The Hoodwitch: Witch Tips + Weekly Horoscopes 4-5/4-11-2017


Astrology by Jessica Lanyadoo

Witch Tips

The astrology of the day keeps on coming and coming hard. This week will bring us a Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and the final full week of Venus Retrograde. But that’s not all! This is a horoscope you may need to return to as things unfold throughout the week; be patient and open hearted with your process because this week is a biggie.

Things start off pretty chill on the 5th when action-oriented Mars forms a fluid trine aspect to transformative Pluto. If you need to figure something hecka deep out, the 4th - 6th is the time to do it. This transit also favors kicking off a new workout routine, making moves on your crush, and digging your heels in on some deeply felt belief. By the 7th we’ll be swimming in a Sun opposition to opinionated Jupiter, at which time you’re likely to want to stand on a soap box and preach the word or maybe have to suffer through someone else doing it. Be mindful with your impulses because Jupiter has a way of making us feel like writing checks that we don’t have the cash to cover. This energy is exciting and fun, but it leads into a major boner-killer transit, so it’s energies are best used for fortifying yourself instead of taking on something brand new.

On the 8th is when sh$t gets real, my loves. Romantic and sensi Venus gets a hardy kick in the gut from the planet of consequences, Saturn. The energies here are likely to be very self-serious as Saturn wants us to take responsibility for what we love. It’s easy to feel lonely on this day, even if you’re surrounded by loved ones. Honor what’s true for you, even if it makes things more difficult, because the truth is true whether you deal with it or not. You may have to map out adjustments to your relationships that you’d rather not deal with, but them’s the breaks, kid. Due to Venus’s Retrograde motion, this transit happened last on January 27th, so look back to see what was happening in your life at that time. To make things more emotionally intense, there was a New Moon happening on that day, and now we have a Full Moon on the 10th. This indicates the potential of an intense emotional cycle coming to a close, even though we will see this same transit reoccur on April 21st. It’s unwise to ignore the themes in your life right now because at the exact same time as this Venus/Saturn crap, we also have an intense Sun square to Pluto. This will bring compulsive and obsessive vibes to the foreground. Pluto is a creator and destroyer (and very little in between), while the Sun governs our central energies. If you’ve got nothing to prove, then it doesn’t matter what others think of you or what they’re doing. It’s possible to be cunty and kind at the same time; just be straightforward and compassionate while you do you, lovers.

Finally, we have an emo, relationship-oriented Full Moon in Libra on the 10th. With a week like the one we’re having, your best move is to consider how you’ve been acting and whether or not it reflects what you want your behavior to say. Libra is the sign of justice, and if you feel that things aren’t fair, it’s on you to step up and change. No issue exists in a vacuum, and you can’t change the world all on your own. Collaborate for creative solutions to make the most of this lunar cycle.

Artwork by  Miguel Marquez

Artwork by Miguel Marquez


I didn’t forget about Mercury going Retrograde on the 9th through May 3rd! You know the drill: double-check your plans, don’t take miscommunications personally, and triple-check contracts before you sign on the dotted line.



March 21-April 19

Watch out for compulsions and obsessions this week ‘cause no matter how entitled you feel, aggressive behavior will bite you in your sweet hiney, my love. When someone does you wrong, you have the right to feel any kind of way about it, but if you depart from your integrity when you respond, you’ll set into motion a chain reaction that goes beyond the fool who bothered you in the first place. Practice the mindful embodiment of your truest self – not your most impatient one, Aries.




April 20-May 20

When Mercury goes Retrograde in your sign, and your ruling planet, Venus, is moonwalking too, you know you need to have a seat. All this Retrograde motion is a call for you to review your actions and reactions, to make sure that they’re in alignment with what’s most true for you. Don’t worry though – they’re only going to overlap until the 15th! Until that time ask yourself some basic questions about your choices, and be willing to change your mind if need be. People call you stubborn, but the truth is that you have excellent common sense; use it liberally, Taurus.




