I Only F*@k With Goddesses- An Interview With Artist Amber Ibarreche

photo by: Jenny Hueston

photo by: Jenny Hueston


Say Hello to Amber Ibarreche :Goddess, Artist, and  the mastermind behind your new favorite t-shirts.


The HW: Hi Amber,  what astrological sign are you? 

Amber: I was born on October 16th.  So I am a Libra.  Have you ever checked out the book "The secret language of birthdays"?  It's eerily accurate.

Yes, I actually own that book as well as The Secret Language Of Relationships. (don't read that if you want it to last j/k)

I must admit, I am slightly obsessed with your art and Instagram full of such honest words & phrases. I feel they've become like mantras for your 13k plus followers. How do you come up with them? What inspires you? 


I'm inspired by everything.  My imagination holds the key and I enjoy exploring the world creatively at all times.  

I have a print of your "Gemz" piece hanging in my studio, what are some of your favorite crystals at the moment? Do you work with any special minerals while you're creating new pieces

Oddly enough I love Amber and of course rose quartz.  These two crystals/stones are always in my studio.  


What does the word "witch" mean to you? Would you consider yourself a witch? Who is your favorite witch btw? 


A witch to me is someone who lives in their magic and casts their beauty and light on everything and everyone around them.  My mom is my favorite witch.

What are some new projects we can expect from You in 2015

I'm working on an experimental music project  that i'll be releasing and also working on a book of my mantras/metaphors/puns that I will be releasing in 2015!

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