An Interview With Radiant Human- Aura Photography

Hello Radiant Human, please tell our readers a bit about yourself.
Radiant Human is an event based aura photography business that is located in Portland OR, but we travel, so you can find us in the most surprising places. We focus on creating a bridge between interactive art and energy readings.  Offering anyone the chance to see their etheric body and physical body together in an instant Polaroid photo. I think there is something really special about seeing something that we typically feel. So many people refer to “vibes”, good vibes, bad vibes etc, the idea that these “vibes” can be seen and actually have a color attribute is so inspiring to me.


How did you get started?
I got laid off. I know it sounds crazy, but getting laid off was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was also the most stressful. I would have never had the courage to quite my corporate career for something as crazy sounding as aura photography, but when we restructured and I found myself out of a job; I had to think quick. Not only for what I was passionate about and what was going to put a roof over my head, but what was going to keep me feeling good about what I was putting out into the world.

 That's wonderful, you know I have researched aura photography and I found some articles on Kirilian photography. In case any of our readers were wondering,  is this the same method that Radiant human uses?

Kirilian photography was the building block for the camera that I use, but its not the same. They both deal with electromagnetic energy, although the process is different.  Kirilian gives a small charge to the subject and as the energy is radiating out of the body, almost like a Tesla bulb, a photo is taken of the energy stream. This is often done through a thumb print or a leaf of a plant.


  Can you explain to us how this process works? How do we use these photos? and  can these photos be used to determine illnesses, ect.
Every living thing has energy running through it, what most people don't know is that this energy radiates past our skin's surface creating an energetic field most commonly called an aura. This energetic field can be translated to a vibrational frequency.

Now bear with me here, but this is a pretty crazy piece of machinery; the camera we use has electromagnetic hand sensors that correlates your vibrational frequency to a vibrational frequency of a color and then displays that color through a second exposure on an instant Polaroid photo. This only takes about 10 seconds per photo.
We then use color theory as a foundation for reading your aura and a typical reading takes about 5-10 minutes. I think these photos can be a powerful mirror. We are all like radio stations broadcasting live, how can you not benefit from tuning in once in a while and seeing what you are putting out there? As far as diagnosing illnesses etc. I think we get into some really speculative areas. We are not healers (although we deeply admire and respect them) and we are not psychics (love them too) we are simply humans excited about interactive art and self discovery.

If someone has a more predominate color through out their photograph what does this mean? Do you give guides to your clients as to what the specific colors correlate to?


People typically have one to two strong colors, this would best describe your natural state of being, if you have more then that you could be dealing with a lot all at once. Pamala Oslie wrote a book called Life Colors that is fantastic at explaining the way these colors can relate to each other. Through my research we've compiled a nice compact color decoder that I give out with every photograph. Most recently we did an artist collaboration with Hannah Stouffer that we are really happy with.

 Thank you so much for your time, how and where can people get their aura photos taken with Radiant Human?  

Thank you! Its been so amazing to share the world of aura photography, every place we've traveled has been such a meaningful experience. The best way to find out about us and where we'll be is to follow us on Instagram  @radiant.human  we'll have our tour dates listed on our website also. When we are in Portland we host open studios.