Self-Empowerment and the Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries


Written by Lisa Stardust



It’s time to get into the pre-Halloween spirit! October 13th brings an intense Full Moon our way, which will cosmically push us to reawaken our emotions and shed the past. The Hunter’s Moon is here and forcing us to evolve our minds and spirits.


Often, we get caught up in the mundane and routine affairs of life and forget that we are free beings. We can do what we want whenever we want. We do not have to spend our lives clock watching and waiting for others to grow in order to live happily ever after—we can control our destiny by looking within ourselves and making internal changes. The struggle to move forward comes from fear, which Pluto will shed during this luminary. We will break down the walls and self-imposed struggles that hold us back from obtaining personal bliss.


Venus and Mars are in mutual reception. Venus is in Scorpio (a sign that is ruled by Mars) and Mars is in Libra (a sign that is ruled by Venus). When this happens, both planets become powerful due to the fact that they are in the other’s rulership. They strengthen and feed off of each other. Expansive Jupiter heightens this celestial energy by gently touching the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter whispers loving and encouraging words of wisdom to the Sun and the Moon, who are in opposition to each other. Our confidence levels will become bigger and greater than before. Transformative Pluto intersects exactly with the Full Moon point in the sky. Pluto permits necessary growth to our ego and emotions, by allowing us to evolve the way we feel or think about ourselves. It’s important to note that Pluto likes to create disharmony if we rage against personal evolution. The lesson Pluto brings to our lives is that we have to let go of the obsolete (or outdated) and live in the present by blossoming with the times. The asteroid Eris aligns with the Aries Full Moon and will allow us to rebel against the norms of society, or our own beliefs.


The Sabian Symbol for this luminary is “a pugilist [boxer] entering the ring.” Metaphorically, this image rings true with the planets aligning in the sky during the Hunter’s Moon. We will all be called upon to stand up for our beliefs and ideals—even if we don’t see eye to eye with our contemporaries and peers. Pluto and Eris are destroying all that does not serve our highest and newest purpose, which will evoke inner transformation.


We are seeing matters from a truthful perspective. Secrets will be exposed. Clandestine activities revealed. Inner passions and desires will be discussed. All of which will make us want to modify the direction of our lives and the paths we’ve been walking down. We are in control of our own lives. We can love whomever we want. We can own our desires and emotions. We will embrace and lean into our power.


Under this luminary, purifying our hearts, bodies, and minds will allow us to awaken our truest selves. We can let go of the trepidations that hold us back. We will be able to stand proud and strong without hesitation.


*The Hunter’s Moon occurs October 13th at 2:08PM PST and 5:08PM EST.






-Florida Water

-White Rum

-Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, or Kosher Salt

-Rose Petals






-Draw a bath with warm water.


-Add a few drops of White Rum and Florida Water to the water.


-Add Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, or Kosher Salt to the water.


-Add Rose Petals to the bath.

-Soak in the bathtub for 20-25 minutes.


-As you’re soaking in the tub, take the Mirror and stare at yourself for 5 minutes. Repeat positive affirmations  about yourself. Or, state your desires and passions. While you enchant yourself with words, let your voice become stronger and louder with each sentence. Empower yourself with every word.