Forgive Or Forget It.

Have you forgiven yourself for your previous actions, perceived flaws, or your unlighted thinking and motives? Let go of the guilt you're carrying of not having been your best self. As a society we often talk about forgiving others for many transgressions, but do we also extend that to ourselves? You are just as valuable as anyone else. Extend the same courtesy to yourself as well. You will be a ‘better you’ once you forgive and let go of the baggage you're carrying. Forgiveness doesn't mean condoning hurtful or ignorant behavior, but it does involve letting go of the past. An unwillingness to forgive only attaches us to more pain. As long as we direct our anger, or shadow, to those who have hurt us, they still hold our attention and power. When we stubbornly hang on to our pain and suffering we are blocking possibilities of finding happiness. Forgiveness IS power! It is not weak, or passive.

Labradorite is an excellent stone for healing and protecting the aura. Make a shift from the chronic wounding of the ego into the spirits place of healing by trying this affirmation:

"I release all negative feelings that hold me back from being happy and free. I forgive the past and live in the here and now."

Say it out loud daily, even if at first you don't believe a word. Say it out loud, and you will be surprised how quickly the power of your words manifest.