Written By: Lisa Stardust 


Change is hard for everyone because it leads us towards the unknown, which is scary.  While we cannot time travel backwards to break cycles before they began, occasionally the cosmos will shine their light upon us with a chance to revisit our past, through planetary retrogrades. This week, we have the opportunity to transform current circumstances, by looking to the past. We have the option to choose a different path—to use our wisdom to grow—but, only if we are open and ready to shed our skin and evolve. This will require us all to let go of our fears, and embrace the new. Move towards transformation,  star babes!

Mercury backpedals through the deep waters of Scorpio December 1st. This astrological event takes us back to the last week of October, specifically the night of October 30th (Pacific Standard Time) and the morning of October 31st (Eastern Standard Time), when the trickster planet first left Scorpio. We have an opportunity to revise and adjust situations which occurred then. Chiron, “the  wounded healer, who could not heal himself,” gives Mercury a little help, as they both retrace past hurts, to apply some healing on old scars. 

Venus (the planet of love and money) is quite active this week, as she retraces her post retrograde steps. First, she squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on November 28th, which will surely be a make or break day for relationships and monetary ventures. On November 30th, Venus opposes revolutionary Uranus (who is gliding backwards in fiery Aries), causing shakeups in our hearts and bank accounts. Fear not, stargazers! Not all surprises are bad! The week will round out when Venus re-enters Scorpio on December 2nd, revisiting stories that began September 9th, during Venus’s first tour this season through the metamorphic waves of Scorpio. 

Warrior planet, Mars, argues with the Sagittarius Sun on December 2nd. This cosmic tug of war will  cause our internalized energy and passions to reach a feverish high— many of us may boil over. 


March 21-April 19

Your desire for individuality has converted you into the offbeat sheep of the flock. Marching to the beat of your own drum may be lonely, though it does has its perks. You are able to see matters clearly and from an abstract point of view, using your heady intelligence to rationalize situations, rather than taking an emotional stance. 

While you recently have gained some new insights, this week forces you to pause and second guess your intuition. You are seeing others for who they actually are—which will leave you shocked to the core! Your world will be rocked on December 1st and 2nd, as Mercury (who is strolling backwards through its retrograde motion) and Venus work together to expose secrets, lies, and deceptions within relationships. The mask others wear and the blinders you have wrapped around your eyes fall off, enabling you to see the true nature of others. 

People will certainly startle and surprise you on December 2nd, as your planetary ruler, Mars, leaves you quivering with intense emotions. The only advice is to rise above their sketchy behavior and take a firm stance—if the situation doesn’t seem right, it’s time to leave. Trust your gut. If you are feeling like you need to recalibrate your intuition, take a trip to the astral plane to gain some clarity. Just be sure to cast a circle of protection before taking flight, for when you delve deep into the psychological and subconscious desires of yourself and others, you may see more than you bargained for. 


April 20-May 20

Known for your enduring loyalty, this past week has exposed indiscretions within partnerships and angered your sweet Taurean soul (more clandestine behaviors will be brought to your attention November 30th). As you stampede into this week, try to reign in any frustrations or resentments you feel toward others, and focus your energies upon healing. December 2nd provides an opportunity for peace, when Chiron’s healing hands activate your heart chakra, helping you let go of past resentments and anger in relationships. 

As you reflect this week, under the Waning Crescent Moon, take time to release past upsets that are holding you back from evolving into the person you want to be. In order to effectively transform, to be the Bull of your dreams, you must express your emotions to others—let people know your innermost sentiments—also, accept responsibility for your part in arguments which may have manifested in your relationships. 

Work on opening up your heart chakra this week, first and foremost by forgiving yourself! The most important relationship in the world, is the one you have with yourself. On December 2nd, don't let others project their emotions on to you (and versa versa). Own your part in a situation, send it love and light, then let it go. Anger and pain do not disappear on their own. Try not to bury it deep down within yourself, release it. Let the hurt pour out of your heart. Healing can sometimes feel messy or scary. Take your time towards mending your heart, move in baby steps.


