LA LINEA ROJA by  Nicolas Rivals

LA LINEA ROJA by Nicolas Rivals

“Your heart is your temple.” 
― Suzy Kassem

Tonight, February 10th, 2017 our lovely goddess of the night  falls into the fiery sign of Leo.  Despite Leo's energy of the flame, this moon is called the "snow moon” and with her comes our first lunar eclipse ! oh yes, and how could we forget to mention that a glowing green comet (Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková to be exact) will be soaring past Earth (February 11th) but you probably won't see it unless you're an experienced astrophotographer .

 The full moon in Leo's energy combined with the intensity of the eclipse has the potential to be high drama and forces us to face important issues surrounding our self-esteem, self-worth,  attention, vitality, and of course our relationships. We've all been going through what feels like a long process of self-development and now is the time to work with this dynamic lunar force to purify, and give ourselves the nurturing we crave and also deserve.

Most people don't realize that eclipses tend to work in cycles, and our last Lunar eclipse took place September 16th. This is now the time that we're  going to be releasing everything that has happened from last September until now.  No more playing it safe, or sweeping issues under the rug. It's time to make those big necessary changes. Get rid of  what's holding you back! especially anything that blocks you creatively. Full moons are for illumination, and Leo moon wants us to let loose and SHINE. The rituals for this transit should be large, glamorous, and emphasize on our feelings of warmth and affection.

It's time to remember the things that make you special. 


Lunar eclipses  take place during the full moons when the sun, Earth, and moon all enter into "syzygy", which means they are aligned in a straight, and even line. During this transit is when our moon  passes behind our planet and into the Earth’s umbra, or its shadow. This will result in  blocking out the light from the sun and plunging the moon into partial darkness. Since this eclipse is considered penumbral rather than total or partial, the moon is expected to enter Earth’s shadow only slightly, and therefore the transit  won’t be too visible.


Lunar eclipses are very powerful catalysts for change and they can create powerful shifts and unpredictable energy. Grounding/ protection stones as well as stones for opening up the Heart Center. 

Use Leo Moon magick for:






Healing the heart and chest



Transmorph Realities by Lury Lech

Transmorph Realities by Lury Lech

Light a gold or orange candle and anoint yourself using frankincense, cinnamon, or orange oil. Sitting in silence breath in the sign of Leo and place it into your heart center. As you envision the golden color of the sun surrounding you, allow it to fill you with courage, strength, and fire. recognize the power of your individual self by repeating the mantra: "My will is strong and my calling is to express and illuminate. I choose to express that will with love".


  • Citrine : abundance, joy, prosperity

  • Carnelian: Courage, protection, blood circulation

  • Rose Quartz: Self-love, nurturing, compassion of self and others. 

  • Black Kyanite: Psychic/auric Protection, Grounding, removes anxiety & fear

Cleanse your crystals using the raw power of this Leo moon, by following our crystal cleansing techniques at Crystal Cleansing 101 or try Timing Your Spells By The Moon utilizing this guide here