Desperately Seeking Venus: Magic for Venus Retrograde


Written by Lisa Stardust


October 5th brings another planetary retrograde into focus. Venus, planet of love, self-esteem, and money, starts slowing down on the 5th, making all Venusian matters come into focus. Venus, who naturally rotates around the Sun backwards, will move at a sluggish pace for the next 41 days and 41 nights, ending her retrograde journey on November 16th, transforming and rebuilding passions, feelings self worth, finances—while heightening intuition within us all. 

Contrary to popular belief, Venus Retrograde is a beautiful transit, as it allows us to reconnect our hearts to our bodies and minds, giving us a chance to unite and reawaken our passions, senses, psychic abilities. As Venus glides backwards through the signs of Scorpio and Libra, we are all walking the “fiery path,” burning down past limitations and making way for the new. Use the energy Venus Retrograde to purge yourself of toxic relationships and self doubt—as you learn to honor yourself in the process. Through revisiting the past, we can create a new life for ourselves, filled with abundance and hope. With the help of elemental magic, we can awaken our hearts and begin again. 


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