Written by Lisa Stardust

We kick off the week with the mirror date of 12:12 (December 12th) occurring the same day Mercury reenters the sign of philosophical Sagittarius. Much like Sagittarius, 12:12 serves as a time of spiritual awakening and manifesting—a time to pursue our dreams. 

Mercury first entered Sagittarius in October 30th (PST) and October 31st (EST), right before entering its retrograde journey November 16th. We can now redo, revise, and rethink the events that occurred during the last day of October (until Mercury ends the post retrograde shadow on December 24th), which may have caused arguments, frustrations, or emotional meltdowns. We can go back in time and reshape past actions and events—with a keener eye and new perspective. This is our cosmic do over. 

The asteroid Chiron, “the wounded healer, who, ironically could not heal himself,” softly connects with the North Node of Destiny, on the 15th—the same day as the First Quarter Moon, acting as a catalyst to push us to carry out our hopes and desires implemented during the Sagittarius New Moon (which occurred December 6th PST and December 7th EST). The First Quarter Moon falls in sensitive shapeshifting Pisces, which may increase our emotions, psychic abilities, and imagination. It’s important to stay grounded on the 15th, as the cosmic waves of the Piscean sea may stir sentiments and sensibilities. 

Tender Venus and austere Saturn join forces on the 16th, which will heighten our desire to be loved and to love. Action planet Mars and transformative Pluto motivate us to add and execute positive changes to our lives on the 17th. 

Finally, Venus, who has been moving forward since November 16th, after the seemingly endless retrograde journey, clears the post retrograde story on December 17th. Thus, fully completing Venus Retrograde 2018. The 17th allows us to reflect on the story from September 2nd (when Venus entered the pre retrograde shadow), October 5th (when Venus started the retrograde journey), and November 16th (when Venus stationed direct). As we review the past few months, consider how our vision of love, money, or self changed since September, October, and November. Also, what lessons have we learned and how have we grown?


March 21-April 19

You may be feeling a shift in your fundamental beliefs, as Mercury fires up your chart, giving you a deeper insight to the events that have taken place since the end of October. You'll likely come to the conclusion that it's time to create stricter boundaries with others, and keep your secrets for close confidants only. 

The 15th serves to heal your broken heart, as the asteroid Chiron swims into your hidden realms, unearthing subconscious and unconscious fears. Chiron may cause heartache, as your core wounds are being exposed. However, the 15th brings a healing aspect to emotional upsets, rather than causing more pain. 

Being more selective about who you surround yourself with will benefit you on the 17th, when your secrets may be revealed to the public, possibly causing anxiety. Try to laugh off and own it—take back your power from any haters and cynics. If they cause you additional issues, you can magically stop their aggressive behavior by wrapping a photo of them in twine and “freezing” them to end their drama.


April 20-May 20

Mercury leaves your house of partnerships, just days before Venus clears its post retrograde shadow, putting an end to any havoc or issues that started October 5th. Meanwhile, Saturday’s First Quarter Moon connects with Mars and the Chiron asteroid, creating an opportunity for healing to begin. 

During Venus’s backwards stint, you may have found your needs in partnerships being neglected, as you were focused on mending arguments and being compliant with others. However, the 16th and the 17th puts the focus back on you, giving you the confidence to make decisions about the direction of your relationships. 

The caveat, is to not get too ahead of yourself, sweet Bull. While you may want to run into the arms of your counterpart, you'll be better off if you first take time and meditate on your needs. Listen to your heart, run to your heart’s path. Only recommit to situations and people who elevate your self worth and appreciate you. Let go of the drama, even though it may feel exhilarating and romantic on the borderline; your heart craves consistency.


May 21-June 21

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, reappears into the relationship sector of your chart on the 12th, for the second time this year. Use this energy wisely by assessing which of your relationships make the cut, and identifying the weakest links. 

The 15th of December forces you to make hard decisions regarding partnerships. Take this day to remember who has stood by you through the darkness and the light, who has shared your highs and lows, and who has supported your triumphs and wins. The 17th acts as a time to finally let go and dissolve partnerships that have been holding you back from your personal transformation and evolution.

Untangle yourself from stale relationships by visualizing yourself wrapped in a ribbon—while closing your eyes, and concentrating on your breath. See the ribbon that's constraining your body unravel, allowing you to feel freer and less restricted, as you imagine certain individuals leaving your life. This exercise will declutter your mind, as well as your relationships—creating more room for those who make you feel light.


June 22-July 22

As Mercury shifts signs and Venus ends its post retrograde shadow this week, you are ready to put your creative notions into practicality. 

The First Quarter Moon links up with Mars and the asteroid Chiron, motivating you to embrace your gifts, allowing you to open up and freely express your creativity. The 16th and 17th will bring minor setbacks, as others may seem critical of your artistic endeavors. Don’t let the negativity stand in your way of pursuing your goals. You have talent, charisma, and intelligence... own it! 

In order to banish negativity from others and other roadblocks that stand in your way, try smudging your supplies, room, work areas, and yourself under the First Quarter Moon this Saturday.


