Times They Are A-Changin’: Manifesting with the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer


Written by Lisa Stardust

The first eclipse of the season is here!

July 2nd brings a total solar eclipse in the emotional water sign of Cancer (this is the first total solar eclipse since 2017). During this eclipse, we will experience spiritual awakenings and growth; however, not without tears along the way. Change is hard, and often we resist amending ourselves due to fear. Why? Because there's comfort in the known and uneasiness in the obscure. 

The degrees of this eclipse aspects healing asteroid Chiron and warrior asteroid Pallas, creating a T-Square (this is fraught energy involving three trigger points). We will be cosmically pushed to assert our feelings regarding past upsets in order to mend our hearts. Obsessive asteroid Nessus may make us focus on the details, rather than the big picture. We will be confused by our inner sentiments and unable to see past the minutiae. The caveat, is that we may be fighting for the wrong cause. Mercury is about to turn around in retrograde motion and is getting thrust by action planet Mars, rebel planet Uranus, as well as warrior asteroid Varuna and Chiron. Simply put, words can hurt. Being that Mercury answers to the Sun and Moon (the final depositor of Mercury in Leo is the Sun and Moon in Cancer), we can expect extra heat and passions around how we express ourselves. Venus is at the 29th degree of Gemini, headed towards a new vision of love (also, just like Mercury) answers to the Sun and Moon in Cancer. All these planets activate the eclipse point, which means we are crawling towards a different version of consciousness. Adding this all together, we can either be motivated to blossom and swim towards our truest self. Or, we can stay “stuck” in a moment, unsure of how to proceed. 

Being that the total eclipse falls in Cancer, we must full on embrace the celestial energy of the strong and transformative water sign. Just like the waves of the ocean, Cancer likes to keep things flowing. Even though we are struggling with processing and releasing our emotions, we desire movement and growth. This will help us transition into the next phase of our lives—with a little help from Uranus. 

This luminary brings us back to the series of eclipses from 2000. We are also experiencing the opposing energy of the eclipses from 2011. Meditate under this solar eclipse about the personal triumphs and tribulations from the past. What have we learned? Where will we implement our knowledge? What do we want? The answer is simple: to be loved and cared for. We crave security. We desire certainty and predictability (even if the planets promise otherwise). We just need to come clear on our intentions in order to manifest the correct dream. We need to connect to ourselves and strip ourselves of negativity to create the life we want. We are waking up from the spell, as we are seeing situations and people with a different lense—using our emotions and sensitivities to guide us. 

Under this luminary, a cleansing bath will help us evoke our rawest and most beautiful passions, leading us towards an inward journey of self. Also, we will tasked to use our most powerful gift—our institution— to navigate through these turbulent waves.  In order to assess our most righteous path, we need to remove stresses and to create an emotional safe space for our body, mind, and spirit.

*The total solar eclipse occurs July 2nd at 12:16PM PST and 3:16PM EST.



- Sea Salt

- 3 crushed Bay Leaves 

- White Carnation petals from 3 Carnations

- A few drops of Florida Water

- Mixing Bowl 


- Bring all ingredients to a mixing bowl. 

- Blend all ingredients together.

- Draw a bath.

- Place all blended ingredients in bath. 

- Soak in bath for 20-25 minutes.