Yoni Eggs 101 : An Interview With Tiffany Janay

Meet Tiffany Janay one half of the wellness lifestyle brand Organic Blood. A company who’s focus on health, spirituality, and living  environmentally mindful lifestyles. Tiffany currently resides in Atlanta where she hosts Goddess retreats and workshops for her amazing brand of Yoni Eggs. These high quality 100% crystalline eggs are all of the rage for women who wish to heal and connect using minerals in a more intimate manner. I’ve decided to chat with the lovely crystalline diva to give our readers all of the info and here is what she had to say.

Hood Witch: Hi Tiffany, how long have you been working with the sacred crystal eggs and how did it all begin?  Where did this practice of using  yoni eggs originate?

Tiffany Janay: I've been working with Yoni Eggs for about 5 years now.  It all started in 2008 when I became a wife, it was something I had aspired to be my entire life but once I became one I was lost on how to make it all work and how to feel comfortable being one.  I began studying everything I could about feminine energy and how to enhance it and tone down my masculine energy.  During that time one of my mentors taught me about the power of working with the eggs.  I went on a search to find them and at the time there was not any e-commerce sites that offered them.  I set a desire to be able to have them and shortly after I found a supplier and began having them crafted just for me and I created a marketplace and became the first company to offer them through e-commerce.

Through my studies, I have found that working with the eggs dates back to Kemet but most popularly known coming from China.  They used to be reserved only for royal families.

HW: The most popular question many women who aren't familiar with Yoni Eggs is how exactly do they “work”? 

TJ: Semi precious stones are elements of the earth and are ancient living beings.  They are the true definition of being immortal.  They contain tons of wisdom and each stone class vibrates on a different frequency.  I truly believe they are master teachers because for example, if you read through the different descriptions of our Organic Blood Yoni Eggs on our site, you will see that each stone works on very deep virtues and character shaping within the person who beholds them. 

They are similar to friends or people we choose to surround ourselves with; each relationship brings a different side of ourselves out.  So they work by simply inviting them into your space.  Their vibration will influence yours and begin to bring situations and opportunities to you to heal the parts of you that you want to grow.

That's the breakdown on how they work as far as the energetic practice, now as far as in how they work in reference to womb work, that's really cool.  The womb is our center of power because from that space is where all creation comes from.  Many of us have never formed a true relationship with our womb space so the work with our Yoni Eggs helps create the connection.  By placing our Yoni Eggs into your womb space, you are bringing all of the energetic power into your creation space so you are working to clear out the energy that is blocking you and in turn invoking more energy to open you up to your fullest potential.

HW: I am curious to know, can the yoni eggs get stuck or lost inside of my body?

TJ: They definitely cannot get stuck inside of you.  Our womb space is sealed off by the cervix so our Yoni Eggs will come out the same way they come in.  Now, its important to note, that at Organic Blood Yoni Eggs we only provide them without holes drilled in them which means that you have to be open to allowing the stone to complete its cycle inside of you at its will.  That may mean that you won't be able to take it out at your desire but trust the process, its doing its work, a huge epiphany will follow, and its also an opportunity for you to let go of the need to control everything and rather trust that everything is working for your highest and best.  I have a hilarious video at youtube.com/organicblood called Yoni Egg Drama and it will help ease your mind in case this happens to you.

HW: I know for myself, I was pretty intimidated by the Egg and the possibility being lodged in my body hahhaa I mean honestly, my worst nightmare would be going to an emergency room with a crystal stuck inside of my vagina, could you imagine explaining that to a western doctor? haha have you heard of anything like this happening? also can you tell us the funniest/strangest yoni egg story you’ve ever heard (I know you probably hear tons!) 

TJ:  I LIVE for hilarious Yoni Egg stories.  My favorite comes from a sister who was out at a club with her mom, dancing, drinking, and feeling good.  She had a short dress on and no panties and forgot her egg was inside of her.  She also had never talked to her mom to inform her of her work with her egg.  So as she's feeling super good and loose and does a dip down dance move, her egg fell out on the dance floor right in front of her mom hahaha  Her mom in pure shock looks at her daughter and whispers, "a pink rock just fell out from inside of you!"  Immediately the sister turns into mommy mode and bends down and picks up her egg and begins to inspect it making sure it is okay and didn't crack or chip and then explains to her mom why she just laid a magical egg!

I've also heard several stories of them falling out in the toilet, and by the way, your egg will flush if it falls in the toilet so don't think that if it fell out you can flush the toilet, let the soiled water go away and then recover your egg.  NO! It will go away too lol.  Many had to learn that the hard way so I can share it with you to help save some of your eggs in the future.

HW:  Do you wear your egg daily?

I don't. My yoni goes through various cycles and so does my creative process.  I like to work with my Yoni Eggs when I feel called to or when I need the extra boost of energetic support.  But I'm always working with my eggs because they surround me and I have a special relationship with them. We are on a very special and ordained mission together and I am helping to fulfill their desires to bring wellness to the planet and raise peoples frequencies.

HW:  Can you have sex with the egg in ?

TJ: Yes!!  Please do it!!  It feels so good and such a powerful tool to add into your love making session.  I'm all about Sexual Manifestation so I love incorporating my eggs into my sessions.  

HW: Should you wear the egg on your moon cycle?

TJ: Some do but for me I feel like when you are on your moon cycle its a time to purge and cleanse so you should keep things out of the way so that process can fully happen but to each their own.

HW: At what age should a woman begin using a yoni egg?

TJ: Well, there's many uses for our Organic Blood Yoni Eggs.  I see my clients giving them to their babies and young children OF COURSE not to use internally but to begin developing a relationship with it.  The egg shape represents fertility and new life so its a powerful piece for anyone to be consciously working with.  As far as internally, I believe a woman will know that for herself and she will feel the calling when its time to begin that type of relationship with her egg.

HW: Are there any health risk that should be taken into consideration prior to using the eggs? (Can women with fibroids use them?)

TJ: I'm not a medical professional and I don't know the medical backgrounds of our clients so I can't say for certain what the health risks or benefits would be.  I advise woman to share their desire to work with an Organic Blood Yoni Egg with their health care professional so they can help to guide them from a space that they are at. I do have many testimonies though from my clients who have used them to help them overcome health concerns to success. I invite you to join my private group at MyYoniRocks.com to share in with some of these stories with my clients.

HW: Will you share a womb  ritual with us? 

TJ: On a new moon, write down your manifestation list (you can find the way I advise this through my I Can Manifest Anything course found at www.organicbloodline.com), and set the mood for yourself.  Light some candles, get something good smelling in the air, chill out.  ake some myrtle essential oil and add a few drops of it to some coconut oil.  Insert your Organic Blood Yoni Egg and envision it as glowing with power inside of your womb.  Rub the oil on the outside of your stomach/womb area and begin to allow that energy vibrate inside of you.  Envision your manifestation desires and become orgasmic.  Allow that energy to release into the cosmos and then watch your life bloom.

HW:  What is your personal favorite?


TJ: Oh no!!  Don't get me caught up with the Mineral People choosing favorites hahaha They all are.

HW: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

TJ: Organic Blood Yoni Eggs are beautifully and professionally packaged and contain everything inside of our boxes for you to successfully begin your journey with our product.  We offer amazing after support too through our virtual online groups at MyYoniRocks.com where we connect you directly with our clients so you all can support and guide each other through this womanhood journey. Visit us at Yonieggs.com and shop through our Chakra collections.  Put something powerful in your womb!

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