May 21-June 21

Looking to the cosmos for your twin flame often leaves you defining your life through partnerships (as Gemini is the only sign of the zodiac to reside with a partner in the sky). Being a relationship oriented person can leave you feeling wishy-washy on how to move forward when problems arise, as you don’t like to rock the boat. After a lifetime of being the loving twin and giving to others, this week urges you to put the focus back on yourself. 

Constantly exhausting your energy on people who don't replenish your soul has left your inner self feeling depleted. Luckily, you have the capacity this week to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) high in the sky reclaiming the respect and love you deserve. Setting boundaries on November 28th, will help quickly boost your confidence by December 2nd, as the North Node of Destiny is pushing you to take control of your life. 

Learning to say “no" instead of "yes" will take a bit of neural reprogramming, especially through December 1st since Mercury’s journey backwards has made you a people pleaser. Remember, you’re not a vast person for saying “no.” You’re actually helping others to understand boundaries by implanting the rules. Be a bit selfish. Don’t put others needs before your own. After all, you shouldn’t be playing the supporting role in your own life.


June 22-July 22

November 30th highlights your quirky offbeat personality, as Uranus (who is moving backwards through the public sector of your chart) ushers you away from work, allowing you to play hooky from your routine life. Looking at the world through your sideways crawl, will allow you to gain new perspectives—even pushing you to take personal time out of the public eye, perhaps with the hopes of eventually doing charitable work. 

Your peers may not understand your new desire to heal humanity, as they are used to seeing you as the breadwinner of the shore, motivated by an inherent need for financial security and protection. Feeling undervalued for your new charitable approach may cause disputes from November 28th to 30th. Be sure not to misuse your sharp pinchers on December 2nd, as you may be pushed to have the last word. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone is hard for anyone—especially you, dear Crab, as you tend to love routine. That's why it’s crucial for you to cut the cord this week with people who do not encourage your visions and goals. Protect and surround yourself with supportive energy and sever ties with that which isn't. Snip snip babes.


July 23-Aug. 22

You are evolving your fundamental beliefs, but, not without growing pains. Mercury’s backwards spin and Venus’s forward motion are flipping your world upside down. 

Internal changes are pushing you to rise above the past, allowing you to step into a bolder role in life. Don’t get it twisted, you’re certainly not a wallflower, but the past few weeks have brought up insecurities submerged deep within your subconscious. This week offers you the chance to squash any negative voices in your head that hold you back. 

Your mind will become a garden of hope and inspiration, your soul a sanctuary filled with self love and esteem. As long as you move toward transformation, in pursuit of honesty- your creativity, mind, and spirit will soar through new depths and heights.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

As your planetary Mercury glides backwards, you may find your inner voice has a case of congestion, due to an obstruction of the throat chakra. Confusion and uncertainty has taken hold of you, hindering you from being able to speak your truth—as you are not quite sure how to articulate it. 

Mercury backspins into your house of communication on December 1st, the day before Uranus (who is also moonwalking) shares a minor frustration with Mercury, reawakening preexisting arguments and anxieties. The higher vibrational road in this transit, is to find unique ways to express your inner truth. When paired together Mercury and Uranus like to offset convention, giving you a quick understanding of matters, by alternative means. 

A simple exercise for balancing your throat chakra, is to sing your words. Avoid arguments by chanting your feelings to the beat of your favorite tune. This operatic method will allow you to calm your nerves, find the courage to express your truth, enable your creativity, and support your integrity, allowing you to be heard.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Shakeups and breakups may transform your world this week, Libra. November 30th brings change your way—which will prove to be emotionally testing and draining—tempting you to run for the hills and away from the drama. 

December 1st and 2nd might make your head spin, as you feel unseen by others. The affects of these days may hinder your confidence from soaring high. The lack of security felt within yourself during this time, is the side effect of not fully trusting your choices because others have not given you the esteem you deserve. 

