The Dark Side of the Moon: Restoring Balance with the Libra New Moon 


Written by Lisa Stardust 

The metamorphic Libra New Moon occurring October 8th, aligns with the perpetual nurturer asteroid Ceres, prosperous fixed star Boötis, while sharing frustrating aspects with both transformative Pluto and illusive Neptune (who is still moving backwards in its retrograde journey). To top it all off, the planetary ruler of Libra, Venus, is moonwalking in the sign of Scorpio (heading backwards to Libra). 

With all the chaotic, dramatic, and intense energy permeating the air, we are all called upon by the universe to release and break free from the shackles and constraints of society. As we release toxic relationships, fears, and self doubt, we may feel mentally taxed. While there is glory and gratification in challenging the norms of society and status quo—it can make us feel energetically drained and in desperate need to clean our auric field. 

While we nurture society, by fighting for our political and personal beliefs, we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well. Restoring inner balance by practicing self care during these unpredictable and uncertain times can help us feel aligned and centered, focused, and ready to take on the injustices of the world.

*The New Moon occurs October 8th at 8:46PM PST and 11:46PM EST. 


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