Written by Jessica Lanyadoo

On the 25th, Mercury goes retrograde until August 19th. “Retrograde” refers to the apparent backwards movement of a planet. Mercury being Retrograde (aka: Rx) doesn’t mean that the sky is falling or that you’ll have bad luck. All it means is that communication gets wonky, technology is less reliable, and misunderstandings are more common. It’s not a great time to sign contracts — not because they’ll be ill fated, but because you’re more likely to miss the fine print or, again, misunderstand something.

On a deeper level, because Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn are all Rx, this presents an ideal time to reassess so that you can realign. You and I and everyone we know need this period to upset our assumptions and to inspire us to refine our approach. 

On the 25th and 26th, we have a Sun in always-extra Leo square to impulsive Uranus and in opposition to aggressive Mars in Aquarius, respectively. What you care about and the corresponding actions you feel called to take will be triggered here. These two transits will increase agitation and impatience for everyone, so drive carefully and make sure to think before you speak. Not everyone will agree with you or act as you think they should. You may need to stand up or stand down, so here’s a Pro Tip to help you out: if you want to be free, you’ve gotta make some compromises to get there. Prioritize the big picture so that you don’t do something that is satisfying now but that you’ll have to apologize for later.

The big news this week is the Lunar Eclipse (aka super intensified Full Moon) in Aquarius on the 27th at 12.20pmPST. This Eclipse is going to have you feeling all kinds of intense; the key isn’t to find “the answer” or to try to confront all your complicated feels and fears at once. It’s to devote yourself to the process of trying. It’s to stay with the hard questions, especially in the absence of any good answers. We are living through a terrible time when our shadow is being illuminated both on an individual level and societally. 

This Eclipse is sandwiched between two others (the last one was on July 12th, and the next will be August 11th), and what comes up now is wildly important for you, me, and everyone else. You are being confronted with the truth, and how you respond to that is a matter of free will, whether it feels like it or not. This process isn't to be feared but to be embraced. You may feel bad or you may feel magnificent; the key is to not to judge or attach to your feels in either case. Be present for your emotions, and then, as I always say, act in ways that reflect your integrity, not your situation.  

There is no fast track to healing, integrity, or kindness. There is no simple answer for life’s hard questions, but at the same time, it is all very simple: do what’s right. Consider the needs of the whole instead of just your own needs or the needs of those closest to you. Treat others with the same decency and respect that you want to be treated with, even your employee, your annoying neighbors, or the people who live life in ways that you can’t conceive of or understand. You don’t have to be the same to have empathy and compassion for someone else. 

You are on call; can you hear it? It may be Leo Season, but you shouldn’t need to get credit or attention for your good deeds. Understand that it’s as simple as love versus fear. It’s as complicated as unpacking and dismantling systematic oppression. Life presents us with duality, and if you’re willing to be present for it all, you can find a truth that lines up with the person you want to be. If you are brave enough to honor that, you will not have regrets. Don’t let anyone (even your favorite astrologer!) tell you how to think or what is right. But don’t evade the hard questions or avoid eating the occasional slice of humble pie either. 

Life presents us with choices and consequences, and is a constant dance between chance and will. You have free will, but it exists within a finite container. Work within that container; embrace it, use it, make the very most of it. You have the light of the Sun, and Moon, and stars within you. You were born into a world of pain and beauty and love and hatred, and you have come here to be a part of it all, to participate in it in your own unique way. Consider the needs of the whole alongside your own needs, and participate in this world in ways that reflect the fullness of your Light. It’s time for the actions, born of light, that bring about peace for all people; it’s time for all hands on deck, so get to work, my loves.





March 21-April 19

You may be right, but forcing people to acknowledge it is not going to win you any prizes, Aries. If you can validate your perspective, how might you shift your need for others to agree with you? This week is likely to challenge your ego, and if you’re willing to be humble, this can be a huge opening. Whether you need to show yourself or another person empathy, it’s time to prioritize kindness over winning and to allow yourself to stop struggling against this shifting tide, my love.



