Happy New Moon in Gemini : Quartz Crystal Clarity Meditation

HappyNew Moon in Gemini. This moon is aligned with Venus and is part of a mutable Grand Cross involving Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter.  "There can be a lot to process now, or the illusion of such, and we may feel that there are so many factors involved that it’s difficult to make a decision. We may need to adjust expectations, as we can be see-sawing between seeing too much and too little opportunity."  says Annie Heese and During this time, we are at a crossroads where we're being asked "what do we need to change to create new growth?" take some time during this New moon to relax and clear your mind with this helpful New Moon Quartz meditation.


Gemini Moon Quartz Crystal meditation:

Working with clear crystal Quartz (the amplifier), and ruler of the higher chakras provides us with the ability to give insight and mental clarity when our minds are feeling cloudy and foggy.  Much like the power of mercury, and the swift electrifying energy of the swordstarot suite.

  • Select a room that is quiet and softly illuminated. Preferably, the room you choose will be the same room you use for each of your meditation periods. If at all possible, try to schedule your meditation time and duration at the same time each day.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and shoes should not be worn.
  • Select your quartz crystal (a single or double terminated generator is suggested) about palm sized or larger and bless your crystal in advance by any of the methods I have listed here you may even place the crystal in the sunlight for an afternoon.
  • Once you are seated in a comfortable position, begin a rhythmic breathing sequence by inhaling deeply through the nose, holding the breath for three seconds and slowly exhaling from the mouth. As you inhale, visualize cleansing golden/white light vibrations entering your body through your nose, and traveling down your trachea and filling your lungs, chest cavity and heart center with warm, glowing sensations.
  • As you exhale, visualize discordant vibrations, tension, confusion, and stress leaving your body through your mouth in dark, cloudy swirls of energy. Bless yourself, and your discordant vibrations in the name of Spirit or any deity you deem fitting when you seek comfort, protection, and solace. Cast these discordant vibrations unto the ether to find peaceful resolution.
  • Pick up your clear quartz crystal with your left hand and begin to gaze upon it, observing the unique features it has to offer (rainbows, chlorite phantoms, healed fractures, mists, etc) allow your consciousness to merge with your crystal.
  • As you inhale, use both hands to hold your crystal. Feel the transmuted energy, peacefully flowing into your hands. Let the crystal tell you about itself.
  • Your crystal may seem to come alive in your hand, you may experience warm, tingling sensations in your hands. For some these sensations may be calming giving you feelings that instantly make you feel at peace, or this may be a gradual process.

Gemini Moon Affirmation: "I let go easily and quickly. I communicate well and teach that skill to others."

Meditating with the Gemini new moon & quartz crystal will offer much clarity to confusion, worry, or doubts in your mind. Making you feel weightless. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and be still. When you are ready to return from your meditation, count slowly from 10 to 1 and open your eyes.


  • You can create your own meaningful New Moon Ritual'sby following our guide HERE