Fire Walk with Me: Manifesting with the Aries New Moon


Astrology by Lisa Stardust

April 5th brings the first New Moon of the astrological new year. As we embrace a fresh new cycle around growth, we are given the cosmic opportunity to connect to our initial dream and manifest the spark within us all. The New Moon will connect with the inspirational fixed star Alpheratz, who is found in the constellation of Andromedae, is described “the head of the woman in chains.” During this luminary, we will push through the glass ceiling, work past our fears, and embrace our truest calling through perseverance and strength of will. Alpheratz offers us hope and success in all endeavors.

The Aries New Moon occurs at 15 degrees, and squares authoritative Saturn. Through this aspect, we can break through walls and barriers that hold us back—only if we are ready to fight for our desires. Saturn, who is roaming through the sign of earthy Capricorn, is a restrictive planet. The Sun and Moon are in Aries, who is ruled by the planet Mars, act as an impulsive fiery “go-getter.” When these planets collide in the sky (in these particular Cardinal signs), they push the other to transform. They act as catalysts for change. Mars is a fighter and Saturn is a rule maker, making us all fight for our independence, making us rebel against the status quo. On the alchemical level, earth spreads fire and fire consumes earth. Therefore, we will all feel the need to move forward with our plans and passions—no matter what insights naysayers have to offer. The Sabian symbol for this luminary is “nature spirits” who is “at work in the light of sunset.” The image shows that that worker planets Mars and Saturn want us to work on creating and implementing our personal dream into reality.

Further, this luminary connects softly with motherly asteroid Ceres, who is currently in adventurous Sagittarius. Ceres is the mother of Persephone, who was abducted by Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) to be his bride. Ceres couldn’t bare to live without her daughter. As a result she made an agreement to have Persephone live amongst the mortals on earth for half of the year, and with her husband amongst the dead for the other months. When Persephone is not with her mother, we have the barren seasons (ones that do not produce fruitful harvest). The contrary is true when Ceres and Persephone are reunited on earth. This means that this New Moon will also make us go back to an old “seasonal” dream we have abandoned and force us to nurture that vision. The same applies for all interpersonal relationships, emotions, and professional aspirations as well. Mercury is still swimming in its post-retrograde shadow until the 16th of April, encouraging us all to take one more second look at such matters.

The most important lesson to learn under the Aries New Moon, is that we have to augment the past in order to have a promising future. While we cannot go back in time, we can use our energy to grow a better tomorrow. Letting go of those who do not serve our best interest will prove challenging, but important to our personal development. This means people and situations that aim to hold us from achieving our dreams, or do not support us, will have to be temporarily put on the back burner, as we are now only interested in investing our time and energy in that which elevates our spirit. If a situation or relationship isn’t working, let it burn. Use the ashes to construct a new dream. Through the decay we can see our worth and understand the lesson we needed to learn.

Evoke the fiery energy of Aries by using a red candle (the color of Mars) to manifest personal desires. Close your eyes and connect with your inner dream, the vision you have pushed to the side. Create your own sigil by writing down a sentence stating your desires and what you wish to manifest during this New Moon. Cross out the vowels in the sentence. Only using letters, no vowels, to create your personal sigil. Carve the sigil with a pin or carving knife into the candle. Take a moment to mediate on your intention, then light the candle to bring forth your passions. Your candle will call upon the spirits and universe to help bring forth your visions. The fire will ignite the spark within you, serving to motivate, inspire, and energize your dream.

*The New Moon occurs April 5th at 1:50AM PST and 4:50AM EST.