Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week starts off quietly, which offers us time to meditate and think before the Full Moon over the weekend. Mercury, who’s in investigative Scorpio, enters its pre-retrograde zone on the 11th, setting the stage for its backspin which begins on Halloween. On the 12th, Mercury softly connects with the Nodes of Destiny which will force us all to make karmic decisions. We will also make fated encounters on the 12th. Be prepared to meet someone special. Venus, who’s in Scorpio, and Uranus, who’s retrograde in Taurus, oppose each other on the 12th. We will experience excitement to both our hearts and wallets. The Full Hunter’s Moon in fiery Aries occurs on October 13th and serves to transform our dreams. The same day, Jupiter, who’s in philosophical Sagittarius, gently aspects the Libra Sun by offering inspiration to our personal visions. The 14th is a passionate and evolutionary day for all, due to the Sun and Pluto squaring off in the cosmos. Mercury and Saturn, who’s in Capricorn, give us a realistic approach to the new direction our lives will take.




March 21 - April 19


Your desire to be the best is put to the test this week. Ruling and running the world comes with a series of compromises, most of which will force you to reevaluate your goals. You’ll be cosmically pushed to decide if fame and fortune is worth the demise of an important friendship or if you feel comfortable sabotaging another professionally for your seat in the conference room. Life is a series of decisions, which can change the trajectory of your life and others. Make your decisions wisely and with care—once you’ve picked your course of action there’s no turning back.




April 20 - May 20


Taking the high road is hard. After all, it requires strength of character to make the right decisions. Your sentiments are in flux, as you’re caught between wanting to confront the past and standing your ground. You uncharacteristically want to have the last word and defend your feelings to the end. This is a slippery slope. You don’t need to send the last text or control a relationship. All it will do is bring back emotions, some of which may not be healthy for you. Remember, walking downhill is easy. It’s easy to fall back into old habits and relationships. 




May 21 - June 20


On the surface level, you are showing a brave face to the outside world. But, deep within there’s an emotional storm brewing. Your passions for life are temporarily waning,  causing you to feel as though you should fight for your desires instead of letting them go. This will cause emotional uncertainty and internal conflict because you don’t even understand your actions. Take time to disconnect from the outside world and meditate on your internal thirsts and whims. Connecting to your subconscious will help  deepen the comprehension of yourself and mind. Give yourself a moment this week to feel your feelings. 




June 21 - July 22


Power struggles and games have been consuming your life for quite some time. You’re now seeing that you’ve spent too much energy dealing with your interpersonal relationships and not enough energy on your professional endeavors. This is causing major problems at work (as a result of the relationship drama). If you choose to stay in the relationship, you will both have to implement boundaries and make necessary changes. If you opt to put the relationship on hold for a minute, your professional life will sore and you can work on evolving yourself. The decision is yours to make. Choose wisely. 




July 23 - August 22


Your anxiety is at a high, which is resulting in impulsivity. Mounting inner frustrations and lack of sleep are causing you to make choices which may not be the best. You need rest and relaxation to counteract your  stress. Try to be mindful of your actions and disconnect from negative thinking in order to make informed choices. The best cosmic advice is to honor your thoughts—good or bad. Don’t get down on yourself for having overstimulation. Accept your urges and learn to work with them. Calm your mind with self-care. Take a Himalayan salt bath to unwind this week. 




August 23 - September 22


Your magic is extremely potent this week, allowing you to reach new heights and realms. You may want to travel through space and time, outside of your physical body, to connect with others (but be safe). Astral projection will bring you insight and clarity, as long as you make sure you are safeguarding your energy. Draw a circle of protection in the air with your index finger before you close your eyes. Through astral projection, you can make decisions about circumstances from a detached lens and gain certainty on a matter that’s plaguing your mind.




September 23 - October 22


Having an idealized version love on your brain 90% of the time can create problems. You tend to put immense pressure on yourself to “do the right thing” and make the best decisions when it comes to your relationships. The issue is that it’s impossible to always be right and clearheaded, especially when dealing with emotions. Try to detach from your airy and intellectual sentiments this week. Lean into your lesser seen emotional side. It may be uncomfortable at first, but imperative that you speak from your heart. Don’t be afraid of letting your romantic life become a beautiful mess. 




October 23 - November 21


The pressures of daily life have been a source of irritation and worry. You desperately need time to yourself to destress from work and the ongoing saga of your love life. A great way to get your stamina back and to center yourself is to meditate. Also, turn your cell phone and computer off before bed or limit your time spent on such devices. You will find that taking a break from the internet abs social is the best remedy, as you can focus solely on your needs without comparing yourself to others. This simple step will elevate your mood. 




November 22 - December 21


Your confidence is at a low, causing you to second guess your professional and personal goals. A great way to elevate your confidence is to commit to a new creative venture. This will allow you to express your insecurities through artistic healing and therapy, which will make you feel better. You may experience creative blocks throughout the week; however, under the Full Moon you will be able to have artistic breakthroughs, if you dive deep within and find the strength to express your inner desires. By week’s end, you’ll be riding high and able to completely believe in yourself.




December 22 - January 19


You may feel like the walls are closing in and that you are going through a “dark knight of the soul.” Before you start panicking and let the anxiety set it in, it’s important that you take a deep breath and relax. Firstly, remember that this sentiment is temporary and only a moment in time (within your long life ahead). Second of all, you are on the impetus of evolution and growth. In order to transform and elevate yourself to the next step of personal development, it is essential that you let go of the constraints that hold you back.




January 20 - February 18


Goals are what holds us together as humans. Believing and attaining in our dreams and idealistic pursuits are what we strive for. Although your hopes and wishes may fall flat this week, do not give up on yourself! If your personal endeavors are not working out the way you had envisioned, then it’s time to rethink your innovative notions and create a new one—bigger and greater than you previously imagined. Success is yours, as long as you believe in your vision. You are on your way to climbing the ladder towards fame and glory. It just takes time. Be patient. 





February 19 - March 20


This week, your friendships are the source of inspiration, but also negativity. You will feel as though your inner circle is defying your sensitive soul by not supporting your innermost dreams and desires. Instead of suffering in silence (which is what you tend to do), try speaking up and communicating your inner emotions with them. Let your friends know that you need more TLC and reinforcement. As a result, they will offer you positivity and kindness—which is what your sweet and kind heart craves. Not only will your relationships grow, but you’ll also feel seen and understood in the process.