Super Moon In Taurus ~ November 14th, 2016

"I walk in Beauty, feet caressing the Earth, breathing in the harmony that surrounds me."

Monday, November 14th our dear Moon is in the Earthy sensual sign of Taurus. Ruler of the material world (form), and associated to Venus the ruler of love, art, beauty and relationships. Our sun is in the mysterious  and transformative water sign Scorpio. So just what lies beneath those deep murky waters? Now is the time where situations that were once hidden reveal themselves and come to the surface. Our Taurus full moon  also just so happens to be a super moon, meaning it's closest to Earth and it's energies and influence will be very potent. The Moon affects the ocean’s tides and if you live along the ocean’s coastline, this full moon would be an excellent time to watch for high tides. The Taurus Full Moon ask us to nurture the neglected and wounded parts of ourselves, reconnect to nature, and our physical  bodies.  Use this moon energy to illuminate our heart center and our shadows.



Full Moon in Taurus Magick: A sensuous, grounded full moon ritual should be done outside (if possible) and close to the Earth. The Taurus supermoon is an excellent time to adorn yourself in your most beautiful gown/outfit and to bring fresh beautiful bouquets of flowers to dress your altar or circle. Taurus moons are ideal for spell-work pertaining to: Boosting your creativity, attracting material wealth, Enhancing sexuality/ sexual attractiveness, Matters of the home , fertility, and to ground and make concrete plans. Use this energy for stable long term goals, (i.e Marriage, home buying)

The Altar

Adorn your altar with red roses or white jasmine flower blossoms. Utilize candles that evoke self love and compassion ( pink or yellow), passion and lust ( red) material wealth (Green).  


Red Rose Aura Bath

  • Fresh red roses
  • handful of Sea salt
  • splash of vinegar
  • splash of fresh lemon juice
  • Rose Quartz Crystals
  • 3 candles (white, pink, yellow)


Fill Your tub with water.

Remove the roses from the stems ( Watch for thorns) use as many as desired.

throw all of the ingredients into the bathtub.

You will want to spend no less than 20-30 minutes in this bath, rubbing yourself with the roses, while focusing on each and every part of your body. Admire your body, What physical qualities do love most about yourself?Rose Quartz is a stone of self- love, compassion, and nurturing. If you are having trouble finding positive qualities about your body,  place the rose quartz stone  on your heart center, allow it’s gentle energy to soothe you. Relax and breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth seven times. Release any negative or limiting beliefs about your body. Instead, thank your body for how hard it has  worked for you, express gratitude for each and every part. After you have meditated and cleansed, envision any negativity that may have come up for you to flow down the drain and off of your body. Allow  the water to drain from the bath completely. It’s also recommended that you do not clean out the tub immediately after performing  this ritual bath. Leaving behind the rose petals is a symbolic act for leaving behind the past energies that you do not wish to carry on or within you. Take at least an hour to distance yourself from any lingering thoughts that were released down the drain.


Give yourself a sensual massage,indulge your senses with luxurious oils known for enhancing and attracting love such as Jasmine, Patchouli, or Moroccan rose. If you’re lucky enough to have the seclusion and/or privacy to engage in a relaxing activity  sky-clad (nude) while the Full Moon illuminates your body, do it!  This is the perfect time to recite the Taurus Moon Affirmation:"I am willing to receive beauty, harmony, and illumination. I am open to receptivity." or to take some time to journal any thoughts that may have come up during your bath.


Feel free to work with your intuition on this ritual, adjusting ingredients and utilizing empowering affirmations that leave you feeling radiant and confident. This bath can be your own private ritual, or if you're ready, this can be shared with a partner.

Goddess Of The Taurus Full Moon: Het- Heru (Hathor)


Het- Heru (Hathor), is the beautiful, nurturing cow-headed goddess of Egypt. She is the oldest goddess of Beauty, music, dancing, wine, joy, and love.  Het-Heru can be found throughout other cultures under such names as Venus, Aphrodite, Oshun.

 Her energy is ever present  for all of those who are born under the sun sign of Taurus and Libra. She is the patron goddess of women and beauty, Hathor presides over the sacred feminine arts of adornment, enchantment, and lovemaking.

In  her ancient role as sky goddess  she is the primeval waters or womb of space. In her form as the celestial cow that nourishes all creation  with stars on her belly, horns of the crescent moon and a solar disk on her head, Hathor is and forever will be the ‘mother of the light’ and the ‘golden one’. 

crystal quartz and solid gold adorned bottle used for fragrant oils with the bust of Goddess Het-Heru (Hathor)

crystal quartz and solid gold adorned bottle used for fragrant oils with the bust of Goddess Het-Heru (Hathor)

"As the ’beautiful one’, ‘ mistress of the vagina’, goddess of love, motherhood and female sexuality, Hathor is a quintessential Alchemical/Tantric Goddess whose priestesses were schooled in the sacred feminine arts of adornment and lovemaking. They are often shown holding a mirror with Hathor’s face carved on its handle. The mirror has many symbolic meanings. At first glance, it represents beauty, and the art of adornment. However, its meaning and usage go much deeper. It is both a tool for perceiving the inner working of the mind and a symbol for the act of self-observation. In ancient Egypt, it was used by the priestesses in magical practices for sending back negative energies to their source, as well as a medium for seeing through time, space and the more subtle dimensions of reality. While gazing into its depths, they would expand their awareness to journey from the earth to the stars and from the outer material form to the inner spiritual essence." - Jeremy Naydler, Temple of the Cosmos


"The Goddess Frees me from all attachments to people, places, and things. Everyone and everything who is not a part of my perfect life plan now releases me."

Sage is under the influence of Venus and the sign of Taurus. It is highly medicinal and can be used as a gargle for throat infections (often associated with Taureans) Burn sage prior to your moon rituals to cleanse and purify the area. Purchase organic sage for your rituals HERE


 Rose Quartz, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, chrysocolla Raw Rose Quartz is available HERE 


Incense/ essential oils

Rose, Vetiver, Patchouli,vetiver ,frankincense & myrrh