Adorned By The Moon: An Interview With Natalia Benson

photo by: Jennifer Anne Corgan

photo by: Jennifer Anne Corgan

Last year I received a pair of the most beautiful gold crescent moon shaped earrings as a gift by a magical designer named Natalia Benson.  I finally got a chance to catch up with her to discuss  music,  tarot, jewelry, and more.

The HW: Hi Natalia, can you please tell our readers a little about yourself? Ya know, other than the fact that you're a tarot reading, jewelry designing, beautiful lady DJ? 

What a beautiful introduction! my name is Natalia Benson, I am 27 years old & I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I am an Aries with a very sensitive unicorn like heart yet I am on the hustle & grind. I really love life & I am really honored to take this interview with you Hoodwitch!

That's really kind of you. Can I just say, I am obsessed with my Luna  earrings!  I'm  constantly stopped on the street by people asking where they're from. What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you've designed and what inspires your work? 

I think my favorite piece ever is the Sun / Moon Wand Cuff. It’s an intense piece of jewelry that is definitely a show stopper but there is so much symbolism in it for me. The unification of my solar / lunar (masculine / feminine) nature if the bane of my existence. The inside quotation reads “Three things cannot be long hidden : The sun, The moon & The Truth. - The Buddha “ 


Do you practice any daily rituals? 

Yes, every morning I wake up & for 3 - 8 minutes visualize every area of my life as I would like to experience it … I don’t think of the how’s. I just think of the end results of things that make my heart really happy. It’s a really gorgeous way to start the day & I experience so much magic because of it. 

What crystals/minerals are you most drawn to and/or carrying with you at the moment?

I have a Lemurian Quartz crystal that I am sincerely obsessed with! Right now she is sitting on my meditation altar & she lets me know when I need to pick her up & bring her with me to certain places ;)  

How and when did you start reading tarot?  What deck(s) are you currently using and what are your favorite and least favorite cards to pull in a personal spread? 


I started reading Tarot when I was 23. It pulled at my heart for a while & I thought wow I really want to know how to do that. I was gifted my first deck & guide book by one of my dearest sister’s mothers. She [the mom] & I had an incredibly deep past life bond, she gave me my first reading & my mind was blown. She mailed me the Crowley Thoth Deck with the guide book Tarot: Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler  which was wrapped in a painting she had done that said “ The Journey is sublime…” Thus began my journey deeper into myself & a great deal of healing as well. As of late I read mostly with the Thoth deck (quick readings most times:) & I just received an Oracle deck on Past Lives by Doreen Virtue & Dr. Brian Weiss!. I am so excited to start using this deck. I am always afraid to get 5 of cups and / or 8 of cups in terms of relationship spreads, this shows me that this interaction is most likely no in my highest good. My Favorite cards, I always love seeings 2 of cups & The Sun!

You also offer yoga & guided meditation classes in Los Angeles, can you tell us more information about those? 

I do from time to time. Now I really only teach yoga when asked by friends for events, etc. I offer wisdom & meditations weekly & monthly via my YouTube channel .

What are some chakra balancing techniques that you recommend for those who may be dealing with imbalances? 

A good one that I was just taught by an energy healer named Kimberly Sherry. It is a grounding meditation - grounding the root chakra to the center of mother earth & releasing all un-needed energy down the grounding cord. Then traveling up the chakras clearing debris & blessing them & connected from out of the crown chakra up to the center of the Universe, connecting there. We are simply intermediaries between Mother Earth & The Universe. When we remember this, we gain perspective & it helps us deal & manage life / existence with a bit more ease & love.

Do you have any fun projects that you are currently working on that we should know about? What can we expect from Natalia Benson in 2015? 

Well, in October I released my music project called WHITEHORSE. I am incredibly excited about this as its very dear to my heart and soul - it’s a big room eclectic bass music moniker I DJ & perform under. I’ll also begin producing under this name next year & the performances / sets will be very transcendental & powerful so stay tuned!


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