Written by Jessica Lanyadoo



Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries on the 22nd and stays that way until April 15th. Take this time to step away from your phone, reflect, and find renewal. While Mercury Rx is generally an annoying time for communication and technology, it does have it’s advantages; look within and find what you believe in. Ambitious Mars moved into tenacious Capricorn last week, where it joins Saturn and Pluto, and it will stay there until May 16th – largely coinciding with this retrograde period. 

 Expect to see the accumulated consequences of past deeds, both yours and others'. Work with the reality that you’ve co-created, the choices you’ve made, and the balls you’ve already set in motion. This is a time for reflecting on what you intend and taking practical steps toward your goals. Don’t deflect responsibility or phone it in; this is giddy-up time. Pair your self-care with goal-oriented follow-through, and you’ll see results by the end of this period.

From the 22nd-24th, tender Venus is forming a square to transformational Pluto. This transit can coincide with paranoia, drama, power struggles, and self destructive behaviors, but they’re not without value. The things you obsess on reveal vulnerabilities in your armor; we humans have a tendency to seek evidence to back up how we feel. Where you feel uncertain of yourself is where you’re most likely to attract BS from others this week. Don’t buy into it!

The truth of what you feel is often messy, and that’s ok. It’s not a strength to be unbothered, and it’s not healthy to ignore your feelings. It’s also not wise to act on every impulse that passes through you or to convert your emotions into stories. Take the space you need to breathe into your feelings – especially your insistent ones – instead of impulsively of reacting to them. Don’t convince yourself that you're a villian, martyr, or a hero. There is nuance in your situation and in the people that you’re dealing with. Own your needs and responsibilities in balance. The things you give attention to shape you; don’t feed what you don’t want to see grow.

From the 23-25th, the Sun in Aries will form a square to Mars. This is likely to be an irritating couple of days. If you have a hard time expressing or experiencing anger or if you don’t have healthy outlets for your energy, this can bring more drama in the form of fights. If you’re going to fight with someone, rather than just jockeying for power, let it be about something. What you do and say now can’t be undone, so tread lightly and treat others with the same patience you wish to be awarded.

Life is a journey, and the progress you’re trying to make is just one path to walk on it. Your goodness, your future, and your value do not depend on any one opportunity, relationship, or action. Your future depends on you. You need you. Be kind to yourself, and keep on trying, lovers.



March 21-April 19

Things are likely to get frustrating this week, and when they do its tempting to shut down or lash out, but neither action is well-starred, Aries. Instead of allowing yourself to defensively react, take a pause. In order to have full authority over your own reactions, you must first be able to understand what you’re actually reacting to. Strive to align your behavior with your best interests instead of your most insistent feels or even your desire for stability.



April 20-May 20

You can only give what you’ve got, but it’s time to pony up, Taurus. It may be easy to ignore everything but the squeakiest of wheels, and that’d be a mistake. Invest in your friends and family this week. The people that you care most about are likely to need a little TLC from you, and even if it’s tough, this is the right time for you to show up. Devote your energy to the people that you lean on and trust and not only those who are demanding of your time.



May 21-June 21

Your ruling planet goes retrograde on the 22nd, and you’re likely to feel weird. If you’ve lose track of your reason for trying, all it takes is the smallest of upsets to throw you off course and leave you questioning everything. Don’t let your fear of failure distract you from what you need to do, Twin Star. You don’t need to be perfect or even very far along with your goals in order to be exactly where you need to be. Set clear parameters for yourself, and stick to them.



June 22-July 22

When you’ve pushed yourself too hard or gotten upset by the world around you, it’s hard to know what’s right. Take some space to tend to your feels this week, Moonchild. Your relationships are in a state of transition because the people you’re connected to are changing. You aren’t “supposed” to act in any kind of way, but striving towards honesty and kindness is a good goal. Love yourself and the people around you through upsets this week, especially when it’s tempting to burn it all to the ground instead.



July 23-Aug. 22

If you strike out against someone to win a power struggle or prove you’re better than them, you’ll end up biting off more than you’re gonna wanna chew. This week is going to kick up some interpersonal drama, but you don’t have to engage in it. Listen too what others are (intentionally or not) telling you about themselves. If you can’t trust a person, don’t further invest in them. Tend to your hurt feels instead getting wrapped up in conflict and deflecting from them, Leo.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and over it all, this is not the time to move forward. Allow space for you to catch up with yourself, Virgo. If you’re not grounded into the here and now, you’re not likely to be able to see your options clearly. Sitting with the messiness and the hard stuff may feel bad, but it will support you in your big picture growth. Understand your feels and how you got here, and the next steps will naturally clarify themselves to you.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Don’t give up, Libra! You’re exactly where you need to be, and you're doing a fantastic job. The issue is that things are moving so fast that you're being required to compromise just when you felt ready to do it on your own terms. Pause before you act, this week. Remember to move from a place of intention, even if you’re dealing with a less than ideal situation. If you’re clear about your motives, the actions you choose to take will be more satisfying, I promise.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

If you’re willing to change, this is likely to be a powerful time for you. Taking clear steps in the direction of what you want seems like a no brainer, but it’s not. Life is full of distractions, and this week is an excellent time for you to untangle yourself from yours. Take a digital detox (even for only 24hrs!), tend to your body, or follow through with your most heartfelt commitments. What you do now counts, so do things that improve the quality of your life and the world around you.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The call is coming from inside the house, Sagittarius. Spend earnest time looking inside of yourself this week because you’re in need of making some new choices in spite of your habits. Strive to act in ways that reflect not only what you want right now but also what you’ve learned about yourself and life from past experiences. You don’t need to score points or defend yourself; all you need to do is act in ways that make you feel good about the person you are.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Don’t confuse compromise with calamity, Cappy mon Capitan. You may have to do some things that you don’t wanna do, but as long as you are acting in integrity with yourself, there’s no real problem there. If you find yourself in a bad what-if cycle, this is an excellent time to crack your stressed-out code. Seek to understand your reactions before you decide what needs to be done. You are in a much better position than you think you are; don’t sabotage it out of impatience, my love.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It may be feeling like if only you could get others to change, you would be ok, but the truth is that you’re the one you need, Aquarius. This week you’re on call to change. Get real about your situation so that you can adjust your boundaries in relationship to it. Don’t set yourself up for heartache by relying on people that you know you can’t really trust. You don’t need to know what will happen tomorrow to commit to healthy actions today. Be patient and firm, this week.




Feb. 19-March 20

It can be scary taking up space. When you’re accountable it can go either way, really. This week it’s time for you to step up, be seen, and have your voice heard. You don’t get to control whether you’ll get what you want, how others will react, or what will happen down the road, but you can do this: try your very best to be authentic ad transparent about where you’re at, what you need, and what you have to offer. Just do you, and let things unfold from there.