Written by Lisa Stardust

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


The mind is powerful and has the ability to shape our thoughts and beliefs. In a flash, we can become our best friend or worst nightmare. We are what we think, therefore, it’s important to have a strong vision of self.

As we surf through the cosmic waves of Mars, Neptune, and Chiron this week (all three are transiting through watery Pisces), we may pick up fragmented beliefs and psychological projections imprinted on us by others, allowing fear and illusions to hold us back from achieving our dreams. Our minds will become flooded with emotional and mental setbacks. While we may feel overly sensitive at times, the week ends with us taking back our power and letting go of our hesitations through mindfulness.

The week starts off with the fiery Sagittarius Sun and watery Neptune burning each other out on the 5th. The mix of these drastically different elements will force inner battles to rock our core, as we are at odds with minds and our hearts. The Sun and Pluto share a minor frustration on the 11th, allowing us to surrender to our fate. 

Mercury turns direct, ending its retrograde journey which began November 16th. We are revisiting the last days of October this week, getting a cosmic redo of communication, technological, and travel breakdowns. The 7th brings clarity to recent events, as Mercury links up with the North Node of Destiny. While the 9th allows us to heal, when Mercury and asteroid Chiron softly connect. 

This week also brings the last New Moon of 2018 (the Sagittarius New Moon occurs 11:20PM PST on December 6th and 2:20AM EST on December 7th), which may create more roadblocks than rejuvenation. 

Hours after the New Moon, action planet Mars and illusive Neptune link up, inhibiting movement towards manifesting our New Moon intentions. 

Finally, the asteroid Chiron (“the wounded healer, who could not ironically heal himself”) starts moving forward on the 9th, ending its backwards motion which began July 4th. Chiron will be activating our early onset triggers and weaknesses this week, by exposing old wounds and hurts. 


March 21-April 19

A warrior by nature, you are known to have a rambunctious attitude when fighting for your visions. However, this week, you feel stifled and unsure how to assert your energies, as Mars, Neptune, and Chiron paddle through your psyche, putting a damper on your passionate spirit.

While the New Moon pushes your mind to intellectualize recent events, your soul resists the urge to be logical, adding a cerebral twist to your emotions. Mercury’s direct motion will force you to reassess retrograde rage and setbacks you may have experienced, not without guilt and tears. 

Instead of temporarily fixing issues, lean into your pain. Don’t numb your emotions, as it may lead to bigger issues down the road. Give yourself time to process your feelings. Instead of putting a band aid on your heart, work through the hurt.


April 20-May 20

It’s been a rocky road for you these past few weeks, sweet Bull. Life has been unpredictable, full of entanglements and estrangements by others. This week, the bumpy journey ends and gives you the chance to start anew. 

As Mercury moves onward, to its normal flow, you are now able to restore your relationships back to health. With your beautiful spirit at ease and a burning desire to improve partnerships, you can take your Bullish attitude by the horns and transform your tender heart with a new approach towards resolution.   

The New Moon pushes you to be vulnerable and lets your guard down within relationships, which may be hard at first. Lingering resentments felt on the 7th will be released on the 9th, when Chiron touches your soul, letting you choose to forgive and move onward, together.


May 21-June 21

Just when you thought you'd have a momentary reprieve from the cosmic roller coaster you’ve been experiencing, this week brings uncertainty to the forefront of your mind. 

The 5th will have you reevaluating your priorities, as the Sun and Neptune clash, pushing frustrations within your personal relationships to the max. With your planetary ruler, Mercury, turning direct on the 6th and a New Moon firing up the relationship sector of your chart, you are obliged to find an equilibrium between opposing forces. Use the energy available on the 7th to work on implementing more concise boundaries which will manifest on the 9th. 

The mythical work/romance equipoise may be achieved this week, if you submit and surrender to Pluto on the 11th. Use this day to work out any triangular energy in your relationships and restore harmony.


June 22-July 22

A sensitive creature by nature, you enjoy life in a cocoon, which acts as a safety net shielding you from harm. Living in your protective bubble may keep your fears at bay. However, it’s inhibiting your ability to grow. 

With Mercury’s direct movement on the 6th and the New Moon burning down outdated views this week, you are ready to put your best claw forward and crawl forth towards the future, leaving the past behind you. Mars, Neptune, and Chiron are pushing you to put your daydreams into reality and live in the moment, not the past. 

Remember, you can still live safely, even if banishing phobias and working your way through roadblocks feels dangerous. Being safe is dependent on feeling supported—you have all of that and more, beloved crab.


July 23-Aug. 22

Your sympathetic heart gets a tug this week, as the Sun and Neptune touch on the 5th, impacting your dynamic spirit. The 7th gives you a chance to clap back at any haters, but don't dig in too deep as you may experience some remorse on the 9th. 

Mercury’s direct motion will spruce up your inner spirit, just as the New Moon pushes you to roar with glee. The caveat to your wildly  expressive whims, is that deep down you are a softie. You don’t like ferociously hollering at others, rather, gently guiding those you care about towards prominence. 

Your walls and tough exterior are crashing down, fearless lion. You’re allowing your true self to be seen (sans glamour), exposing your purest sentiments. 


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Is past heartbreak holding you back from moving forward in new relationships? With Mars, Neptune, and Chiron marching forward, releasing heartaches will be challenging. However, the New Moon and Chiron will team up giving you the chance to heal, starting with your most important relationship—the one you have with yourself. 

