Congratulations! We survived the first eclipse of the Summer! Now, we have to push forward through the celestial intensity of this week before the second eclipse. 

Lovely Venus enters sentimental  Cancer on July 3rd, offering us tender reprove from the eclipse gloom. We are processing our emotions on the 3rd, as we prepare for important decision making on the 4th. Saturn, who is retrograde in Capricorn, links with the South Node of Destiny on the 4th, giving us a big payback on past actions. Mercury starts it’s retrograde journey on July 7th in Leo, taking us back to June 20th (when the pre-retrograde shadow period started). We will have the chance to recuse our lives and only commit to our desires. Healing asteroid Chiron starts moonwalking as well this week. Hours before the asteroid Chiron turns retrograde, Venus comes to square the “wounded healer.” Tears will be shed as we mend our upsets (or, at least attempt to). Chiron will be retrograde in the sign of Aries until December 13th. During this time, we will be able to seek divine guidance within to glue our shattered hearts back together again. Mercury retrograde and Mars connect in fiery Leo on July 8th, forcing us to fight one last time in the name of love. While this may seem like a good idea at first, we will not be able to achieve the desired outcome, which will ultimately cause more ego hits than before. The First Quarter Moon in Libra occurring July 9th sets the stage for the Lunar Eclipse on July 16th. The same day, the sensitive Cancer Sun comes to oppose austere Saturn, while aligning with the North Node of Destiny. The decisions we make on July 9th are fated. We will be coming to terms with our karmic fortune—whether we like it or not.


March 21-April 19

You often don’t cower down from conflict; however, now is the exception. Although you do enjoy the occasional face-off and duel with others, your interests currently lay within. You’re trying to revolutionize your life with self-care. This means staying away from encounters that will set off your anxiety. You’re in the mood for a seasonal cool down from your hot-headedness. Indulge in a childhood activity from yesteryear and cruise through the week with the aim of easing and softening up your life. This doesn’t mean you’re not the number one celestial warrior. It’s just time to give yourself and others a break. 


April 20-May 20

You’re a truth teller by nature. But, others may not be necessarily upfront with you. Instead of trying to play detective (which can make you feel out of control), listen to your intuition. The answers you are looking for are deep within yourself and you are the only person who will know how to resolve your problems. If you’re chakras are feeling blocked, take a hot meditative crystal bath with clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst with sea salt to clean these trigger points. The guidance you are searching for is within you, trust your gut no matter what.


May 21-June 20

While you are normally too smart to get drawn into the drama this week you’re making an exception. Instead of lending your ears to hear gossip, you’re using your finely tuned Mercurial skills to serve as the diplomatic peacemaker. There’s been a lot of miscommunication happening between the ones you love and you wish to help them mend fences. By week’s end, you will have hopefully  brought your friends and family together. Your intuition is of the purest nature and though it may cause momentary arguments with others, they will come to see you are coming from a loving place.


June 21-July 22

Asserting yourself isn’t a habit of yours. However, when the notion of self-respect comes into play, you are more than willing to stand up for your desires. This week, you may feel as though others haven’t been paying attention to your needs (hence, where the internalized conflict lies) which is causing too much pain in your heart to keep silent. If you can, have a straight forward conversation to discuss your sentiments, without the emotional element, to avoid taking the conversation to the next level. If things get heated, you can walk away knowing that you stood up for yourself. 


July 23-Aug. 22

Imagine being at peace with yourself. Yes, this dream can come true. Please allow yourself to calm down from the insatiable need to always win. You’ve been living on the karmic edge for quite some time. This week serves as your cosmic wake up call and celestial do over to get it right. You can have the life you crave and all the riches in the land, if you take a step back from engaging in dramas and competitions. Using your energy to focus solely on yourself, not on others, will help you manifest your dreams.


Aug. 23-Sept. 21

Once again, your love life is extra complicated. This is mostly due to blurred boundaries, which unfortunately is a pitfall or getting lost in the romantic rapture. You’re stuck at a crossroads in your relationship, which will create inner tensions to rise. Before you start questioning your choices, call upon a friend to listen. You need some outside advice to help you navigate through your current turbulent relationship issues. Talking things through with a trusted peer will prove beneficial for you. Not only will you be heard, but you will be able to move forward and become “unstuck.”


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’ve been struggling with personal matters for a while and unable to move past situations. While you often get over annoyances in a flash, the most recent frustration has you lost for words and feeling lost. Seek counsel and advice from the ultimate divine source—your ancestors. Use this week to connect with your ancestors and let them help you seek the insight you need to move forward. Honor them with wine, flowers, and candy in exchange for their knowledge. Also, revamp your altar for the season. You will be grateful by what the spirits bring you after you show them respect. 


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s been a long road to the throne, hasn’t it? Now, you can sit back and reap the benefits of all your hard efforts. The caveat, is that you are second guessing your desires and dreams—you are wondering if this path is the right one for you. Before you head for an existential meltdown, think about your visions. You may still want to steer down the same path, but with revisions and additions. This week is the perfect time to reassess the direction of your goals and desires. Trust your pendulum to guide you through making important decisions this week. 


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

All of a sudden, the choices you’ve recently made have come crashing down on you. While decisions may have looked good on paper, or in your head, reality has proven differently. This week you are trying to hit the rewind button and eradicate the past. Although you may logically feel as if it’s too late and opt to leave situations as they are, your heart and mind will tell a different story. Listen to the voice within that motivates you to take charge. Express yourself with kindness in order to resolve neoteric upsets. Speak your absolute truth to avoid heartache.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re caught between two worlds this week and living within juxtaposing energies. While you want to give your all to interpersonal relationships, you are feeling apprehensive and scared to commit to others. You’re mostly worried about whether or not you can trust others (after all, your heart has taken many hits this year). Understanding that you don’t have to give up your power to partnerships is key. Strike a balance with others in order to help nurture these relationships, rather than simply letting go. Release the societal social stigma and norms about creating your own definition of partnerships to be happy.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You may be feeling a bit off-center, when a person from your past pays you an unexpected visit. Instead of running away in the other direction, which you are very inclined to do, embrace your seasonal caller. Don’t spend time debating about whether or not you should respond to them. Be selfish and use this as a chance to reconcile the past. Put your needs first and embrace your old friends at arm's length to mend your heart. This week is your chance to heal old wounds. Give yourself the opportunity to grow and repair karmic ties with others.


Feb. 19-March 20

You may be feeling underwhelmed for the first half of the week. This is due to an overall delay in getting your day-to-day activities started. Your calendar may have a lot of “unconfirmed” meetings and your inbox may be empty from unanswered emails. However, after the weekend you will be overheated with old tasks and impending plans that need your immediate attention. While you do like to be busy, you may be extra exhausted from all the planetary chaos and in need of personal time. After this emotional week, you will need a break to unwind through meditation and yoga.