Name: Ewok Gia

Location: Occupied Lenape land - Bronx, NYC

Astrological Sign/ Rising- Aries sun, Libra moon & rising



Which goddess or goddess archetype do you identify with and why?


The primordial goddess archetype I relate to is Maha  Kali, the Dark mother from the Hindu scriptures.  Her guidance has been prevalent in my life since adolescence, and now as I grow into myself,” wiser and older”,  her energy is undeniable. I was drawn to her darkness because it was something I recognized in myself, there was a huge comfort in knowing I was allowed to be my primal self , to explore my inner workings with no shame, fear or ego attached . I am in every sense, balance and imbalanced, allowed to just BE.  As a devotee of Kali I bare witness to her passionate maternal love, her protection and knowledge.  she’s allowed me the opportunity of awareness, and true liberation of “I AM”. I could never put into words what her energy has poured and nourished in my soul.

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess?

There are a few ways I honor my primordial energy . Sometimes it's as simple as giving thanks  to the sacred elements around me, to the water- our first medicine, to the sacred fire, to the vitality of the air and grounding myself through the earth. I also unleash my primordial energy through my own ritual practice of bloodletting and flesh suspension. These are ancient practices still happening today with spiritual intention. I honor myself in a way where I am more than my physical vessel, spirit over flesh. Suspension for me has and always will be a form of prayer, a form of spiritual transcendence , an offering . It’s a safe space for my minds eye and has taught me what the physical realm cannot. Beyond the mundane perspective of blood and pain, flesh suspension and bloodletting has become a form of healing and honing in on my own individual ancestral power.



What is your goddess  superpower?

My  primordial superpower is transmutation. Transmutation is  the act / process of change.  Change is constant, and infinite . On this transmutation journey, I’ve been blessed with teachers, the old serpent, the sacred snake. They have taught me to go into the primal source of my being, to honor the process of progression as well as regression. They have taught me to accept destruction as I would accept creation. As I observe the sacred snake in their transmutation (shedding) period before, during and after, I realize our transmutation periods are not much different. It can be smooth, or it can be painful, but the end result is always a generative release, a rebirth of sorts. There is a quote by DH Lawrence, “ sometimes snakes can’t slough, they can’t burst their old skin. Then they go sick and die inside the old skin and nobody ever sees the new pattern”- this in the most simplistic way is what staying in stagnation is for people that do not allow the flow of life, that do not endure change but rather repress it and remain under a umbrella of familiarity. When you repress your ability to transmute you also repress your ability to heal.

What are some important words of wisdom that you’d like to share with other goddesses out there?

Some sentiment and knowledge I’d like to share come from personal experience and the need to examine myself in situations that have proven stagnant and forced me to hold space for self-reflection and change.

Do not be fearful of uncertainty because familiarity will not save you.

-Before I applied this to myself, I often found myself repeating cycles that not only harmed myself but people around me, which is toxic in itself. I held on to people and situations that no longer served me for the sheer fact of familiarity. Let go of things that no longer serve you and hinder your growth.

Do not apologize for creating and upholding your boundaries.

-This is something I’ve been practicing for myself, because for a long time I could not recognize my own boundaries and it stirred up a lot go anger in myself when my boundaries were encroached on. I let this anger fester and boil inside of me until I broke down. This was a natural occurrence for me until it was not , with being aware of and upholding my boundaries I’ve been able to challenge myself and remain present. 



Black lives Matter

Mni wičoni ( Water is life)


Transphobia is haram

Protect Sex Workers

Long live Filistein

Abolish ICE

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