Name: Chiquita Brujita, Founder, Brooklyn Brujeria 


Candle Maker, Fortune Teller, Curandera de Fiestas


Brooklyn NY

Astrological Sign/rising: 

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer moon, Cancer Rising

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Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?


Orisha of love and happiness, and all things that make life worth living, among other talents, Ochun is also the orisha who rules divination, fertility, and my head. 

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As a Sag, I benefit from Jupiter's influence of abundance in my chart and have been blessed to know a life of such, often times despite resources to necessarily match. 

As an Ochun I identify with a divine feminine that can always channel a spirit of creation despite immediate circumstances.  Ochun keeps me loving, laughing, building, painting, upholstering, taking risks and living life. Having experienced the sorrows life gives when when our journey is less than joyous, I draw my strength from the powerful moments ofcommunity interconnection and play I'm lucky enough to be a part of. Tomorrow isn't promised and every moment cannot be spent at war. 


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How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

Dance. Meditation. Baths. Repetitive Work. Burning candles. Making lists. Accomplishing things.Throwing raves in museums. Reading Tarot. My Crystals. Establishing healthy boundaries. Eating my vegetables. More dance. Sitting in the sun. Covering myself in fairy dust and feather wings and riding magic school buses. Playing mas and dancing Champeta + Cumbia in the streets ofColombia and also Coney Island. Falling in love. Crying. Holding space for my people. Forgiving hurt people who have hurt me. Creating new things.  Challenging myself. Dreaming. More Dancing. 

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What is your Goddess superpower?

Transformation of magic into fire, and fire into joy. 


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What are some important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there ?


I began telling Loteria fortunes and launched my prayer candles as a part of what was supposed to be "dique" one day of performance art on Good Friday in 2015. Thanks to powerful brujxs with whom they resonate, they are now all over the country, and I've come to terms with the fact that the channel I open doing readings is most definitely very very real.  From what was essentially one step forward in service of a dream self I knew I carried, but hadn't yet honored, I have since been able to live out dreams i didn't know even had. 

Had I never acknowledged the divine energy that I carried within, or waited for approval or a force outside of myself to make what I wanted to have happen, I would have been living a live a lot more gray than the rainbow I have today.  Sometimes we have to jump and trust that the universe will catch us. We also need to support each other! Everything takes teamwork. Building with the people around you who inspire you is the only way to survive our brave new world. Keep an eye on each other! Work together! Dream big dreams! Make Love! 

and never forget #Magicisfuckingreal! 

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