Goddess Of The Week: AZUL

Name:  AZUL

Location: Los Angeles

Astrological Sign/rising: Scorpio / Virgo 

Occupation: Musician / Jewelry Designer 


Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

I most identify with Yemanya, as she works through water and the moon. I am water sign so it's a given, but I literally - physically come alive in water and feel recharged and inspired in that space, and I am big on rebirth, I feel many of parts of myself have died over the years and it's been a huge theme for me - death and resurrection, and Yemanya is really helpful to call upon in phases of renewal. I have a crazy connection to the moon also and I do a lot of meditation work when I need guidance that is centered around the moon.I also identify with the native cultures who worship her.

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

I have a few ways- journeying with plant medicines over the past two years has allowed me to go deep within to connect to the goddess energy, in ways words can't describe.

In everyday life, I connect to the Goddess within through meditative prayer - every morning I begin my day with a prayer in shower... I turn all the lights out and go within giving thanks, forgiving, letting go, and grounding myself for the day ahead, I call upon different Goddess energy depending on what I am working through, then I do the same every night. I get inspired in water, the majority of music I have written has come through in full in the shower when I give myself that space to connect to the divine or just being quite to let my mind find it. Since beginning to give myselfthat space every morning and night I see acrazy difference in my outlook, connection to selfand in the things I accomplish and interactions I find myself in.

 I honor and connect to the Goddessin going to the ocean and giving thanks for the ebb and flow in life and tuning to that rhythm and leaving flowers at the shore. I don't do this as much as I'd like to but I feels good when I do.

Also just dancing (and not well lol) but getting into my body is connection for me.

Lastly, I lead meditation nights twice a month, called Goddess Nights where we explore our connection to self with different topics, and in doing this and beginning to create a community around those themes, it hashelped me to define Goddess energy more clearly for myself and share the tools I haveto connect, so it's like when you learn something new and teach it, the lesson becomes knowledge, and I find sharing and uplifting other people, women especially- brings out the inner Goddess in me .

What is your Goddess superpower?

My Goddess superpower I think comes out on stage, it's sort of like stepping aside and letting something above me come through. Also my intuition is pretty lit lol so I know when people are being real with me or not I see straight through people so I let that guide me, even like I know when I am about to run into someone- like every time.. it's weird, and that feels like a superpower too, especially living in LA lol.


What is an empowering quote and/or important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there? 

I think the most real shit I can say that I have realized is remember yourself before your story, before u developed your "personality" , the real place in u that is pure and vulnerable -that's where your power and magic and truth live, not inside the walls of your ego.Real power is felt, and respected, it's quiet and nurturing, if you set out to dominate or intimidate or u feel intimidated, you aren't tapping in to your perfection . 

My fave mantra - "Everything is always working out for me."

When situations feel difficult or out of my control my fave affirmation " the power of divine love is doing it's perfect work in this situation now"


"I'm a dirt person. I trust the dirt. I don't trust diamonds and gold" -Eartha Kitt

Connect with Azul Via her social media

Website- AZUL.la




@eyeamazul - SoundCloud -First ever release coming at the end of May


Azul  also has an upcoming show: May 22nd @9p at Bardot in Hollywood