Mercury’s direct motion on the 6th, will allow you to open your heart through releasing judgements and criticisms you have imposed on yourself. Use this energy to silence any inner dialogue that isn't nurturing and supportive to yourself and your goals. 

Practice these three steps to clear the negative thoughts in your mind, which will enable you to heal your heart: 

-Be less self critical; flaunt and honor your attributes. 

-Be mindful by nurturing positive feelings and inhibit negative thoughts. 

-Be compassionate with yourself. Practice self love. Give yourself a hug, simply because you are fabulous.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

An over-scheduling of appointments and activities may cause your head to spin, due to the overwhelming pressure you put on yourself. Be cautious, Libra, not to tip your scales this week, learn to walk—not run, through life.

While your recent efforts to put your nose to the grindstone before the end of the year may have you dreaming of early retirement, you are slowly learning that you need to focus more on creating a healthy balance in your life. Working nonstop, day in and day out, is creating more burnout than productivity. 

This week, the cosmos are begging you to take a day off and disconnect from your busy world. Take your time returning text messages, emails, and phone calls and give yourself a break. Experience life that is happening right in front of you, not behind a screen. Turning the power off your technological devices and disengaging from social media, under this New Moon, will not only help you relax but also boost your efficiency.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Healing childhood wounds will be the core focus this week, giving you the chance to work through early trauma. Speaking your mind will let others hear your truth—allowing your emotions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to be understood.

Mercury stops moonwalking on your Sun, on the 6th, giving you the platform to be seen and heard by others. Right on time for the New Moon adds a boost to your confidence, working along Chiron's direct motion giving you the motivation to transcend your pain into beauty. 

Instead of holding in your emotions, take a piece of paper and write down your feelings. Then, speak your words. Let them be heard. This simple act will help you release festering emotions you’ve kept buried deep inside. Let go pain, allow it to flow out of you, and invite in grace.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You may feel as though the natural fire you emanate has been extinguished, when Mars and Neptune dump their watery pales on you, making your once sparky nature feel wishy-washy. 

As Mars and Neptune submerge your spirited spunk in illusive waters from the 5th-7th, you may feel more lack lustered than the glimmering explorer you normally are. It could be difficult to motivate yourself toward future goals, and possibly leave you feeling out of touch with the world around you. 

Take note, fierce archer, as much of your current feelings stem from confusion surrounding spiritual beliefs. With Neptune in high gear, you’ll be craving connection to a higher being, which can come in many forms. Whether it be through daily meditation, art, or planting roots— work towards manifesting your souls desire, allowing yourself to feel a deeper connection to the world and letting love enter your heart.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Neptune’s stressful aspect with the New Moon may make you feel as though a haze has settled around you, causing you to second guess your ambitions. Your subconscious fears may hold you back from achieving your professional dreams on the 7th, when Mercury slinks by your earthy immutable nature. 

Although you may feel powerless and unable to see through the mist, on the 11th hope will persevere. You'll be saved from any defeatist attitude created in these boggy waters, when transformative  Pluto swoops in, giving you the opportunity to squash your hesitations. 

Shifting your emotions towards positive thinking this week will help you escape the mundane, allowing you to absorb a bright outlook. Use positive affirmations throughout the week and acknowledge your strengths. Known as the savior of the zodiac, this week calls for you to save yourself—give yourself extra loving care.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Mercury’s retrograde journey has given you a momentary reprieve from outside stressors. The past few weeks allowed you to play catch up with tasks and catch your breath. As Mercury starts it’s forward motion on the 6th, prepare for a whirlwind of action to dust around you. 

The New Moon adds more activity to your daily life, forcing your loving cup to overflow with toil. While you have a strong start this week, Neptune’s activity could exhaust you, leaving you physically bereft. The 5th and the 7th asks you to take a step back. Look out for a drop in your energy levels on the 11th, which could force you to call it quits on lingering projects before they are completed. 

Take your foot off the gas! Don’t go 100 mph this week. You’re moving too fast and not concentrating on one task at a time, which is causing inner turmoil and anxiety. Slow down if you find yourself fluttering about in different directions and regain control by bringing focus to your truest goals. Also, don't forget to get fresh air! Concentrate on breathing through this week’s challenges to rejuvenate your spirit and calm your nerves.


Feb. 19-March 20

A romantic by nature, you swim through life wearing rose colored glasses. This week brings practicality your way, which will leave you unsure of which direction to swish your tail, as you float into uncharted territory. 

The New Moon boosts a desire to share your visions with the public, as you are entering a phase that will find you at the top of your creative game. However, the 5th and the 7th add confusion, forcing you to feel unsure of how to assert your goals. Action planet Mars and illusive Neptune link up with your Sun, leaving you frozen in swampy unclear waters. Don't let fear take hold of you, whispering paranoias in your ear (which may not be true). You may even believe others are working against you, trying to usurp your newly found power, for the keys to the throne. 

Luckily for you, Chiron swoops in, on the 9th, to heal these issues. As Chiron moves forward, you can mend these upsets and doubts within yourself—eventually, laughing it off. 

Try to stay grounded this week, even though it may be hard for you, lovely sea witch. Use your inner magic to connect to earth, which will help absorb the watery energy pouring out of you. Sit in stillness, imagining your feet connecting to roots deep within the ground. Absorb the 5 senses by feeling the air on your skin, the smell of all the essences permeating the air, the colors you see, the sounds you hear, and the flavorful sensations on your tongue. Be at one with the universe. Be at peace with yourself. Keeping yourself grounded and connected will not only calm your nerves, it will also allow you to understand that you are going to be fine—you are loved and at one with yourself and the world.