The Third Eye Girl: An Interview with Artist Stella Blu.

 Meet Stella Blu, the majestic curly maned beauty who is responsible for some of the most divine feminine illustrations on your feed right now. Stella's artwork has graced countless magazines, blogs, and most notably her work with musician and creator of cool himself, Prince. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Blu about life, Goddesses, and black cats.

Stella Blu

Stella Blu

The HW: Hi Stella, for those who aren't familiar with your work, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where did you grow up? and What is your astrological sign?

My artist name is Stella Blu and I’m a virgo.  Which I love being!  I’m a perfectionist, I can be very hard on myself, I’m very shy and to myself (which people mistakenly see as being cold or rude), but I’m very caring and full of love!  I was born in England and moved to America when I was six.  After that I grew up in many different places such as Sri Lanka, Texas, Connecticut, the bay area, and now Los Angeles.  Living in so many different places, I got to experience so many different types of lifestyles and people.  I’m obsessed with traveling to new places.  Especially in Asia, I am Sri Lankan so naturally drawn to anything tropical. I'm a huge foodie and I'm also a serious animal lover.  I think that's a huge part of me so I make sure everyone knows haha. I paint for a living, so far it’s worked out.  I see myself doing more in the future, not sure what just yet.  For now, I’m just going with the flow and figuring life out as it comes.  

Clearly we are living in a digital world, full of social media as well as the narcissism that comes a long with it. You seem very grounded and completely unpretentious about your artwork. Do you practice any forms of meditation? What helps to keep you centered and connects you to the Earth? 

 I’ve always had a hard time meditating, because my mind just drifts off into a million different thoughts.  So to start I’ve discovered some apps that I’ve downloaded onto my phone which have really helped.  My favorite is this app, “Be Fearless”.  It really helps me quiet my mind, relax, and just fall into the best sleeps.  

I have to credit my parents.  They are both such kind and spiritual people who came up from nothing and created an amazing life for themselves, myself, and my siblings.  They both always taught me to pray and my dad always taught me that everything I needed to know was already inside.  My dad never complimented me on being talented, or pretty, or smart..he always complimented me on being the “kindest person” he knew.  It always made me feel so special. I think always being genuine to people got me to where I am in life now.  I’ve never needed help staying centered, I love the Earth and I’ve always felt a deep connection to it.

Do you practice any daily rituals and if so what ?  

Since I’m an artist my schedule is quite open.  Every day is open to anything.  The only thing that’s constant is I make art.  That’s my only ritual I suppose.  And having a nice shower before sleep, because my mom always told me to never get into your bed without washing the day off.  

I'm sure you've been asked this perhaps  a million and one times, but I had to ask because..Prince! How has the experience of working with Prince changed your career/life?


The experience changed my life.  I never expected that such a legend would discover little ole me off of the internet and love and continue to support my work.  I also never imagined that we’d be able to develop a friendship.  He’s impacted my career in the sense he’s given my art validation and offered me so many opportunities.   He’s more personally impacted me, because he himself is such a unique, genuine, amazing artist.  I feel blessed that’s he's given me a chance to not only showcase my artwork on a bigger platform, but also to befriend him.  Art inspires art, and he is a huge inspiration to me. 

You have such an eye for capturing beautiful women and transforming them into these dreamy goddesses. Who is your favorite Goddess and why? 

To be honest, I don’t know too much about many Goddesses.  My mom raised me Hindu, so I was always surrounded by Lakshmi and Parvati.  Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and wellness. I don't know too much more.  I guess as a child I thought it was all nonsense and decided to not pay too much attention.  Only now have I really been more interested in finding out more about them.  

Totally random, but I love your black cat and in many cultures black cats are shrouded in mystery and often associated as "witches companions" or "familiars",  Is your kitty your familiar? 


She is absolutely my familiar, my black cat is one of the truest loves I’ve ever felt in my life.  I went into a pet store one day, just to look around, didn’t really have the intention of purchasing an animal from a pet store.  But I noticed this scrawny, funny looking (she was a runt, looked very strange and alien like as a kitten...definitely blossomed into her beauty) black cat following my every move around the cage.  I thought it was very weird.  She was definitely making eye contact with me and I kept feeling her telling me to please get her the hell out of that cage and away from these other idiots.  The other kittens were doing their own thing, not paying attention.  She would not stop staring and following me.  I felt so strange, I had to take her with me.  She definitely chose me.  She is the most amazing companion, beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I know a lot of people who hate cats, but whenever someone meets her they absolutely love her.  She’s incredibly special and incredibly smart.  

Are you currently working on any new projects that we should keep an eye out for in 2015? 

I have yet to do my first show and I’m working on it.  I’ve been a little nervous, but I decided to put all my fears aside in 2015.  It is my goal to have an art show this year.  Please look for further information on my social media accounts!

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