancing your energies will encourage you to center your desires this week. While helping others navigate their lives has been helpful to them, it has taken an emotional toll on you. This may even caused you to feel unseen and wondering if others value you. Instead of having an epic meltdown under the Pink Full Moon, try setting boundaries with others. Knowing your limit to help others is essential, and your cosmic lesson this week. While you may be pulled in different directions at once, it’s crucial for your state of mind to center yourself amidst the chaos and meditate. Finding a balance that works for you, in which you can give your time freely to others and care for yourself will prove challenging this week. Make sure to carve out alone time to implement self-maintenance and care.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Your secret desires are coming to fruition during the Pink Full Moon. This means you will be able to let your inner demons out. Working with your shadow self will be prove beneficial this week, even helping to transform personal relationships. Becoming mindful of your insecurities and accepting yourself for who you are, flaws and all, will push you to heal past traumas and emotional upsets. Looking your demons in the eye, while confronting them head on, will squash any fears you may have. Acknowledging the wound and cause of pain may cause deep emotions to arise; this will also prove beneficial to your healing process. Own your dark side, in order to heal your loving heart. By chanting a personal mindful mantra every morning in the mirror, you will slay the monsters within, gaining self-love.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Call upon your coven for support this week, Sagittarius! They will be the source of reinforcement your soul needs, helping you implant structure and magic into your  daily vibe. The Pink Full Moon allows you to connect with your fellow witches on a deeper level, allowing your spiritual bond to blossom under the bright transcendent luminary Friday. Your inner desires are itching to be let loose, only around your career and daily routine. Your coven will help you decide what new vision and professional path you should trot down. Seeing deep within yourself is hard, others may have more insight into your passions, as it’s often hard for us all to put our dreams into reality and manifest our rawest desires. Creative projects and love will serve to give you the strength to carry on—allowing you to acknowledge your amazing attributes.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


While the Pink Full Moon opts to close the chapter on a professional endeavor, you are inspired to start manifesting your secret passion projects into reality. There may be some hiccups along the way, mostly due to your insecurities. Although you are notoriously known as the top sea-goat in charge, lately you have been feeling more lackluster than spunky. It may feel as though you have lost your shine and staying power. Ignore the voice in your head that states your fears. Listen to the beat of your heart that inspires your creative desires. Remember, you are the most inspirational, hardworking, and devoted person. Acknowledge your amazing qualities in times of doubt. Don’t let uncertainty lead you down the rabbit hole of self-deprivation. When one door closes, a new one opens. You will succeed at any task, if you believe in yourself.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Connecting to your ultimate vision of self will help you create your best life. Being honest about your visions and goals will lead you to grow and evolve your dreams. Planting seeds for change this week will be the catalyst for the new cycle and phase of your life. Although this process may feel overwhelming, you will ride high with glory by manifesting a plan for the future. Explore your desires this week. Allow yourself to think about what goals you wish to attain within the next few years. Also, write down your ultimate dream on a piece of paper. Don’t limit yourself. Think big. Then, make a list of steps needed to bring such visions to life. Through these actions, you will be able to manifest even the most out of reach ambitions. Everything is attainable, one step at a time.




Feb. 19-March 20


This week brings big reveals, some of which may rock and shock your world. While you may be stumbling to get your head above water in the beginning of the week, the Pink Full Moon offers you the chance to strengthen ALL relationships. The weekend opens your eyes to who is worth the effort and who isn’t. Knowing which people to trust and where to focus your energies will help elevate your sense of security. You will also feel energetically lighter and freer by the end of the week, as all the toxicity in your life has melted away. Even though people may mock your unusual methodical techniques to resolve conflicts within, you will feel complete and whole knowing the intentions of others. Through your intuition and spiritual wisdom, you can live the life you desire—free of pain and anger.