Manifesting with the Super Worm Moon and Spring Equinox


Written by Lisa Stardust

The last Supermoon of the year is upon us the same day as the Vernal Equinox (also known as the Spring Equinox or Ostara). As we embark on a new season, when the Sun shifts into fiery Aries from watery Pisces, we reflect and decide what we want to leave behind. The Worm Supermoon occurs at 0 degrees of the Libra/Aries axis (the Moon is in the sign of Libra and the Sun is in the sign of Aries), which is considered a critical solstice point because it’s represents a strong beginning based on innocence and initiative. However, Mercury is gliding backwards during this luminary, causing us to reminisce about the good old days. This will certainly cause us to question what we need to let go of and bring in. The Equinox brings equal parts to the day and night, allowing us to see who and what we value (or values us) and helping us move towards what we love.  

The Sun aligns with the fixed star Deneb Kaitos, while opposing the Moon, forcing karmic decisions to take hold, as we reap what we sew from the past. Karma can be good or bad, depending on the energy we are using. If we are acting toward our highest and truest power, the cosmos will bring us joy. If not, we will feel the consequences of our actions. The Equinox will allow us to have a fair mentality and accept past mistakes. The Sabian symbol for the Super moon is a butterfly ready to spread its wings. However, Mercury  retrograde could reverse our desires (unless you’ve done protective Mercury RX magic). Unlike a moth drawn to a flame, we must understand what we are committing and agreeing to, before making impetuous decisions. This Super moon is the first of two Libra Full Moons of the season. The second one will occur April 19th, focusing more on expanding our hearts, rather than karmic  debts surrounding love and money.


The Libra Moon answers to Venus, who is currently in Aquarius. Let’s look at the planetary ruler of Aquarius, who is Saturn. Saturn is roaming around in pragmatic  Capricorn, gliding on the South Node of Destiny. When Saturn aligns with the South Node, it makes us all thirsty for love, commitment, and money. It also represents a big karmic payback. To further escalate the tensions, Mercury is still swimming backwards in dreamy Pisces, making us all uncertain and unclear about our visions. Add these two planets together (who connect hours before the Super moon) and you get sludge. The good thing about mud is that it enables things to grow. It enriches our lives. It gives us food, oxygen, and pretty flowers to look at. Even though things get messy, it is the same in life too. We are able to mold our own truth and see our own light. From death comes rebirth. Through decay and death, we can create beauty. Mud is part of the circle of life. Which is why this luminary is not necessarily about creating new or releasing the old—it’s about finding value in what we already have.

Hours after the Super moon, Venus (the planetary ruler of the Moon) and Mars (the planetary ruler of the Sun) square off in the signs they are currently transiting (Venus is transiting the sign of Aquarius and Mars is transiting the sign of Taurus). The stronger of the two is Venus, as Mars is in its fall in Taurus. Expect aloof displays of emotion, even ghosting, to result from this luminary. Mercury retrograde may prolong the inevitable endings, or cause arguments around love, money, and friendships to persist—even if the quarrels are based on delusions, paranoia, and false information. Mercury is retrograde in sensitive Pisces and will make us all feel extra emotional, unknowing in how to express our feelings, which will  force many to swim away from problems and people. Remember, the only thing that matters is how we feel. Regardless if we are right or wrong, we all must learn to lean into our emotions and trust our intuition. It may simply be that the path we are wandering down is not ideal for us. This luminary is awakening us from a long slumber.

Being that this luminary is a Super moon, we will feel the energy closer on Earth. The Moon will shine bigger and brighter, making us have the desire to uncover truths. The caveat being that Mercury is moving backwards, in retrograde motion, which will create confusion to rise within us all. We will experience claircognizance (flashes of insights and wisdom, or unsettling feelings that allow us to unmask the truth). We may feel a knot or butterflies in our stomach, regarding situations and people. While we may not be able to have tangible evidence, we will get a vibe alluding to facts. Leaning in and using our intuition will help us learn to trust ourselves. Just beware of gaslighting by others.  

Under the Super moon, we are reconciling within ourselves if situations and people in our lives are worth the commitment. We are cutting loose that which is not working for us or helping us grow. We all need care, like the plant that grows from the soil. People who do not give us TLC will feel the thorny prick of the Full Moon. While those who do, will experience unconditional support and love. Situations (such as jobs and monetary issues) will suffer the same affects.


With the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, coinciding with the Full Moon, radical shifts start in the ether. We begin a new season, filled with endless possibilities, projects, and passions. The sky is the limit! The future seems bright and promising. As long as we correct the past and the present under the Super moon, we can inspire ourselves to achieve greatness. We can attain our desires.

Under the Super moon, with the energy from the Equinox, rid of yourself of past karma and commit to that which makes you feel whole and balanced. If anything does not sit well within your gut and mind—it’s time to put the matter to an end. Bury the past in the dirt. Write down all you wish to augment in your life and those you wish to release. Wrap your notes and photos in twine around a rock. Take a shovel. Dig a hole in the soil. Place your notes and photos in the ground. Pay your respects to the past as you throw soil over it. Pour water over the buried materials to harvest beauty from pain. Dance around your past. Sing your heart out. Let go. Embrace a new life and season! Rebirth your soul! Shake off the negativity. New Season, New You!

Blessed Ostara and Super moon!

*The Spring Equinox/Ostara occurs March 20th at 2:58PM PST and 5:58PM EST.

*The Super Worm Moon occurs March 20th at 6:43PM PST and 9:43PM EST.