Astrology by Lisa stardust

Congratulations! We all survived the first two eclipses of 2019! Give yourself a big hug!

Last week, week we uncovered personal truths and moved towards our heart’s desires. This week, we are wrapping up the eclipse energy as we move toward inner enlightenment.

Mercury is extremely active this week, bringing insight to our post eclipse lives. Mercury ends it’s tour in Capricorn by aspecting Uranus (who is in rambunctious Aries) and healing asteroid Chiron (who is currently swimming through the transcendent waves of Pisces) on January 23rd. We are given the chance on the 23rd to take a new look at past wounds by changing how we handle and cope with emotional upsets. The old methods of dealing with issues may prove to be outdated, or out of touch with our new mindset. Holistic and alternative healing will become more important to us than ever, as Mercury and Uranus are forcing us to expand our minds, while Chiron encourages us to believe in a supernatural power. Our relationship with occult studies may prove to be stronger than ever, as we look for spells and enchantments to help us navigate through life. Mercury shifts into airy Aquarius on the 24th, forcing us to use reason and logic to asses information. Also, allowing us to see situations from an outside, and somewhat detached perspective, which will bring clarity and understanding to all communications. The Sun and Mercury connect in humanitarian Aquarius on the 29th, making the last days of January the most discerning and perceptive time of the month. The blinders will be off our eyes and we will be able to see situation, circumstances, and people clearly.

The week climaxes when action planet Mars (who is traveling through fiery Aries) softly connects with expansive Jupiter (who is roaming around in righteous Sagittarius). When these planets collide, expect sparks to fly. Be careful with your words on the 25th—Jupiter can make Mars more argumentative. The flip side to this transit, is that we all may feel inspired to be creative and move forward with our impending plans.

The 27th brings the Last Quarter Moon in transformative Scorpio, ending eclipse season. Under the Last Quarter Moon, we will be asked to shed baggage holding us back as we move on to our new amazing selves—stronger and more powerful than ever.


March 21-April 19

Arguments and frustrations on work projects may cause rifts with others on the 23rd. Uranus, who is galvanizing along your Sun, squares off with Mercury on the 23rd, giving you the energy to fight for your professional goals. Your agenda may be aimed towards winning over the public, but before you confront any battles over social media, take a few deep breaths and try to find a quieter way to resolve the matter. While patience may be hard to come by at first, healing asteroid Chiron swoops in later that day, providing support in your quest to calm down. Meditate with an amethyst crystal to help center yourself on the 23rd, to make yourself invincible from negativity and stress. The 24th and 29th are both easier days, as Mercury creates an opportunity to mend fences, gain clarity into the minds of others, and loosen up inner tensions. With all this Mercurial action causing your head to overthink, you may over analyze situations and relationships. Friday gives you a chance to “do the right thing,” enabling you to get your noble priorities together—if you choose to use truthful Jupiter to it's highest vibration.


April 20-May 20

This week others may see you as a Bull sitting pretty in the heather observing others, though you are secretly strategizing your next moves. Like a game of chess, this week calls for you to meditate on how to achieve future goals. This will be especially true on the 23rd, when Mercury and Uranus force you to access your subconscious desires, making you hungry for psychological insights (both personally and from others). The 23rd also brings emotional breakthroughs, due to healing asteroid Chiron’s loving hands. You may see the parts of yourself that you want to augment and change on the 25th, as Mars and Jupiter challenge you to access your inner power and transform your world. This may require a vow of silence from outside influences on your part, as your personal magic is strong, giving you the ability to understand yourself from the inside out. Once you have reached this heightened state, you may feel drawn to impart your new knowledge onto others on the 29th. Utilizing your insights will not only motivate yourself, but also those around you to evolve. Use your brooding intensity to your advantage this week, and make it your mission to be the strongest Bull on the block.


May 21-June 21

When your planetary ruler (Mercury), squares off with Uranus on the 23rd, you are given the unique chance to see through superficialities within relationships. This will allow you to decide what friendships are working and which ones are not. Mercury is helping you to see the ulterior motives of others, which may result in letting go of situations and people not serving your highest purpose. This past eclipse exposed truths for you, and now you are deciding how to implement the knowledge you have recently gained. Mercury enters the house of justice in your chart on the 24th, asking you to judge situations and people to your maximum capabilities. This train will keep running as you decide who your truest ride or die friends are on the 25th. While all of this may be overwhelming and scary, it's also essential for your personal growth. Icing people out isn’t normally your vibe, however, in order to evolve you need to let go of those who aren’t elevating your spirit and mind. Your psychic senses are strong on January 27th, making it a good time to take flight on the astral plane. Draw a circle in the air with your finger for protection, then use your personal magic and strength to peer into the deepest parts of yourself and others.


