• Moon Void of Course Times (Eastern)
  • Friday, December 9, 8:06 pm, Moon void in Aries
  • Saturday, December 10, 7:41 am, Moon enters Taurus
  • Sunday, December 11, 11:04 pm, Moon void in Taurus
  • Monday, December 12, 7:41 am, Moon in Gemini
  • Wednesday, December 14, 10:57 am, Moon void in Gemini
  • Wednesday, December 14, 7:09 am, Moon enters Cancer
  • Thursday, December 15, 4:37 pm, Moon void in Cancer


Moon Phase: Full

Under the full moon, work magick that illuminates and reveals. All magick is heightened now, especially divination and manifesting.

During these signs, work magick around the following:

  • Aries- body, fire, strength of will
  • Taurus- heart, earth, the five senses
  • Gemini- mind, air, changing your thoughts
  • Cancer- soul, water, loving yourself and others

The Gemini Full Moon

 December 13, 2016

Whether or not we realize it, we all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves. As the zodiac’s writer, messenger, and storyteller, Gemini is the sign of those personal scripts. Right now, challenge yourself to see the roles you play in those stories for what they really are, not what you want them to be. If necessary, you can change your performance and give yourself a new direction!

It’s important to know that this isn’t your average Gemini full moon. Gemini loves to socialize, and the aspects here are no different: Lady Luna flirts with lots of planets in a lucky pattern called a Kite. Lady Luna is trine Mars and asteroid Athena (also known as Pallas or Athene) in Aquarius as well as Jupiter in Libra, giving you the battle strategy you need to win under even the trickiest circumstances.

Uranus and harvest goddess Ceres in Aries send good vibes to the full moon too, so you’ll find nourishment where you least expect it. With Saturn in Sagittarius opposite the moon, you will have to fight for what you believe in. A square from Chiron in Pisces means fresh salt in old wounds can sting, but ultimately, it brings emotional healing. Lean into it, and let the tears flow if you need to.



When you describe yourself to someone else, what words to you choose, Aries? It’s a small thing, but Gemini is your third house of communication, so giving those words some much-needed attention could reveal a lot about where you are at this point in your life. A trine from Mars and Athena in your groups sector places you in just the right social circles, while simpatico vibes from Jupiter in Libra in your companionship zone means your core friend group pushes you to excel. It’s okay to lean on them this week.


You have rebel-with-a-cause Uranus and super-mom Ceres in your sign supporting the moon, so really this lunation is all about lending a helping hand. It’s okay to receive as much as you give. An opposition from Saturn in your expansion zone stretches your comfort zone. Lean into it, and let Chiron in your spirituality sector straighten up your emotional posture. After this, you’ll be in much better metaphysical shape than you were before.


Yours is the sign of wealth, so it’s natural that Gemini would be your second house of income. Gemini in the second house points to having multiple income streams, and with the rest of this full moon’s astrology, you’re definitely going to be working hard for your money. Mars and Athena in your career house collaborate with Jupiter in your daily grind sector to send you a detailed business plan for your next major career move that’s straight from the heavens. Follow it!


Far-seeing Uranus and all-loving Ceres lend their support from your spirituality house, amping up the frequency and intensity of lucid dreams, omens, and fated conversations. A square from Chiron in your associations sector says people in your networks may be wading through some difficult psychic waters, so take a cue from Saturn opposite Lady Luna in your intimacy sector and shield or otherwise reset your boundaries. Keep yourself above board, and everything will be fine.



All that glitters really is gold under this moon, Gemini, and we all know how much you love things that sparkle! Lucky Jupiter in Libra in your pleasure zone will sync with Lady Luna, as will Mars and Athena in your exploration sector. Sexual discovery has been a big theme for you over the past few weeks, so consider this your astral permission slip to try whatever feels good to you. Air signs love to communicate, so don’t be afraid to voice your needs and wants.


