Weekly Horoscopes for October 7th, 2016

Jupiter, Mercury and Virtue by Dosso Dossi

Jupiter, Mercury and Virtue by Dosso Dossi

Astrology By Amelia Quint

Moon Phase: Waxing

Under the waxing moon, work magick that grows and increases. Road opening and abundance magic is especially potent now.


Moon Signs

During these signs, work magick around the following:

Capricorn: business, ambition, hard work, organization, money

Aquarius: cosmic consciousness, astrology, technology, detachment

Pisces: dreams, intuition, music, poetry, past lives


Moon void in Sagittarius Friday, October 7, 2:26 AM

Moon enters Capricorn Friday, October 7, 4:40 PM

Moon void in Capricorn Sunday, October 9, 12:51 PM

Moon enters Aquarius Monday, October 10, 2:33 AM

Moon void Aquarius Tuesday, October 11, 7:49 AM

Moon enters Pisces Wednesday, October 12, 8:43 PM



Do you believe in soul mates, Aries? It’s something to think about as Mercury enters your seventh house of partnership today, and joins lucky Jupiter on Tuesday. You may be the most independent sign of the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Even if you aren’t looking for a lover, a best friend or a business partner could arrive that makes you wonder if you knew each other in a past life.

Tuesday also sees your ruling planet, Mars, linking up with dreamy Neptune. Your intuition will be strong, but don’t let your desire for a certain outcome cloud your judgment. That’s especially true when Venus conflicts with Uranus in your sign on Wednesday, giving you a sudden jolt of information that could come as a shock. Mercury sends major shade to Mars the next day, so your first instinct will probably be to shout them down. Instead, channel Jupiter in Libra and take the high road. You’ll be glad you did.


When Mercury hits your everyday routine sector today, you’ll know it. Your agenda starts to fill up, and suddenly you’re struck with an urge to color-code everything. You’re not usually so Type A, but a little organization never hurt anyone! On Tuesday, Mercury joins Jupiter, the good luck planet, giving you the perfect opportunity to align your reality with the life you’ve always imagined. Bonus points for starting a new nutrition or fitness regime now--with Jupiter on your side, you’ll see great results.

That same day, your ruler Venus syncs with healing asteroid Chiron to help you put your relationships into perspective. Remember, we all need a little compassion from time to time. Both Venus and Chiron are in water signs, so doing a ritual with water--like bathing or leaving an offering at a river--can assist you with the transition. It might not be an easy one, since Venus gets some awkward looks from rebellious Uranus the following day, but you’ll make it through this. I promise.


Lady Luck is on your side this week, Gemini! Mercury, your ruling planet, enters your fifth house of pleasure today, and joins exuberant Jupiter there on Tuesday. This weekend is a welcome respite from the stressful retrogrades and eclipses of last month, so treat yourself to a few of your favorite indulgences. You’ve earned it. Just be careful not to overdo it, as Jupiter takes things to excess. In the party sector of the horoscope, he can get a little carried away.

On Wednesday, Mercury hits a dissonant note with Neptune, clouding your ability to communicate. Know that it won’t last long, but be careful while it does, as things may not be as they appear. You may have to rely on instinct more than hard facts for the time being. The following day, Mars conflicts with Mercury, making it easy to say things you don’t mean, especially when it comes to lovers and muses. For best results, write it down first, sleep on it, then act.


You’re usually in your feelings, but when Mercury enters your simpatico fourth house today, your thought process shifts from your heart to your head. The messenger planet is curious and loves gathering information, so this is a great time to do a little investigation on yourself. What makes you tick? When Mercury joins Jupiter on Tuesday, you could make a major personal breakthrough--especially as it relates to your closest companions, female friends, or place of residence.

Your sign is ruled by Lady Luna, so her movements influence you more than the other signs. If you don’t already, I suggest tracking her through the zodiac and seeing how you feel as she changes signs.

Today the moon enters serious Capricorn, which is excellent for business. You might feel more serious than usual, especially as she crosses over Pluto, the planet of transformation. You get your chill back on Monday when the moon enters detached Aquarius, then you’re caught in your imagination as the moon moves into Pisces on Tuesday. Wednesday, schedule in some time to use your favorite divination tool--Lady Luna and mystical Neptune will be collaborating to give you amazing insights.


You’re quite the social butterfly, Leo--this week, even more than usual! When Mercury enters your third house today, your notifications go through the roof. It’s as if everyone conspired to blow up your phone at once. When the Trickster planet joins Jupiter on Tuesday, use your newfound popularity to your advantage and network. You’ll be able to land a VIP connection in no time. Your third house also rules social media, so make sure you document the experience on Instagram for best results.

If you’re feeling stressed today, that’s because your ruling planet--the sun--is getting some major shade from Pluto in your health and habits sector. It’s impossible to keep up your pace if you don’t take care of your basic needs, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep, nutrients, hydration, and even sex, as Pluto rules kundalini energy. Make your self-care a ritual if you need to, but you do you.


After a year of Jupiter in your sign, this is your opportunity to turn what you’ve learned into cash. Opportunity is the key word, because without hard work and the right mindset, it won’t manifest. That said, when Mercury enters your second house of value today, the road opens for you to make it happen. When Mercury joins lucky Jupiter on Tuesday, the cosmos backs your big dreams. Have an important conversation, make a big pitch, or write something you’ve been itching to put into words.

On Saturday, karma planet Saturn creates tension with the north node in your sign, which can feel defeating, but don’t let it get you. As yourself what lesson Saturn is teaching you, file it away, and move on. A dissonant chord between Mercury and Neptune on Wednesday clouds communication, so don’t take everything you hear at face value. The good news? This is good for dreams and omens. On Thursday, Mercury squaring off with Mars might lead you to criticize someone’s work--or your own--a little too harshly. Be gentle.