June 22-July 22

It’s been a hard month for you, dear crab. This week is a little calmer. However, it does have its ups and downs. The 23rd is a bit turbulent, as inquisitive Mercury and rebellious Uranus clash- potentially bruising your ego in the process. Your sense of security may cause inner anxieties to surface, while issues within private matters are revealed, shifting your perspective and rocking your world. While you may want to hide away in your cocoon, this week is calling for you to stand up and fight back. Your inner strength could be tested on the 24th and 29th. You have the tenacity and endurance to stand up against those who want to tear you down. You're likely to emerge victorious on the 25th, as long as you are fighting fairly and for a good cause. You are known to be the toughest and most resilient sign of the zodiac, and have a natural ability to see through darkness. Don’t give up on yourself! Embrace your strength and stand up against those who aim to bring you down. Your bravery, humility, and kindness will help you to channel the energy of the collective and of yourself.


July 23-August 22

Recently, your day-to-day routine has left you feeling a little drab and less regal than ever. While you may feel as though your feral power is fading, this week stirs up your daily grind, giving you the motivation to explore uncharted territory. You may even decide to roar your heart out with a throat chakra meditation! Regardless of what avenue you choose, on the 23rd, be kind to your rebellious mind and commit to the untraditional. On the 25th rid yourself of the predictable while you revolt against societal norms and purge yourself of outdated spiritual dogma, in place of mindfulness. The Last Quarter Moon on the 27th emphasizes your desire to blossom and transform your personal beliefs, while the 29th allows you to impart your newly found wisdom onto others. By the end of this journey you'll be a spiritual guru to those in your social sphere. Use your newly found sagacity to share cosmic truths this week and penetrate the world with your brilliance.


August 23-September 22

The 23rd allows you to express your freedom, particularly through your sexuality. Sexual taboos may be discussed, allowing others to see your lesser seen edgier side. While this may be alarming to those who do not know you well, even downright shocking, you will feel free and seen. As your planetary ruler, Mercury, aspects eye opening Uranus, followed by healing asteroid Chiron on the 23rd, this open ended conversation pertaining to your sexual fantasies will help to bridge the gap in your relationship, bringing you closer than ever, or allow you to understand why a past romance did not work out. Regardless, the 24th helps you realize the importance of owning your sexual power and inclinations, rather than punishing yourself. While the 29th shows you how to implement your fetishes into reality. It also gives  you the chance to see how healthy it is to be open with yourself and others. The 25th is a great day to implement sex magic into your life, using the power of your orgasms to manifest your dreams.