Uranus and Ceres send good vibes to this moon from your friendship sector, connecting you with other magical weirdos who surprise you in the best way possible and accept you for exactly who you are. Unfortunately, Saturn opposite Lady Luna from your partnership house means you might have to fight off a few lingering insecurities, but lean into tension from Chiron at the top of your chart telling you that this is something you need to incorporate into your whole self. Honor your desires.



You may be comfortable in your feelings, but having Gemini as your twelfth house of dreams makes your spiritual side more cerebral than mystical. Messages from the id surface under the Gemini full moon. Mars and Athena in visionary Aquarius and Jupiter in measured Libra sync to the moon from your houses of emotional taboos and origins, respectively. It’s deep stuff, to be sure, but the answers lie in the symbols you see around you. Keep notes of what repeats, and that’s where you find what you seek.


Whatever you discover, good vibes from whip-smart Uranus and healing Ceres help you transform it into career success. An opposition from Saturn in your habits sector could slow your progress at first, but stay at it, and you’ll break through. What you might find toughest is a tricky square from Chiron in your personal philosophy sector, making you aware of any limiting beliefs that have to go before you can really excel. Once you shed them, there’s no stopping your progress.



Under the Gemini full moon, you’re even more popular than usual—and that’s saying something! Your sign is known for its ability to mesmerize a crowd, and together with Gemini’s storytelling prowess, you’re unstoppable. Feisty Mars and cunning Athena in your partnership sector collaborate with charmed Jupiter in your conversation zone to help you sweet talk anyone that you need to win over. With air signs involved, be as direct as possible for best results.


Visionary Uranus and inspiring Ceres in your house of intellectual pursuits could inspire you to open your mind to a completely new way of thinking. Resistance from Saturn in your legacy sector causes insecurities about the future to flare up, but tension from Chiron in your transformation zone challenges you to examine what cultural scripts are playing when you judge yourself and others. The less you resist, the happier you’ll be in the long run. Go with the flow.



Yours is the “writer’s sign,” and for good reason: Gemini, the zodiac’s messenger, storyteller, and scribe, is your tenth house of career, and under the Gemini full moon, your skills are thrust into the spotlight. Lady Luna gets support from indefatigable Mars and strategic Athena in your hard work sector, along with lucky Jupiter in your income zone, so you reap the rewards of a job well done. Your sign is usually content to toil behind the scenes, but this week, try to soak up as many of the good vibes as you can. You’ve earned it, Virgo.


Uranus and Ceres in your secrets sector send good vibes to the full moon, so there’s no reason why anyone has to know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. Let your private inspirations and sources of nourishment remain your own. An opposition from Saturn at the base of your chart means you might not feel worthy of your achievements, but that’s not reality. Tension from Chiron in your house of connections challenges you to recognize that you got here based on your own merit, not anyone else’s. Don’t talk yourself out of this. It’s yours.



Since Jupiter entered your sign earlier this year, you’ve had an insatiable thirst for experience. Lucky for you, this week’s Gemini full moon in your Jupiter-ruled ninth house brings you the adventure you’ve been craving. Jupiter himself will be in sync to the full moon, blessing the event with good fortune, as will warrior stars Mars and Athena in your pleasure zone. You’re usually a peaceful soul, but under this moon, you’re inspired to rebel. Honor that feeling.


Lady Luna is on the receiving end of good vibes from sky-god Uranus and earth-goddess Ceres in your opposite sign of Aries. It’s potent magick that signifies the spark of a new relationship or a deepening between you and an existing companion. Saturn opposite the moon means it could be tough for you tell your lover how you’re feeling, but trust that Chiron in your healing sector will speak on your behalf. If there was to be a problem here, it would be overdoing it and ending up exhausted afterwards, but life is meant to be lived, after all.



Your sign gets a bad reputation as being sex-crazed, but other signs don’t know the whole story. The truth is, with Gemini as your eighth house of sexuality and taboos, you approach your salacious interests with curiosity instead of fear. Under the Gemini full moon, passionate Mars and skillful Athena in your psyche sector and intrepid Jupiter in your secrets zone collaborate to send you on a journey of sexual self-discovery. As you delve into your personal underworld, you might uncover skeletons that need to be laid to rest for good.


