Goddess Of The Week: Julianna 'Uzumaki' Cepeda

Name: Julianna 'Uzumaki' Cepeda

Location: From The Bronx, now currently in Los Angeles. 

Astrological Sign/rising: Gemini sun, rising Libra, Pisces moon. 

Photography by Erica Weitz

Photography by Erica Weitz


Occupation: Installation textile artist of Uzumaki gallery

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

I would say Santa Martha the Dominatora because shes a strong women i've been seeing as a child. She takes nobody's shit and shes super magical! She deadass is nobody to play with. That vibe of strong women is what I identify with. 

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

I unleash my inner goddess when I think about ideas.  I was going to say prayer but that's too obvious. I feel like creating and manifesting ideas makes me feel special. The fact I can use these hands and mind to create and give is everything. 


What is your Goddess superpower?

My goddess superpower I believe is my imagination. I can close my eyes and think of the way I want the world to be, and open my eyes and start creating that world with my hands. I think it's important for people to acknowledge their mind power and the powers of manifestation.  

Photography by Davon Chandler

Photography by Davon Chandler

What is an empowering quote and/or important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there? 

Everybody ain't ya friend! But treat them like they are.