You may even find yourself exposing more than your sexual desires this week, rather, your inner taboos. The part of you which has been silent all these years is screaming to be heard. Use the Last Quarter Moon to revel against the norm and take a walk on the wild side by discussing your innermost cravings.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The 23rd brings your imagination to life, which may cause turbulence in partnerships, due to Mercury’s and Uranus’s cosmic collision in the sky. Mundane daily activities may have recently made you feel bored, causing minor enthusiasm within yourself. When Mercury and Uranus square off on the 23rd, followed by Chiron’s soft energy grazing Mercury, the desire to manifest your daydreams into reality takes hold of your mind, causing you to implement fantasy into your daily routine and relationships. This may start off as small indulgences for you, and your partner. Conversely, manifest as you gaining clarity on the dynamic of your relationship. Be forewarned—Mercury and Uranus can add electricity and passions to relationships, which may get too hot for you both to handle. When the energy reaches a feverish high, try to take a moment to cool down. The 24th lets you bring these passions to the canvas or stage, as others may try to comment on your personal affairs on the 25th. The Last Quarter Moon is high time to assert your beliefs. Whether or not you choose to wake up from the dream is your choice. Just be clear with your boundaries this week.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The 23rd forces you to take a deeper look at how you spend your energy. You may realize that you give too much of your time to people and situations which do not reciprocate your enthusiasm. These energy vampires take and drain your energy by latching on and feeding off of you. This results in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your personal life, as these individuals take up too much space in your mind. Take action on the 25th, to help rid yourself of such toxicity is to protect yourself. Instead of listening to these energy drainers ramble on and on about their problems, cut them off and step away from the conversation with grace. Set the boundary with kindness by explaining your limits in a proactive manner under the Last Quarter Moon January 27th. Use positive words to help others understand your feelings. If that doesn’t work, try visualizing an invisible energy field separating yourself from them, protecting you from their negativity. All of this may be challenging. However, essential to your happiness. Remember, you deserve to live  your best life—even if that means cutting the cord temporarily on unhealthy relationships.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week calls for you to be more in the moment and embrace all the jovialities life has to offer. Even though your bank account may force you to spend conservatively this week, especially on the 23rd. With Mars and Uranus firing up your house of joy, while Jupiter galvanizes on your Sun, you are inspired more than ever to throw caution to the wind, allowing yourself to experience life without worries on the 23rd and 25th. The only foreseeable issue arises during the Last Quarter Moon, when you decide to openly discuss your secrets and wounds with others. You may become defensive, opting to sling your arrows instead of communicating your truest feelings. Instead of shooting straight for the heart and hurting others with quips, work on healing your throat chakra on the 27th and 29th. Make a necklace with blue stones such as blue apatite, lapis lazuli (blue lapis), or turquoise to wear on your neck with the incentive cleansing and rebalancing your throat chakra, which will allow you to speak your truth and heal your spirit to live and communicate authentically.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week calls for you to take time out of the spotlight and focus on yourself and heritage. The 23rd gives brings you the opportunity to reconnect with your roots and family, which will serve for you to heal your past. Connect to your lineage by understanding your familial line. Ancestral magic will serve as the key focus will provide protection, guidance, and inspiration to you this week. If you do not have an ancestor altar, it’s the perfect time to create one. Conversely, if you do, it’s time to revamp the altar with some minor tweaking. Everyday, bring a fresh cup of water (or champagne, wine, or liquor, depending on what the spirits prefer) and present them with presents. Feed your spirits by bringing your ancestors gifts such as flowers, food they like, and trinkets of your affection. Talk to them, tell them your hopes and fears, let them guide you and help you reconcile these issues within yourself. Honor them with meals, and allow them to feel the love you carry for them everyday. This will elevate you towards a clearer psychic vibration on the 25th, as well as offering clarity and helpfulness in implanting your visions into reality under the Last Quarter Moon.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Inn anxieties may bring you down on the 23rd, as Mercury and Uranus shed light on your clandestine life. Healing asteroid Chiron swoops in, filling your loving cup with positive reinforcement, even though you feel blue from the chatter surrounding you. Use Chiron to heal your self-esteem on the 23rd. This entails changing mistaken personal beliefs you feel about yourself. Changing one’s mindset is a long term process. However, you can start to implement positive life changing and altering beliefs daily, by leaving notes of encouragement for yourself. Also, by practicing daily self-care. Knowing when to take time to yourself is essential, especially this week when past wounds and hurts come out, making you feel insecure. A Himalayan salt bath will help soak away emotional upsets, even serving to calm your nerves. No matter what issues are thrown your way this week, don’t surrender to negative thinking. Always remember  you are amazing and wonderful! Your cup may feel empty, but, you can fill it up with positivity on the 24th when Mercury connects with your Sun on the giving you the strength to stand in your power, leading you strongly into the Last Quarter Moon.


Feb. 19-March 2

The 23rd will make you feel like a fish out of water, as you are forced to safeguard yourself to others. Your peers may criticize your lifestyle and choices, opening up childhood wounds, which may cause you to go into hiding on the 24th. Normally, you would choose to swim away from the judgements others impose on you. However, the 25th encourages you to school the haters, by letting them see that your divine spirit and happiness does not rest on their false assessments of you. Once the world sees the dynamism and sparkle that exists in your private life, they will feel foolish for their austere comments. The Last Quarter Moon shifts your energy and has you swimming upstream. You end the week feeling self assured and powerful. Honor yourself this week. Reclaim your position on the mystical throne, lovely sea witch. After all, you deserve it!