Uranus and Ceres are in good angle to the full moon from your everyday habits sector, so this isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. You love a good transformation, but know that this is one that’s going to unfold slowly, over time. Saturn opposite the moon from your house of personal value causes you to doubt if you really deserve to have your fantasies fulfilled. Tension from Chiron in your pleasure sector says you’ll get what you want, but only after you heal those inner wounds.



Under the Gemini full moon, you get a rare opportunity to let all your companions, whether romantic, friendly, business, or otherwise, know how much you love and appreciate them (and vice versa). Energizing Mars and clear-sighted Athena in your kindred spirits sector align with fortunate Jupiter in your professional associates zone to support you when you need it most—and you do need it, whether you want to admit it or not, dear Sagittarius.


Curiously, Uranus and Ceres lend a helping hand from your pleasure sector, feeding you with electrifying encounters and creative inspiration you didn’t see coming. If there was to be a problem here, it would be that the moon is opposite Saturn in your sign, casting serious doubt on whether or not you deserve such adoring care. A square from Chiron in Pisces says that chances are, this stems from a troubled relationship with family that needs healing. If that’s the case, it’s time to “Heal thyself.”



As the zodiac’s ruthless pragmatist, it’s tough to see where Gemini’s spritely energy would fit to your chart. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly at home in your sixth house of health and habits, where you channel the sign’s nervous energy into a non-stop work ethic, always working on multiple projects at a time. When the Gemini new moon lights up this sector with an assist from warrior stars Mars and Athena in your money zone and lucky Jupiter in your publicity house, it’s like rocket fuel for your professional life. Sit back, check in with ground control, and prepare for takeoff!


With Uranus and Ceres in good angle to the moon, the women in your life keep you grounded during these strange times. It’s okay to lean on them for support if things get weird, because they might. Saturn in your magick sector opposite Lady Luna says this full moon isn’t without its share of tough metaphysical lessons, especially of the lucid dream or omen sort, but hang in there. A square from healing Chiron in your communication sector helps you translate any cryptic symbols that seem to follow you around.



Aquarius, when was the last time you read a horoscope or astrology article about you that didn’t mention how “detached” or “aloof” you are? Yes, you’re a starseed, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need love just like everyone else. Under the Gemini full moon this week, you just might find the passionate romance you seek. Lady Luna is trine sexy Mars and skilled Athena in your sign, as well as lucky Jupiter in your ideals sector, so keep your standards high. Yes, this full moon is in your house of pleasure, but they’re something to be said for long-term intellectual stimulation too.


Lady Luna is on the receiving end of good vibes from Uranus and Ceres in your communication house, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want directly, from the universe and from your suitors. Saturn opposite the moon from your long-term vision sector says whoever you connect with might not be a “forever” mate, but tension from Chiron in your self-worth house challenges you to take control of your current happiness. If this is what you want, it’s worth it.



One thing people tend to forget is that you and Gemini share a bit of the same cosmic DNA. You’re both dual signs: One, the Twins; the other, two Fishes swimming in the same stream. With Gemini at the base of your chart, you’re comfortable shapeshifting and switching roles, especially as it relates to your family. Under this moon, we’ll see what effect moving between worlds had on your psyche, as ruthless Mars and Athena in your self-undoing sector and expanding Jupiter in your taboo zone collaborate to put you on notice.


Fortunately, Uranus and Ceres lend their support from your income and self-worth sector. You’ve got the financial and emotional resources to handle whatever surprises come your way. That said, you’re going to need them, as an opposition from Saturn in your reputation sector might leave you feeling a little exposed. But honestly, Pisces? Tension from Chiron in your sign says you knew this was coming. As uncomfortable as this may be, it’s healing. Try to embrace it, if you can.