The Self-Esteem Tarot Spread.


The self esteem spread was created by Angeles Arrien. It is one of the easiest spreads that can assist you in knowing what is the quality of self esteem that is present. Usually the cards are placed in a vertical line (1-top to bottom 6) but you may also place them horizontal. Our self esteem has three components: Self-love, Self-trust, and Self-respect. "To the level that one is not in self-love, one will be confronted with fear; to the level that one is not in self- trust, one will be confronted with the need to control; and to the level that one doesn't have self-respect; one will find oneself stuck or fixated on what is not working in ones life and will be unwilling to take a look at what is working." The six cards that are arranged will correspond to the six steps of success which are determined by our self esteem. 

The Cards: 1-6

  • Card # 1: Ability to set limits and boundaries

Being able to follow things step by step. Which is a discipline that can sustain self-esteem.

  • Card # 2:Flexibility and openness.

Being open, flexible, and resilient maintains self esteem.

  • Card #3: Ability togive and receive love; following the heart.

Following what has heart, passion, and meaning sustains self-esteem.

  • Card # 4: Capacity For Staying In One's Truth & Integrity.

Stay in your truth & authenticity, and not abandoning oneself.

  • Card # 5: Communication Skills.

Communication that is delivered where content and timing are in sync sustains self esteem. Blunt communication is an announcement of great content, but with poor timing.Confused communication is an announcement of possible good timing, but poor content. Both blunt and confused communication have the potential to sabotage our self-esteem.

  • Card #6: Sense Of Honor & Respect about oneself.

Consistent, sustained energy put into creative endeavors and relationships, rather than erratic energy put into what we do, will maintain self-esteem.


Shuffle the cards focusingon your current self-esteem. Then place the cards face down and make a large fan in front of you. Carefully, select a card focusing on the meaning of each position before you select the card to place in its position.

Example: For position #1., focus on your current ability to set limits and boundaries and to honor your own limits and boundaries. then select a card from the fan and place it in position #1, and so on.