NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS Riding the Waves of Enlightenment: Aura Cleansing Under the Sagittarius New Moon

La Línea Roja by Nicolas Rivals

La Línea Roja by Nicolas Rivals

Written by Lisa Stardust

As the Moon and Sun travel in unison across the sky, we embark on a new cosmic beginning. Due to the Sun’s glare inhibiting us earthlings from seeing the Moon, we often consider this luminary to be called the Dark Moon, which is a time of reflection and new beginnings. The Sagittarius Dark Moon is the last New Moon of 2018, giving us a chance to jumpstart our New Year’s Resolutions. 

The Sagittarius New Moon is often a time of promise and hope. However, this particular luminary aspects action planet Mars and dreamy Neptune, making it hard to manifest our desires. Mars and Neptune link up hours after the New Moon, suppressing our motivation to follow through with our intentions. Both planets square off with the Sun and Moon acting as roadblocks, as they both reveal hard truths and deceptions. The veil will be lifted during the luminary, forcing us to see situations and people in a way we haven’t before. Emotions will be high, as pent up frustrations rise to a feverish high. Our vitality and stamina will also be compromised, due to Neptune’s spongey energy, which has the power to absorb the emotions of others. 

To counter the effects of the New Moon, it’s important to make cleanse our auras. Making sure we do not pick up traces of negative energetic fields is of the upmost importance.  

Cleansing our aura during the New Moon will protect our spirit, body, mind, and emotions from psychic vampirism. Also, gives us clarity and insight during this murky luminary. 

With bath magic, we can break up negative energy, through the healing power of water transform our vibe and banish stubborn energy. 

Create a magical bath with 5 carnations flowers (carnations are the flower of Sagittarius and 5 is the numerological number of Sagittarius, both will raise our inner vibration), lavender oil (for spiritual healing), and black tourmaline (to purify energy).

*The Sagittarius New Moon occurs 11:20PM PST on December 6th and 2:20AM EST on December 7th. 

New Moon Ritual


  • 1 Part Bath Salt (Himalayan Sea Salt, Epson Salt, or Kosher Salt)

  • 5 Carnation Flowers

  • 6-8 Drops of Lavender Oil

  • Black Tourmaline

  • White Candles


  • Draw bath. 

  • Add the salt to the bath water. 

  • Add 6-8 drops of lavender oil, depending on preference. 

  • Add 5 Carnations to bath. 

  • Place the dark tourmaline in the water. 

  • Put on soft music to set the mood.

  • Surround your bath with white candles. 

  • Enter bath. 

  • Relax in the bath, as you let the water wash away negativity and pain.