April 20-May 20

Power for power’s sake is kind of like looking directly at the Sun; it’s brilliant for a minute but will hurt you if you do it for too long. How you relate to what you’ve got and how willing you are to share it is everything. Make no mistake that you’re on the hook not only for what you’re doing but also for what’s motivating you, Taurus. You may have to answer to your past actions. Be prepared to confront some truth, even if it’s ugly or awkward this week. 



May 21-June 21

Your relationships and/or general environment are in a state of change, and if you don’t adjust yourself accordingly, you’re likely to have a great deal of frustration and confusion to deal with. You have some pretty set ideas about who you are and how things “should” change, but life is presenting you conflicting evidence. Take enough time to reflect on what you’re being shown so that, instead of impulsively reacting, you can respond with integrity and intention, Twin Star.



June 22-July 22

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th promises that feels are going to be turned up, but that’s right in your comfort zone. Your work now is pretty simple, but it's not terribly easy. Hold space for what’s true. Instead of getting caught up in what you wish for or what used to be, get located in the present around what is. You’re ready to make some pretty bold moves and an honest assessment of where you’re starting from, and what you can actually handle will promise you the most success, Moonchild.



July 23-Aug. 22

The Lunar Eclipse in your relationship house is likely to rile your feathers and create upsets that you're not quite prepared for this week. Tend to your feels, especially if they’re twisted up in knots. How you relate to yourself is the foundation from which you are able to connect with others. Take the risk of being true to yourself, , especially when it would be easiest to do otherwise, Leo. How you handle your relationships now will follow you for a long time to come. 



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Patience is extra hard to embody when you’re uncomfortable being here, now. This week’s Eclipse is kicking up major energy and just in time for your ruling planet to go retrograde. Strive to respond in ways that reflect who you want to be instead of knee-jerk reacting out of emotions, Virgo. You’re on the precipice of a major transition, but it’s unwise to act too impulsively now. Sit with your feels, acclimate to your current situation, and act from that informed place.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

There’s too much stress and conflict in the air for you to pretend that it’s time for “good vibes only.” It’s OK to get angry, to feel frustrated or stressed. Feelings are not your problem. What you need to work on is how you relate to them. Allow space for your insides to be messy and contradictory, but try to make moves that reflect clear intentions. You can only act from this present moment, even if it’s not where you’d rather be. Accept and adjust this week, my love.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re not supposed to know what comes next, you’re supposed to act with integrity in the absence of knowing, Scorpio. This week is meant to be an intense emotional reset, and while it may be upsetting or it may be wonderful, it’s an opportunity either way. You’re not likely to see an easy way to cope, so if it can’t be easy, let it be real. Make sure that your actions are in alignment with your convictions and that you treat others with patience and care.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

In order to have balance, you don’t need to have peace or abundance; you need to have a willingness to be where you’re at. Acceptance is a huge theme for you during this Lunar Eclipse, and if you can receive the truth of where things are at in the here and now, you’ll be able to make better decisions. You don’t need to take all the steps at once; only manage the place that you’re currently in, and have faith that when your circumstances change, you’ll be able to rise to the occasion.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have to make some decisions, and it’s not likely to be easy, Cappy mon Capitan. The thing that’s for sure is that you can’t keep on doing things the way that you have been. Whether you need to change your actions, your attitudes, or your alliances, it’s time for you to finally do what you’ve been putting off. The only constant in life is change, and when you choose it, it’s likely to be more graceful. What you do now won’t be written in stone, but it will be consequential, so make your choices wisely. 




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

When you act from a place of frustration, you’re likely to compound your problems rather than understand them or make good decisions about them. The Eclipse is in your sign this week, and that means you can for sure expect to have heightened feelings and knee-jerk reactions. Don’t engage in power dynamics that only reflect your insecurities. This is a time for you to grow beyond self-imposed limitations and into your true potential.




Feb. 19-March 20

When you feel uncertainty, you’ll get more traction out of getting practical than you will out of getting emo (which will be extra hard with this week’s Lunar Eclipse). It’s time to assert yourself. If you know that you can’t stay in a relationship without sacrificing your well-being, it’s time to get out. If you know that you’re over your job, it’s time to look for a new one. Be the harbinger of change that your life needs right now, Pisces.