May 21-June 21

Your memories are up, Twin Star. Where you come from informs how you understand what’s happening today. If you have the habit of repressing or obsessing on the past, you’re not fully in the present. It’s hard to take things at face value when you’re fixated on an agenda. Allow yourself to gestate what’s happened without projecting it into your present circumstances. The only way to have open arms for your future is by releasing your hold on your past, my love.





June 22-July 22

Don’t look for answers outside of yourself, Moonchild. You are the master of your destiny, even though it doesn’t always feel that way. Protecting yourself from harm is wise, but it’s also a reactive stance. Embody your power and don’t make yourself small for anybody. This isn’t the time to let others determine the terms of the space you take up. Do what you’re going to do; accept the consequences that you generate, or change your behavior. The choice is yours.




July 23-Aug. 22

It’s unwise to rely on people just ‘getting you’, Leo. This week your challenge is to put your mouth where your money is, and speak your truth. If you’ve been passive-aggressive lately or stuck in a gridlock of emotion, expect to have a confrontation that can have a healing impact on your relationships. The key is to be a part of the change you want to see in your life. Don’t wait for others to do the work that you’re supposed to do for your own self, my love.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22

People can be so inconvenient. Their needs pop up just when you get in a solid self-care groove, and their voices get loud, just when you need some peace and quiet. It’s time to embrace the messiness, Virgo. You can’t have things go the way you’d prefer all the time, but you can rise to the challenge. Access your resourcefulness this week by not getting caught up in the details. Sometimes the simplest truth is also the deepest one, my love.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22

If you’re playing your cards right, the issues leading up to the Full Moon in your sign on the 10th will yield insights into who you are and what you’re willing to do about it. This week is all about growth and the embodiment of your best self through struggle and change. That means that you’re on alert to show up, even when others aren’t doing the same. You don’t need to manage how others are behaving – only take care of your side of the street. Make diplomatic authenticity your thing, my love.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Watch out for things to get serious around the 8th, Scorpio. You’ve got to own your choices, even when you’d rather evade the whole thing. What you consent to participating in reflects your real-life priorities. If you don’t like how things are going it’s on you to be an active agent of change. This week Mercury goes Retrograde in your partnership house, and the Moon will be full in the place of the subconscious. This combo is going to spark present day feels about dynamics of your past. Be here for it.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

If you don’t stand up for what you care about, what’s the point, ‘Tarius? Everybody’s life needs balance, but you have a tendency to be all in or all out. That means that you tend to turn your back on A while you’re fixing B. Turn your attention to doing everything in proportion this week. There’s so much happening that you can easily get distracted by something that for sure needs your attention – just not all of it. See if you can pace yourself so that you can tend to all of your needs.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You can get it done, or you can get caught up in on your obsessions – the choice is yours. Sometimes things just suck; you can’t always fix them, nor should you. This week you’re on call to tolerate your emotions for long enough to see them more clearly. If you respond to the events of your life with the information of your true feels, you’ll handle things with grace and honesty. You’re only in real trouble when you get so caught up in defensive maneuvers that you lose track of your self, Cappy.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

If the only way that you know how to manage your money is through a sense of scarcity, you’re doing it wrong. Investing in yourself in not only about saying yes to the things you want – it’s about being strong enough to say know when you need to, too. This week is all about knowing yourself well enough to know what you can take on in a healthy way. Embrace the abundance of your life, even as you deal with your limitations, my love.




Feb. 19-March 20

Venus has moonwalked back into your sign, and that’s a mixed blessing for you. Everyone loves a lil’ Venus time, but now she’s asking you to get extra-for-realsies clear about your finances, relationships, and your general values, and it’s kinda a lot. By mid-week you won’t be able to claim ignorance about what parts of your life need more attention though, so pay attention to what comes up around the 8th and handle those issues with strength and determination. You’ve got this, Pisces.