Eclipse Abracadabra: Manifesting Love During the Lunar Eclipse


written by Lisa Stardust

During today’s powerful Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse in Leo, you have the opportunity to work with two polarities of energy: releasing the past and bringing in the new! You might be asking why this potent Eclipse in Leo is so exceptional? Leo, by nature, has a large enthusiasm for frivolity and joy. We are given the naturally warm heart vibes associated with Leo to help propel us toward creating the happiness we’ve been dreaming of for months.

Using the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water), and the herbs associated with them, we have the prospect of manifesting new dreams and love that we care about, while simultaneously, releasing the old. Anything that no longer serves us won’t have room in the Leo “Lion’s Heart” of bravery and creation of our uninhibited ideas. Pro tip: as always, be sure to set your intentions straight by writing them down. Be honest with yourself and the Universe, and the Leo Full Moon Eclipse will surprise you by paving the way for the life you’ve always dreamed of.




Use the yang energy of the vibrant Leo Moon to bring in love, light, and truth to your world. Rosemary is a powerful herb associated with the astrological sign Leo. This magical herb aids protection to the soul and works overtime to pull in a new sparky romance. Placing rosemary under your mattress, while you sleep, will help bring your dream lover to life. Expect to experience a whirlwind romance, unlike nothing before, through the creative use of thyme. 



We're going back to basics here, by using practical everyday magic found in the most basic of grocery stores. Let your bellies do the work and pull in sexy vibes through ingesting oatmeal. Did you know oats can draw love toward us? Not only does the hearty cereal nourish our bones, it also strengthens our sensual side. Adding a teaspoon of honey to your breakfast will awaken Venus, Goddess of Love, who will work extra hard to bring your earthy pleasures to fruition. With your erotic, animalistic prana spirit fed, you will have the confidence you previously lacked to pursue your new beau. 



Nothing is more heavenly than the smell of lavender in fresh air. This fragrant plant does more than just warm the senses! Lavender is a plant traditionally used to evoke Gods and Goddesses during rituals. Using lavender as an aid to relax the mind, tap into your divine self. Meditate and visualize the new object of your desires as you burn lavender in the air.

As you inhale, visualize the partner you want to pull in. While exhaling, purge the energy of old lovers past. Journal the new red hot Manifestation as you enter the psychic realm. 




Heal your heart with bath magic. Sprinkle thyme in the bath tub, along with sea salt and rose petals. While you lay in the tub, close your eyes and let the herbs do their magic. Soaking in the natural oils of thyme will not only purify your heart, mind, and soul--but, it will release past emotional upsets. By releasing, you are able to pull in new love, cleansing yourself from past hurt and trauma, giving you the strength to move forward. Be forewarned, the smell of thyme in the hair is simply irresistible. Even the friendliest of Lions will pleasantly roar at you as you strut down the street.