You’re already reaping the rewards of Jupiter in your sign, Libra, and it’s only going to get better from here. Mercury enters your sign today, lighting up your social calendar and firing up your synapses with fresh inspiration. When he joins Jupiter on Tuesday, expect an influx of invites and--if you’re lucky--an invitation from the muse. Block out some time for creative work, and schedule any important meetings for that day. You’ll have Mercury’s quicksilver speaking abilities on your side.

Back to today: If you’re feeling a little out of sorts, the sun in your sign is fighting with Pluto at the base of your chart, stirring up all kinds of emotional baggage from deep within your psyche. Even better, it’s occurring at 3:33 PM Eastern time, so there’s a mystical aspect to this as well. Your mood will improve by Tuesday, when your ruling planet Venus syncs up with healing asteroid Chiron to remind you just how valuable your soul is. Only you can do what you do, Libra. Venus and Chiron are both in water signs, so rituals incorporating water--like spiritual baths or offerings at rivers--will assist in your transition.


Scorpio, it’s the season of the witch and your psychic reputation precedes you. When Mercury enters your twelfth house today, amplifying your intuition! Mercury is the messenger planet, and in the spirituality sector of your horoscope, you channel information directly from your dreams, muses, and spirit guides. Mercury joins expansive Jupiter on Tuesday, opening up your third eye even wider. Grab your favorite divination tool and let the insights flow.

If you’re feeling a little more aggro than usual today, that’s because your ruler--Pluto--is squaring off with the sun in that same sacred space. In order for you to really get in touch with your soul, you have to quiet your mind. Luckily, Venus in your sign in sync with healing asteroid Chiron on Tuesday is a balm for weary mystics. Chiron is in watery Pisces, so try a ritual with water, like a spiritual bath or offerings to a river--for best results. With tension between Venus and Uranus on Wednesday, you may not feel progress immediately, but keep the faith. It’s all happening behind the scenes. That’s what the twelfth house is all about.


With Saturn in your sign since this time last year, you’ve been hard at work learning everything he has to teach about responsibility, authority, and a job well done. But today, when Mercury enters your social eleventh house, take a moment of gratitude for how far you’ve come, and the exciting projects you’ve yet to tackle! When Mercury joins your ruling planet Jupiter on Tuesday, choose one to manifest, and devise an abundance spell around it. It’s a golden day for road opening work--if you do, you’ll likely get a message about it by the end of the week..

On Saturday, Saturn in your sign sends some serious side eye to the north node in Virgo. The north node, also known as the “destiny point,” puts people, places, and things along your path that you’re meant to meet. In this case, they’re meant to test you--and oh, do you feel it. Make Michelle Obama’s words your mantra this weekend: “When they go low, you go high.” If you do, you’ll come out of this the victor.


Be sure your phone is fully charged, because when Mercury enters your tenth house today, you’re going to need it! The tenth house is the publicity sector of your horoscope, and with talkative Mercury taking up residence for the next few weeks, you’re going to be popular. This goes doubly so when Mercury joins lucky Jupiter on Tuesday, giving you the powers of persuasion you’ll need to seal an important deal. Augment your efforts with a Crown of Success candle for best results.

You’ll be in your element this weekend with Lady Luna in your sign from today until Monday early morning, so take advantage of that to prepare for Tuesday’s major Mercury-Jupiter lineup. On Saturday, when your ruling planet--Saturn--squares off with the north node in Virgo, you could find yourself feeling hypercritical of your career progress. Yes, you’re ambitious, but know you’re exactly where destiny wants you to be right now. One Tuesday hits, Mars in your sign flirts with imaginative Neptune to inspire you to even greater heights. If there was to be a problem here, it would be when Mars fights with Mercury on Thursday, making conversations with colleagues tense. Words can hurt and they can heal. Which will you choose, Capricorn?


You're always in tune with the cosmos, Aquarius, but when Mercury enters your ninth house of expansion today, your powers of perception broaden even more. It’s an amazing vibe for a vacation, especially to somewhere totally new, but if you can’t shell out for plane tickets, you can achieve the same altered consciousness through writing, reading philosophy, and studying world religions. Alternate scenario? You meet a new teacher or mentor. Mercury joins lucky Jupiter on Tuesday, so keep your eyes open around that date. You never know who you might meet.

With the moon in your sign from Monday through Wednesday, you feel energized and ready take on the world. When the moon is in your sign, you’re powerful, so use these days to do anything that needs an extra boost of positivity. There’s a tiny hiccup when Venus hit a dissonant note with Uranus on Tuesday, causing some minor drama. Stay focused on your spiritual development, and it’ll pass without incident.


With mysterious Neptune in your sign, you’re used to keeping your secrets. But when Mercury enters your eighth house today, you’re invited to bring them out of the shadows--and maybe even bring a few others in on the action. Take that how you will, Pisces, but the eighth house rules taboos, including sex, money, death, and magick. Under this influence, you’re a bit bolder--especially when Mercury joins audacious Jupiter on Tuesday.

Maybe it’s because you’re able to close a few emotional wounds, as Venus syncs up with healing asteroid Chiron in your sign today. Ritualize the transition by cleansing with water: for example, a spiritual bath or offerings at a river. On Tuesday, Mars flirts with Neptune in your sign to set a sexy mood, but a dissonant chord between Mercury and Neptune on Wednesday says don’t get caught up in what you want to be true. Luckily, Lady Luna in your sign from Wednesday on gives you the power to see through any illusions