July 23-Aug. 22

During this weeks Mercurical shift, you may feel more exuberant and playful than you have in a while. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself, as Venus, Mars, and Saturn are pulling at you to take a few days off. 

With Mars and the asteroid Chiron galvanizing your house of sorcery, and Mercury heating up the romance sector of your chart, this weekend is prime time to practice sex magick or tantric activities, alone or with a partner. 

Under the First Quarter Moon set your intention, and ride the lunar waves towards achieving your magical and spiritual pursuits through orgasm.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your need for security will be greatly felt on the 12th, making you feel a little on guard. Brace yourself for The First Quarter Moon on the 15th which may set off some anxieties, leading to a roller coaster of emotions on the 16th and the 17th.

The first thing to realize, is that emotional stability is based on want, not need. In order to have a peaceful existence. You have to be willing to put the work in by learning to trust and honor yourself. The same applies to relationships. 

Stop comparing yourself to others, Virgo. Listen to those who offer you sound advice, and focus on the positive. Set authentic intentions on the 15th to squash pre-existing fears, allowing you to move towards a place of self love, which is not dependent on how others view you.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Libra, the most important lesson you have learned from Mercury’s retrograde journey, is the power of your words. Your words can hurt, heal, help, and harm—which is why it’s important on the 12th to reassess quarrels or sentiments expressed around Halloween. 

The First Quarter Moon serves as a challenge to you, as there's a possibility anxiety may tip your scales on the 15th and 17th. However, the 16th offers you a chance to take responsibility for any past callous actions and words, heightening your desire to express affection on the 17th, when Venus leaves the post retrograde shadow. 

The past few weeks may have unbalanced your scales and thrown off your equilibrium, confusing logic and emotion, or sentimentality and reason. It’s now time to take back your power and learn lessons from the recent past by letting go of baggage. Once you drop this extra weight, you will feel more balanced and in control of your life.


Oct. 21-Nov. 21

Mercury finally moves off your Sun, allowing you to reclaim your confidence. Grab hold of your mind and life on the 12th, which will ensure success on the 15th, when the First Quarter Moon and the asteroid Chiron offers a chance to heal romantic ventures. The 16th and 17th anchor your emotions, giving you a reprieve from these passionate sentiments. 

Finally, Venus ends it’s post retrograde journey on your Sun, spicing things up on the 17th. Be prepared to feel loved, not only by others, but, by yourself—perhaps for the first time in a while. 

Draw a crystal bath under the First Quarter Moon with Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose Quartz (for self love), and Carnelian (to heal the sacral chakra). Not only will you feel refreshed, you will reconnect with feeling passionate about yourself.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As Mercury links up with your Sun, once again, you are drawn to efforts which will help others. Your cosmic homework this week is to research humanitarian projects that speak to you. Choose to give yourself freely to charity. Use your voice for a good cause. 

The First Quarter Moon, the asteroid Chiton, and the Nodes of Destiny ask you to think bigger  on the 15th. Instead of focusing your energies on yourself, you may choose to use your fiery energy to help implement change, on a global level. 

The 16th and 17th urge you to put others first. Through helping others, your spirit will transform and grow, creating a deeper sense of self and placement in the world.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It’s time to debunk the hard hearted Capricorn myth, and let others see that underneath your tough exterior is a heart of gold and generosity, which is felt on the 12th, when Mercury moves into your house of compassion. While Mercury roams in the private sector of your chart, Mars mingles with transformative Pluto (who is aligned with your Sun), inspiring you to explore some darker feelings and embrace the edgier side of life. 

The 15th and 16th urge you to delve inward and reflect on your desires- as the First Quarter Moon, Saturn, and Venus force you to become more altruistic and sympathetic to the needs of others. 

Carry amethyst with you to avoid psychic attacks, as you may find yourself especially absorbent to the energy of others under the First Quarter Moon in sensitive Pisces. 


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The 12th reconnects you with friends, however, their loyalty may be in question. Mercury’s backwards spin has lifted the veil on your peers, exposing their true feelings and motives within your relationship. 

The 16th allows you to openly discuss concerns with friends. Try to delicately address your issues, as you may assert yourself too quickly in conversations on the 17th, which may lead to passive aggressive arguments. 

Meditate on Muhammad Ali’s motto, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Don’t act quickly. Think before you speak. 


Feb. 19-March 20

On December 12th, Mercury coaxes you to rethink professional pursuits started on Halloween (when Mercury first lit up the career sector of your chart). The First Quarter Moon aligns with your Sun on the 15th, giving you the opportunity to manifest new work goals (as the First Quarter Moon will serve as your personal monthly New Moon). 

With Mars and the asteroid Chiron floating along your Sun, you may feel lost at sea on the 15th and 16th. Luckily, Venus adds vision to your dreams (which may be foggy) and Saturn anchors down your fantasies, allowing your visions to become reality.  

Word of advice, lovely Pisces: Stop worrying and have more faith in yourself. When the going gets tough, don’t swim away. Stay strong. Remember to ground yourself. Trust the process.