Salvage the week by manifesting your outer glow and reviving your brand. With your confidence swinging from high to low, consider glamouring yourself this week, by looking into a mirror and stating your positive qualities. Use this exercise to find the motivation to pursue your desires. Not only will this technique help bring your dreams into reality, it'll also give you the confidence and perseverance to put your plans into motion.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Fierce by nature and built with the ability to see past nonsense, this week has you mentally tested, as Mercury realigns with your Sun on December 1st, through it’s retrograde motion. You may feel inspired to ween out the vampires within your life through psychic defense. Prevent psychic attacks by arming yourself with black obsidian, to serve as an armor against any negative drain caused by others. 

Look out on December 2nd when Venus connects with your Sun, bringing old flames, friends, and money matters to the surface which have been causing much stress. As you go back to the events from November 7th, when Venus first aligned with your Sun (before it’s retrograde journey), be sure not to make the same mistakes twice. Use the knowledge and lessons you have learned from the past to steer you clear of circumstances which may cause you pain. 

This week, your cosmic homework is to create an invisible forcefield of protection against psychic attacks. Wear your cloak of defense to shield you from the haters, allowing only positive vibes to enter your sphere.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Though luck is on your side, there may be some minor setbacks delaying you from achieving your goals. These difficulties are likely based on your subconscious fears. 

Phobias arise causing you to stop in your tracks and retreat this week, as you struggle with deep rooted emotions. Underneath your sparkling exterior lies a reservoir of intense energy which needs to come out. Instead of slinging your arrows at others, work on healing these inner stressors. 

Take time out this week, to focus on yourself. Don’t worry about returning every email, text, or phone call. Give your mind a break from outside noise. If you start to feel a wave of panic, try breathing through the anxiety and visualize yourself immersed in a healing light to bring you back to a calm place. Going on a short walk and taking in fresh air instead of hibernating inside will boost your spirits and shake away your fears.   


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The 28th of November asks you to make fated decisions around relationships. Members of your inner circle will show their true colors this week, allowing you to decide which peers are up to snuff. 

The 30th of November has you reassessing your sense of safety, as Uranus shakes up your sense of security. You could be feeling uncomfortable as private matters are exposed under the watchful eye of the public. 

Whoever comes to your immediate defense this week, will prove their alliance to you, through their unwavering loyalty. Reach out for help and guidance. Let your peers be the shoulder you cry on. December 2nd and 4th offer healing byway of a confidant. Discussing matters openly, without judgement is just what the doctor ordered for you, lovely sea-goat.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your compassionate nature will be useful this week, as you are called to lift the spirits of those you hold dear. Being a rock for others is your strong suit, since you have the resiliency to help others heal wounds with your ever flowing love cup. 

Your sweetness will be felt by the collective on December 4th, as you subside the pain of others who are going through an emotional tailspin. This week, you give yourself freely, without any expectations in return. There’s nothing more beautiful than helping those in need, especially close friends. Volunteering your energy and time will also serve as therapy for yourself— your nurturing generosity toward others will cause your heart to feel fuller than ever, leaving you radiant with hope and pride. 

Your love is something to be given, not exploited. The healing hands of Chiron on December 4th give you confidence to help those you care about, all by free will. 


Feb. 19-March 20

As you navigate through cosmic crossroads this week, you’re drawn to focus inwards and do  psychological maintenance on yourself. Letting go of unnecessary weighty loads will allow you to swim carefree through the depths of your soul. 

Emotional baggage comes in many forms: guilt, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, fear, and bitterness. When we hold on to these feelings, they become stressors on our body, even depleting our energy. November 30th puts a strain on your well being, as you are forced to reap what you sow. Take advantage of the energy by resolving any consequences of past actions. You have the cosmic choice on the 30th to let go, or, be dragged down. Resolve conflicts, or, keep them going. 

Choose the high road. Swim down the path that nourishes inner peace and tranquillity, ensuring your release from the energetic forces which hold you back.