New Moon In Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer concerns desires about the home, emotional security, nostalgia, and the desire to nurture. Women especially may notice heightened emotional and physical sensitivity at this time, and due to these strong emotions, the Cancer moon is playfully nicknamed the "crybaby" moon.

With heightened sensitivity at the forefront this makes for a time of inward reflection.Many people find divination and psychic work to flow smoothly at this time, tapping into the divine feminine waters of the Cancer Moon.

During this moon, Inviting friends over to cook, or do readings can be a very enjoyable experience. Creating sacred space in the home is essential, as feeling secure in your living environment can make all of the difference in how nurtured and rooted/supported we feel in life.  Cancer is the home of the Moon, our sensitive planet of emotions. Feelings can be easily hurt, especially by personal criticism, so handle with care. 

For those who are hoping for children, the cancer new moon is in a fertile sign and one of the best times to cast spells & create ritual focused on new life or growth of any kind.

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This is not a transit where it's easy to be alone, because our needs for security in love and friendship are so high, this is a wonderful time to invite close friends over to look through old photos, share a meal as well as memories. As the moon moves toward Leo, it's important to keep warmth and friendship as a priority. Be careful to avoid conflict, grudges formed now will take a long time to heal.

  • Add some extra nurturing to a warm bath by lighting a white candle, burn incense or oils of Eucalyptus or Jasmine.
  • Gems & minerals: Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Pearl, Clear quartz, Rose quartz.

New Moon Hair Growth: If you want your hair to grow quickly, have it cut during the Cancer new moon.

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