Spring Equinox 2016

Photo by Bri Luna

Photo by Bri Luna

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. Days and nights are equal length and the year is heading into warmth, fertility and light. Eggs are the symbol of fertility and also representative of the great cosmic egg from which the Earth and Universe were hatched.
Rituals for spring include reclaiming childhood. For many people they've never had the chance to be children, to play around and have fun. By taking on too many responsibilities too soon, or fighting for survival. spring allows us all the time to create meaningful rituals where we can begin to heal the hurts that may still be there.

Theme: Rebirth, Change

This is the season where the plants awaken, and first buds burst into bloom. The buzzing of insects fill the air, and the Earth opens fully to new life. The Equinox is a midpoint between the inwardness of winter and the outer energy of summer. Playfulness, vibrancy, and wild pleasures are just a few of the attributes associated with spring.  These days may be celebrated by honoring Ostre, Goddess of the egg and the hare. At Spring we paint eggs in half light colors and half day to symbolize the balance of dark moon time and solar light.

The Ash is a tree of the Spring Equinox, a tree of magic and the goddesses tree of justice. With the beauty of the season comes a fierce love of the Earth and new vows to help protect what sacred beauties are still left for us. We know that we can always begin again in Spring, and each time we are older and wiser.

  • To Do: Spring clean closets, altars, and psyches. Use this energy to dust the cobwebs from our homes and our minds.

Goddess of spring (include but are not limited to): Isis, Demeter, Persephone, Parvati, Kwan Yin, Oshun,Lilith, Chalchiuhtlique, Gaia, Mary, Gudalupe, Astarte.

The Spring Altar:

Set with intensely colored cloths and green candles symbolizing the return of green to the Earth, fertility and abundance. Spring flowers: wild flowers, crocus, pussy willows, daffodils, trilliums. Add eggs, honey, pomegranates, seeds, breads, apples.